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URReeling From A Painful Break Up, English Instructor And Avid Book Lover Wesley Smith Is Haunted By His Ex Girlfriend S Parting Shot Why Can T You Just Read Off The Computer Like Everyone Else He Buys An E Book Reader Out Of Spite, But Soon Finds He Can Use The Device To Glimpse Realities He Had Never Before Imagined, Discovering Literary Riches Beyond His Wildest Dreams And All Too Human Tragedies That Surpass His Most Terrible Nightmares Vintage Cars Christine And From A Buick 8 To Household Appliances Maximum Overdrive To Exercise Equipment Stationary Bike , Stephen King Has Mesmerized Us With Tales Of Apparently Ordinary Machines That Take On Lives Of Their Own UR Gives This Classic Theme An Up To The Minute Spin, Resulting In A Horror Masterpiece For Our Time And For The Ages.Since His First Novel Was Published In 1974, Stephen King Has Stretched The Boundaries Of The Storyteller As A Writer Who Constantly Redefines His Readers Experience By Working In Various Genres And Formats Whether In An Epic Horror Novel, Like THE STAND, A Serial Novel Like THE GREEN MILE, Or A Novella Like SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, King Is Able To Deliver A Reading Experience Like No One Else Can As Quickly As A Spider Spins Its Web, King Reminds Us Why He S The Master Of The Novella A Format Which, Up Until Now That Is, One Might Have Thought Is Fast Disappearing.

[[ Reading ]] ➷ UR Author Stephen King – Anguillais.us
  • Audio CD
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  • UR
  • Stephen King
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  • 13 April 2017
  • 9781442303096

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    Duuuuude I don t know whether I should give it 4 or 5 stars This is straight outtaI even listened to the same song that I associate TDT series with which is Heaven Earth by Two Steps From Hell if you re interested.This is one of those stories when you think gosh, I wish it happened to me at least in the beginning What would you do if you d have a Kindle and you could download the works of all the authors from all the parallel worlds I honestly would starve to death because, really, who needs food Imagine having 3 other Harry Potter books, The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring and the last book in The Kingkiller Chronicles By the way, have you checked Rothfuss review of the last one It s one of the most popular reviews on Goodreads and it talks about time travelers But I know they aren t time travelers They re people who own...

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    Kindle Ur King I confess I have committed a sin I have avoided reading novels from The Grandmaster writer Stephen King I repent I will make my upmost effort in reading my way through The Dark Tower series, one book a month minimum.King was one of the first to delve into publishing via the kindle from this genre This novella will be looked upon in the future as the genesis of the kindle era His talent is to turn anything into a craft from kindle to Riding the Bullet Great creative story.EXCERPT Does this gadget of yours have a smell Nope, Henderson replied Not really But when you turn the pages here, with this button they kind of flutter, like in a real book, and I can go to any page I want, and when it sleeps, it shows pictures of famous writers, and it holds a charge The Tower trembles the worlds shudder in their courses The rose feels a chill, as ofwinter What seemed major what loomed over his life and very sanity were the riches hidden within that slim pink panel of plastic He thought of all the writers whose passing he had mourned, ...

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    While I was listening to this one, I said to a friend on Google Chat, You know it s crazy how much Stephen King affects me.I m listening to this audio book and I have a knot in my stomach out of nervousness This about sums up what I love about Stephen King Even in his shortest stories, he is able to take me out of my world and transplant me into the one he s created He s able to make me not only know his characters, but care about them and root for them and worry for their well being I wish that this was something that authors understood It s not enough to tell me a story if I don t like or don t understand the characters in it It s not enough to craft a complicated or ingenious plot if I can t identify with the people in the story enough to put myself in their place I have never had an issue with identifying with a King character I may not like them, but I don t have to like them, because, like real people, they have a life of their own and do with it what they will What they do is organic and true to their characters, and isn t shaped by King into something fake to fit the storyline.I don t mean to harp on like this, but it always amazes me how much I fall in love with King s characters especially after I ve read other books where the characters are flat, lifeless things that just move from scene to scene doing whatever the storyline requires without a personality or free will of their own Alright harping to stop. Now I ...

