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European Roots of Canadian Identity What Makes Canada A Different Kind Of Society From The United States In This Book Length Essay, Philip Resnick Argues That, In Ways Than One, Canada Has Been Profoundly Marked By Its European Origins This Is Most Apparent Where The European Historical Underpinnings Both Of English Speaking And French Speaking Canada Are Concerned, But It Is No Less True When One Examines Canada S Multiple National Identities, Robust Social Programs, Increasingly Secular Values And Multilateral Outlook On International Affairs Today As The War In Iraq Brought Home, And The 2004 Federal Election Reinforced, Canada Is A European Type Society Than Is Our Neighbour To The South This Does Not Come Without Its Own Complexities Or Problems On The Contrary, There Are Significant Parallels Between The Ambiguous Versions Of National Identity That One Finds In Canada And What One Finds On The European Continent There Are Parallels, Too, Between The Elements Of Self Doubt That Characterize Canadians Overall When They Think About Their Country And Those Of Europeans Caught Up In Their Own, Often Fractious, Attempts To Forge A Integrated Europe The Author Argues That Canada Needs Europe As An Effective Counter Weight To The Influence Of The United States He Further Argues That, At A Deeper Existential Level, Canadians Need Relevant European References To Better Understand What Makes Them The Kind Of North Americans That They Are.

[Reading] ➷ European Roots of Canadian Identity  Author Philip Resnick – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • European Roots of Canadian Identity
  • Philip Resnick
  • English
  • 27 January 2019
  • 9781551117058

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    Resnick s points on the Canadian identity having the closest ties to Europe are compelling and for the most part well argued Many Canadians do define themselves by outlining what they are not usually saying they are not American rather than saying what they are Resnick gives hints to an answer on how we can actually define ourselves The great mystery that is Canadian identity is an engrossing enigma that will probably remain quagmire like for the foreseeable future Althoug...

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    One of the worst books I ve had to read for a class It was so jumbled and all over the place.

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