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Wildwood DancingEste Livro Da Autora Inspirado No Conto De Fadas As Doze Princesas Bailarinas A Hist Ria De Cinco Irm S Intr Pitas, Em Luta Com Quatro Criaturas Sinistras, Tr S Misteriosos Presentes M Gicos, Dois Amantes Proibidos E Um Sapo Enfeiti Ado H Muitos Mist Rios Na Floresta Jena E As Suas Irm S Partilham O Maior De Todos, Um Segredo Fant Stico Que Lhes Permite Escapar Vida Di Ria Nos Campos Da Transilv Nia, E Que Mantiveram Escondido Durante Nove Anos Quando O Seu Pai Adoece E Tem De Abandonar O Seu Lar Na Floresta Durante O Inverno, Jena E A Sua Irm Mais Velha, Tati, Ficam Encarregues De Cuidar Da Casa E Das Outras Irm S O Surgimento De Um Misterioso Jovem De Casaco Preto Faz Nascer O Amor Numa Das Irm S E, Subitamente, Jena Apercebe Se Que Tem De Lutar Para Salvar Aqueles Que Lhe S O Mais Queridos Acompanhada Por Gogu , Jena Tem De Enfrentar Grandes Perigos Para Preservar N O S As Pessoas Que Ama, Como Tamb M A Sua Pr Pria Independ Ncia E A Da Fam Lia.

[Read] ➪ Wildwood Dancing ➲ Juliet Marillier – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 376 pages
  • Wildwood Dancing
  • Juliet Marillier
  • Portuguese
  • 23 June 2017
  • 9788561618094

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    This is a book to be read in the fall, preferably a crisp October day Wrap yourself in a warm blanket, curl up in your favorite reading seat, lose yourself in this magical fantasy.I believe that hard work and perseverance supersedes natural talent, but sometimes, there is just no denying that some people were just born to be writers I have read almost every single one of Ms Marillier s books, and while the plot sometimes doesn t work for me in her adult novels, there is absolutely no denying the fact that she is one of the best fantasy writers out there today Her characters, male and female, are believable, flawed, complex, interesting The side characters are present, they are crucial they are never relegated to the background at the expense of highlighting the main character s perfection The settings within her books are always spectacularly wrought, be it a Celtic based fantasy, or a dark Transylvanian village and castle within this book.The plot flows like the finest silk The writing is so beautiful that it fills me with joy This is the kind of book you read in whispers, in a quiet reverence.You want a beautiful setting You got it You want sisterly relationships that are better, yes, I said it, BETTER than Pride Prejudice Boom You want magic It s here Read this book.The Plot This book is a retelling of the 12 Dancing Princesses, with a little Transylvanian vampire lore thrown into the...

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    The problem with this book is that it s not real.Juliet Marillier is my arch nemesis and main rival We ve been competing against each other for the coveted title of 1 most followed Australian for awhile now The battle has been vicious The competition fierce image error

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    What an enchanting story The kind that makes your eyes sparkle with wonder.Juliet Marillier is a fine new discovery of an author for me Her writing is tremendously elegant, soft to the ear, and flowing like a gentle but unwavering wave It will catch your attention but also manage into holding it Juliet Marillier is talented, without doubt.Fairy tale retellings sweep me off my feet I love princesses, knights, otherworldly creatures, prophecies, curses, witches, seeing true love bloom and everything else this genre has to offer Wildwood Dancing is beautiful and truly magical It isn t without flaws, and I will get to that, but reading it means hearing the witch cackle, feel the sisters love for one another in the air and your heart twist in knots to what is unfair A delight to the senses The villain in the story, going by the name of Cezar, is what makes this book four star worthy instead of five, mainly Being an antagonist, we can comprehend his being nasty, foul and manipulative, but is it really necessary for us to be exposed to him so much I am the kind who enjoys villainous characters, for the contrast it brings to the atmosphere, but a character that destroys other...

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    Gorgeous cover art, gorgeous story Wildwood Dancing is mostly a loose retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses fairy tale, but this novel, set in Transylvania in about the 1500 s, pulls in threads from various fairy tales and legends and weaves them together There are five sisters, ages 5 17, living in a castle on a mountain Every full moon, the sisters go through a magical portal to the Other Kingdom, a fairy land in kind of an alternate reality set very close to the real world There they spend the night visiting and dancing with all different types of wondrous magical creatures, some appealing, some scary The scary ones include vampires, and Jena, the second sister who is the narrator of the story, is afraid that her older sister Tatiana has fallen in love with a young vampire.There are so many layers and elements to this story a jealous cousin who tries to take control of Jena s family A talking frog who is Jena s closest friend Sibling rivalry Powerful and remote faeries Being sent on a quest for love And looking back on it, I m amazed at how wonderfully all of these complex themes and elements are woven together And the underworld society of fairies and other fantastical, magical creatures is so vivid and imaginative My only beef is that the villain in the sto...

