How to Upgrade a Character in Dota2?

Dota 2 is a computer multiplayer game, which, over 8 years of its existence, has conquered millions of players around the world. It has become many times more popular than the modification of Warcraft 3 Dota.

The Principle of the Game

The game involves 2 teams of 5 players, who control heroes with different abilities. On the territory of each team, there is a special structure – the Ancient. The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy Ancient and defend your own.

During the match, players can gain experience, earn gold, and collect artifacts. The more experienced the player, the more damage he or she can do.

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Boosting Tips

Each gamer wants to boost the character to reach higher levels fast and easily. There are some useful tips:

  • Play more. Regular practice will increase the mechanics and speed of keystrokes. This will help you stay in shape and win important team fights.
  • Explore the guides. You must understand how heroes act and how artifacts interact. This will allow you to more intelligently choose your characters and better adapt to the game mode.
  • Follow the lines. Don’t count on your teammates to alert you to all their misses. Follow all the lines and keep the gameplay under control.
  • Don’t kill via auto-attack. Never hit creeps and the Ancient with an auto-attack. You should do the last hit when the enemy has few lives. This will give you more gold and allow you to level up faster than opponents.

Professional Boosting

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Use these tips, upgrade your skills, and enjoy the gameplay!

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