[PDF] The Soul Eater (Birthright #1) By Mike Resnick – Anguillais.us

The Soul Eater (Birthright #1) Galactic Killer Nicobar Lane, Cold Blooded Killer, Total Professional, A Man Who Will If The Price Is Right Travel Wherever The Hunt May Take Him, Riding The Space Lanes From Planet To Planet To Track Down Any Creature A Collector Could Possibly Desire Yet There Is One Being Lane Won T Pursue For Any Fee The Soul Eater The Soul Eater, Dreamwish Beast, Starduster It Is Known By Many Different Names Throughout The Galaxy But Who Has Actually Met This Living Legend No As Far As Lane Is Concerned, The Soul Eater Is A Myth Chased After By Fools And Madmen Then Lane Himself Encounters The Soul Eater In The Depths Of Space, And Suddenly There Is No Turning Back For How Can The Greatest Hunter In The Galaxy Ignore The Challenge Of Overcoming The One Creature Than No One Has Ever Been Able To Trap And So The Hunt Is On But Before Long Even Lane Can T Tell Who Is The Pursued And Who The Pursuer

[PDF] The Soul Eater (Birthright #1)  By Mike Resnick – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 150 pages
  • The Soul Eater (Birthright #1)
  • Mike Resnick
  • English
  • 10 November 2018
  • 0451110927

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    OK, nothing special.

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    Moby Dick negli anni TrentaPiacevole riedizione di un grande classico della letteratura La Bestia dei sogni , come la celebre balena bianca, una metafora per quelle ossessioni che divorano l uomo sino a c...

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    This is one of the first of Mike Resnick s science fiction books, from 1981 But , already it shows some of Mike s main themes such as a galaxy spanning story and unforgettable characters and I think Mike does some of the best dialogue out there , all told with a strong sense of irony The story is basically that of Moby Dick, with Nicobar Lane becoming a Capt Ahab in his obsession to hunt a great beast This is the Dreamwish Beast which lives in space Maybe this is a SPOILER, but don t This is one of the f...

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    I always appreciate Resnick s particular brand of lighthearted, cowboy space opera fiction This book started out a bit on the heavy side for me I started out thinking the book was too much on the superficial side, but the growing obsession of the main character, Lane, with the mysterious dream wish beast made me think mor eandof the old Freudian idea of thanatos Lane, a hunter, seemed to beandobsessed with mortality as the story progressed For me, he playedof the role I always a...

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    What can not obsess you for the moment, can obsess you forever in the future, and you will pay any price for feeding your obsession up to the point that you don t know what your obsession is I liked m...

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    I believe that Resnick first found his voice for future space myth and legend in this short novel Nicobar Lane, the professional killer, plays Captain Ahab in tracking the Dreamwish Beast, Starduster, the Soul Eater all lyrical names in a galaxy barely big enough to hold them It s anot...

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    A science fiction version of a cross between The Flying Dutchman and Moby Dick A man is driven to hunt a space creature to the ends of time and space spending his life, wealth and soul leaving nothing in the end but the creature and the man A very fast and very good read.

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    This being his first book, it s not bad You can see him working out the basis for this Birthright Universe The lead character is just not likeable for mebut the last few pages do turn it around.

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