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    DNF 80%Unbelievably disappointing Utterly underwhelming Filled with contrivances, plot holes, and rampant stupidity on the part of the MC I spent the entirety of this book PISSED, mostly at the weakness of our supposedly headstrong, intelligent, and capable heroine, because while I was told that she was all of these things, I was never shown that she was any of these things All I saw of her was a weak willed doormat of an MC, so spineless that I m surprised she was able to stand upright An equal measure of my rage was directed at her sullen, selfish ingrate of an older sister Also, one dimensional villain is one dimensional He s a bully, got it Got it the first time, actually Telling me for the 1,546,353 time that he was a bully was just overkill Patronizing, even UGH Entwined is ...

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    I don t recall the last time I ve read a fiction book based on classic fairy tales that was this excellent, and I ve read many The tone of this book does indeed feel a lot like the recent works of Patricia McKillip, but Marillier manages to make you care about the characters and this is coming from a huge McKillip fan I don t cry easily at books, but I found myself moved to tears at several points.The book takes the fairy tale of the 12 Dancing Princesses and sets it in Romania, telling of 5 sisters who journey through a secret portal at Full Moon each month to dance in the Realm of Faerie Things start to turn when their father has to go away for the winter because of illness, and the oldest daughter falls in love with one of the Night People vampires, successfully incorporated into Faerie context than anything else I ve read Add a plot with an outstandingly rendered true soulmate friendship between the lead character and her pet frog, who communicates to her in her mind, and this book was the first book in literally YEARS that I truly couldn t put down at night, and stayed up late to finish The villain of the book as well is a brilliantly rendered character, who you both loathe and feel sorry for at the same time.I d love to see Juliet Marillier do books along the line of classic fairy tale retellings It suits her so very well I ve heard that she is cu...

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    This book gives new dimensions to the word UNDERWHELMING There was so much potential and it was soooo obviously wasted It was a contradictory mess with plotholes bigger than Transylvania.Maybe because I am not so young any I probably would have enjoyed it at 13, but I just cannot buy into this tale 3 decades later.It probably also did not help that the narrator had such a whiny and saccharine voice that it gave me a permanent toothache.And what is it with authors trying to sell their heroines as oh so very clever sensible and then making them painfully dumb and ignorant at every turn because they have no other idea how to move the plot forward Seriously There is a deep and wide pool of selfish, helpless, imbecile heroines out there in fiction, but the main character s Jena sister, Tati, takes the serious biscuit She is completely braindead makes me want to slap her all the way to Transylvania and back just to make her see the slightest tickle of sense And yet, she was beyond hope, really And all because of LUV as we are told Tati, you are the eldest, all your sisters, especially your small sis of 5...

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    3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum finishing Wildwood Dancing, I ve decided to give it a solid 3.5 stars Considering this is my first Juliet Marillier book that didn t rate at least a 4, I probably should be feeling disappointed, especially since, out of all her older titles, this was one I d been looking forward to reading the most But honestly, I am not The reality is, while I m pretty convinced that Marillier is incapable of writing a bad novel, I also wouldn t expect to fall in love with every single one of them, and even though I didn t think this was one of her best, I still thought it was a very good book and I enjoyed it a lot.Naturally, Wildwood Dancing is a reimagining of several fairy tales and other stories inspired by folklore It s a Marillier novel, after all In the tradition of The Twelve Dancing Princesses , the story follows a family of five sisters who put on their fine dancing gowns every full moon in order to travel to another realm, where they would dance all night with the magical creatures who live there Only the five girls know how to get to this enchante...

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    In Wildwood Dancing, Juliet Marillier introduces us to five sisters sixteen year old Tatiana, the team mom fifteen year old Jenica, the practical one thirteen year old Iulia, the budding socialite twelve year old Paula, the intellectual and five year old Stela, who s cute They live in a castle, deep in the forests of Transylvania, sometime during the Renaissance They have little company except their father, two loyal servants, and occasional visits from their relatives But every full moon, they follow a secret passage from their bedroom to a magical forest, to join the faeries dance The fae are ruled by a mostly gracious but hot tempered queen but even Queen Ileana must answer to the mysterious witch Draguta, whom our five heroines have never seen.This routine has been going on for years, resulting in many wonderful friendships between the girls and the benevolent wood people especially between Jena and her constant companion, the frog Gogu, with whom she has established a telepathic bond But this year, change is on the wind and Jena, our narrator, does not like it.Fasten your seatbelts for what can only be described as Little Women meets A Midsummer Night s Dream in Transyl...

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    Not sure how to rate this Somewhere around 3.5 stars rounded up to generous 4 I guess I really do like Juliet Marillier s writing, even though it always takes me a while to get into any of her books I like how descriptive and atmospheric her stories are Wildwood Dancing offers an interesting blend of traditional fairy tales The Twelve Dancing Princesses and The Frog Prince and Transylvanian vampire lore The characters are likable the heroines are strong and resourceful, the heroes valiant and loving, the villains sufficiently despicable And of course, there is always LOVE, a sweet and touching type of love I am starting to see a bit of a pattern in Marillier s books though The story here is basically the same as I ve read in her first 2 Sevenwaters books the same cast of characters a self sufficient heroine, a suddenly weakened father, loving siblings, fairies, a family member villain, etc The main conflict always has something to do with fairy games and the human villain trying to force himself on the heroine This particular story is also a little bit convoluted and muddy I never got the clear picture what happened and why Jena and her sisters, when her father is absent, start experiencing troubles in both fair...

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