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    I don t know that I ve ever yearned from something as terrifying as Wesley s pink Kindle A crazy certainty had arisen in his mind a hand or perhaps a claw was going to swim up from the grayness of the Kindle s screen, grab him by the throat, and yank him in Imagine a world ten years in the past Electronic books and e readers are just beginning to take the world by storm Wesley Smith is a college English literature professor who, after a nasty breakup partially over his distaste for the new trend of reading on a device, has decided to bite the bullet and purchase his first ever Kindle from It arrives sooner than it should, sans instructions and sporting an odd pink color instead of the white of all other Kindles Also unusual is the fact that, under the Experimental section is a handful of subsections called Urs Ur is evidently representative of alternate realities in which authors lived longer or died younger, attached themselves to different genres or penned and greater works than are present in our reality If this doesn t sound like an incredible and awe inspiring addition to the Kindle store, you and I view the world very differently He also dreamed No images only words Titles Endless lin...

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    Update 2.1.18Reading The Book of Lost Tales by Tolkien, the first book of the twelve in the histories of middle earth In Tolkien s earliest conception, he creates a magic sun, called Ur Read this in King s newest collection I loved this story It reminded me of how much I loved experiencing the Dark Tower world The premise guy buys a Kindle and connects with the DT world Imagine your favorite authors in other worlds They have novels I looked at my favorites of favorites shelf and felt the obsession of the idea Steinbeck, Dumas, Tolkien, Jordan, Twain Imagine reading novels they never wrote or even read in this world I m glad this Kindle s not real I m not joking I d be in my counsellors office for a new addiction, and maybe some antipsychotic medicine for embracing delusional realities Excellent read Classic King The story starts slow but ends well I ve found the best way to enjoy King read other writers If you compare King with King you may be disappointed beca...

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    what the hell is this crap If you check out my reviews you ll know I am a serious SK fan, for over 12 years I have practically devoured any and everything he s written and while I can t list them all among my favorites, I will say I usually can find SOMETHING in them that garners a bit of affection for the story Not with this dreck, I have never been disappointed I was so excited to find an SK novel exclusive to Kindle readers, and just like Charlie before me I could hardly contain my joy at finding my golden ticket I checked out the reviews and they were mixed but I usually make my own decisions about things like this so I ordered it anyhow I should have listened to the reviews It s almost as if he said How can I exploit the success of my popular novels without actually doing any real work Also why the Kindle infomercials, if this story is only available on Kindle doesn t it stand to reason that we already have a Kindle we re reading it on If I wanted a product description or quick start guide I would have read the crap that came in the box when I brought my own possibly with much satisfaction than this novella Such a disappointmen...

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    The Tower trembles the worlds shudder in their courses The rose feels a chill, as of winter. I love this quote and I love this story Not only is it a giant HEAP of fun, it s filled to the brim with Dark Tower references right down to an appearance by the low men in yellow coats yes please The premise is pure King, and would have made an AWESOME Twilight Zone episode I can just hear Rod Serling now Wesley Smith is a professor of literature and his mistress is the book An unlikely impulse to purchase an electronic reader opens a window through which...

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    UR is an extremely short novella, and also happened to be my introduction to Stephen King The premise is pretty fascinating a university English professor, Wesley Smith, orders an Kindle after a fight with his girlfriend, during which she rages at him for spending too much time reading books When the device arrives with alarming speed , it s inexplicably pink, and has a mysterious menu called UR Functions Wesley quickly realises that this menu gives him the ability to read a plethora of previously unheard of works by famous writers At first he assumes this is some kind of elaborate hoax, but the he reads, the he becomes convinced that the books are genuine, and that the Kindle offers a portal into alternate realities where they really have been written But this discovery grows into an obsession and, of c...

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    UR started kind of slow for me At first it wasn t too interesting Then, all of sudden, it picked up and I enjoyed it I like the Dark Tower relation, and the idea of alternate realities If you ve read The Dark Tower series by King, you already know about this Anyways, UR is a nice,...

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