Dedicated vs. VPS: What Will Suit Your Website Better?

It is a challenge to continue developing in the zone of comfort. However, this concerns not only the growth of a human as a personality. If you would like to keep up with the modern trends and increase the target audience’s interest in your services, it would be a mistake to stay the same in the long run.

It might be scary to change anything if the system seems to be working fine. The majority of startups give their preference to the shared hosting. When you co-own the same server with other users, it will cost you less and help you backup your platform.

It is a high time to make a step forward, if your website has outgrown the restricted abilities of the shared offer — just check the traffic flow and number of daily visitors. In general, there are two main alternatives — virtual private servers (VPS) or dedicated servers (DS). Don’t be afraid to be at this quandary — simple analysis will be a key to understanding which solution will complement your business activities more.

We are about to start this investigation journey. Mind the gap!

Dedicated Server Definition

If you prefer this option, you will literally run the world. Unlike shared or VPS hosting, where resources are distributed among the party members, this more advanced option offers the entire range of benefits to a single user.

On the one hand, dedicated servers promote more accurate and multicomponent control over the system, as well as adjustment and customization maneuverability. The level of security and privacy is second to none. On the other hand, this way requires special technical knowledge and experience.

Even if you don’t have specialists to assist you, individual hosting agents will solve the issues at your earliest need and convenience. One of the greatest samples is GTHost. The company under consideration has become a reputable service provider on the world arena, including such countries as Canada and the USA (dedicated servers in New York, Atlanta and so on). Want to forget about painful learning curves and installation issues? Feel free to reach out to them.

VPS Notion

In general, this type of hosting is a mix of shared and dedicated server functions and features. VPS allows various online platforms to use the same hosting but offers more personalized control opportunities. For instance, such a server owner can select resource limitations on the parameters like bandwidth or RAM.

The system possesses a hypervisor which helps each website be separated from other holders. Let’s take it simpler — compare the scheme with living in a condo. In this case, you can do whatever you like to decorate your part of the shared space, but you have no powers to knock down neighbors’ walls and take their resources under control.

The Best Hosting Option: Key Differences

Before we cover these two competitors, you need to answer the next simple question — what is your baseline? To make sure you will get what you will invest in, don’t forget to specify the amount of RAM, the number of CPU cores, and disc capacity desirable.

Here is a quick comparison of main quality indicators of the hosting options under analysis:

  • Suitability — both options will satisfy the needs of large businesses and suit high traffic websites. In turn, the cheaper alternative is going to become a more winning solution for a small organization than its counterpart.
  • Price — we won’t beat around the bush — in the majority of cases, DS hosting is most expensive among other competitors.
  • Scalability — taking into account DS is more flexible and customizable, downtime may be a nice thing in this case. VPS will leave some parameters unchangeable, no matter what.
  • Performance — DS will offer you maximum performance since all the resources available are only yours.
  • Security — in terms of this quality indicator, the risks you will face hacks or virus attacks are considerably lower, if your business is maintained by a dedicated server from a reputable brand (GTHost is an excellent example). VPS is somewhere in-between.

Wrap It Up

Of course, DS and VPS have their own advantages and drawbacks. To find what you are looking for, you need to make your expectations and reality meet. Don’t under- or overestimate your business capabilities and needs — be strict but fair-minded. Any of these options may be a perfect match; the main thing is to define the stage of your website’s development.

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