☉ Philosopher Rex PDF / Epub ❤ Author Ian Miller – Anguillais.us

Philosopher Rex Meet Dr Ishmeal Stone Philosopher, Detective, Monster Hunter, Primes Inter Pares Of A Shadowy Network Of Supernatural Guardians Sworn To Shelter The World From The Infernal Orders Stone S Mission Is Aided By His Daughter, Half Ghost, Half Witch Amara Stone, Wilbur Branch, A Master Of Mystic Weapons, The Mysterious Monster Detector Known As Blind Jack, And The Smooth Talking Mentalist Martin Priest Philosopher REX Opens At A Moment Of Crisis As The Old Orders Are Fragmenting And The Philosophers Dividing Into Rival Camps, With Stone And His Comrades On One Side Of The Battle, With The Malignant And Craven Philip Delacroix On The Other Complicating Matters Just When Stone And His Associates Need Them Most, Their Various Abilities Are Inexplicably On The Wane

☉ Philosopher Rex  PDF / Epub ❤ Author Ian Miller – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • Philosopher Rex
  • Ian Miller
  • English
  • 06 February 2017
  • 9781897548028

    11 thoughts on “☉ Philosopher Rex PDF / Epub ❤ Author Ian Miller – Anguillais.us

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    This was pretty bad Let s start with the good the art was serviceable and did what it needed to do with a few nice splash pages The story had a few interesting concepts characters But that s about it Everything else is a mess First, you never get to know anything about the group of characters that make up Rex s team It feels like this is a story pulled from the middle of an ongoing series and you re supposed to know a lot about the characters already but you don t Then there s the otherworldly concepts of demons and philosophers and god and their superpowers and everything else There s no explanation for any of it and no back story This is writing 101 stuff that s just getting skipped Lastly, the story resolves itself in a very abrupt, odd way with the climax taking place off page which is really weird and the heroes just leaving I was scratching my head trying to figure out why anyone would see this as a good idea I kind of want my...

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    This brief TPB is divided into 6 chapters and the first four tell a decent story about a well over 100 year African American who has been tasked with ridding the world of demons The ending to the first story was a bit abrupt, and we could have used information about the network, the prejudice that Ish overcame we ...

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