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The Well of AscensionThe Impossible Has Been Accomplished The Lord Ruler The Man Who Claimed To Be God Incarnate And Brutally Ruled The World For A Thousand Years Has Been Vanquished But Kelsier, The Hero Who Masterminded That Triumph, Is Dead Too, And Now The Awesome Task Of Building A New World Has Been Left To His Young Prot G , Vin, The Former Street Urchin Who Is Now The Most Powerful Mistborn In The Land, And To The Idealistic Young Nobleman She Loves.As Kelsier S Prot G And Slayer Of The Lord Ruler She Is Now Venerated By A Budding New Religion, A Distinction That Makes Her Intensely Uncomfortable Even Worrying, The Mists Have Begun Behaving Strangely Since The Lord Ruler Died, And Seem To Harbor A Strange Vaporous Entity That Haunts Her.Stopping Assassins May Keep Vin S Mistborn Skills Sharp, But It S The Least Of Her Problems.Luthadel, The Largest City Of The Former Empire, Doesn T Run Itself, And Vin And The Other Members Of Kelsier S Crew, Who Lead The Revolution, Must Learn A Whole New Set Of Practical And Political Skills To Help It Certainly Won T Get Easier With Three Armies One Of Them Composed Of Ferocious Giants Now Vying To Conquer The City, And No Sign Of The Lord Ruler S Hidden Cache Of Atium, The Rarest And Most Powerful Allomantic Metal.As The Siege Of Luthadel Tightens, An Ancient Legend Seems To Offer A Glimmer Of Hope But Even If It Really Exists, No One Knows Where To Find The Well Of Ascension Or What Manner Of Power It Bestows.

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    Sorry in advance about the bad language but.WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK Okay, everyone just read this series, okay okay.

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    The overall book is a solid 4 stars bUT THE LAST 100 PAGES IS 5 STARS NO QUESTION OMG

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    Re read on audio and just as awesome the second time Vin is still my hero Holy son of a biscuit eater THIS BOOK I loved it, loved it, loved it Sanderson tackled most of my feels in this book and YES I cried here and there but most of it was happy crying My dog even looked at me like I was crazy when I was laughing and crying and yelling YES at certain parts Vin landed softly on the damp cobblestones, watching as the mists began to form around her They puffed into existence as darkness fell, growing like tangles of translucent vines, twisting and wrapping around one another.The great city of Luthadel was still Even now, a year after the Lord Ruler s death and the rise of Elend s new free government, the common people stayed in their homes at night They feared the mists, a tradition that went far deeper than the Lord Ruler s laws Vin slipped forward quietly, senses alert Inside herself, as always, she burned tin and pewter Tin enhanced her senses, making it easier for her to see in the night Pewter made her body stronger, made her lighter on her feet These, along with copper which had the power to hide her use of Allomancy from others who were burning bronze were metals she left on almost all the time Some called her paranoid She thought herself prepared Either way, the habit had saved her life on numerous occasions.I love Vi...

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    I have only one word for this and it is no This was the most insufferably tedious book of my life And I loved The Final Empireit was exciting and had a con artist thing going on and magical wizard people with an epic magic system But now I ve gone from liking Sanderson to probably never trying a book by him again.EDIT 3 19 I ve had so much hate for this lmao write your own review instead of attacking me ok i also have heard sanderson has very homophobic beliefs and so i don t support his work It was freaking boring And I mean, absolutely desperately boring, to the point where like TWO SCENES ever happened Elend having long political discussions Vin punching people Over and over and over again Nothing happened in the first 500 pages Vin turned into a weeping willow Like the actual tree Except at least a tree doesn t spend so much time whining Where is the epic wizard we had in book 1 She spent all her time fussing over Elend, disbelieving that he loved her, wishing he could take care of himselfand then when he did grow a ...

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    4.5 5 starsA slow paced book containing an utterly powerful climax sequence a spectacular middle book for the Mistborn trilogy.When I first read The Well of Ascension, my experience was that I thoroughly loved it It s not until later that I discovered that apparently, a lot of people found the book disappointing Because of this, I was scared that my reread experience would be ruined Apparently, there s nothing to worry about Yes, it s slightly an inferior book in comparison to The Final Empire but my overall experience of this reread is that I found the book almost as good as the first time I read through it Picture The Well of Ascension by breath artThe Well of Ascension storyline took place a year after the end of the first book The majority of the plotline revolved around Luthadel being sieged from many sides and now, Vin, Elend, and everyone must do everything in their power to stop the upcoming threat also dealing with Luthadel s internal political turmoil The Well of Ascension at its core is a slow paced book that s very heavy on politics and makin...

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    Reviewed by Rabid Reads3.5 starsAnytime I m reading fantasy for review, I take copious notes In fact, most of the time, my review is pretty much written by the time I finish the book, I just need to make slight alterations to account for any last minute goings on.And I like that, b c your average fantasy is 2 3x longer than any other book Trying to go back after the fact and recall all the key details would be a nightmare.BUT.Brandon Sanderson has consistently thwarted me in this area And by consistently, I mean every, single time.Why do you hate me, Mr Sanderson WHY If I were to rate a Sanderson book any Sanderson book prior to the last 20%, almost all of them would hover around the 3.0 star range But unlike most books that benefit from higher ratings b c OMG, THAT ENDING , my experience with Sanderson has been very different Yes, there is definitely an element of OMG and FEELS overwhelming your brain stem, making you instantly forget whatever had you feeling so MEH for the majority of the book, but that s only one small aspec...

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    Please don t hate me, but I just didn t love this one as much as the first As someone else described, I think it suffered from Middle Book syndrome , and really that s on me I almost always struggle with the middle installment of a trilogy, even if I 5 STAR Books 1 and 3 There were things I loved, but it felt like the flow didn t build as we...

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    I like a story that surprises me, and this series keeps doing it The ending of the last book was undoubtedly epic I don t know how Brandon Sanderson does it It felt like the closing chapter for these characters, but, in reality, it was only the beginning of the series The Lord Ruler s death could have been the ending, but he was only the surface issue Indeed, with his death a whole host of problems arose, and none of them are as simple as they appear This proved that the generic plot of the first book was, in fact, a mere illusion Nothing is as straightforward as it looks in this world The survivors must work together The Empire is in complete turmoil Despite the Lord Ruler s tyranny, he did keep the empire together With him gone there is no anchor there is no fear there is only chaos Vin and Ellen must attempt to keep the city from descending into complete anarchy This is no easy task because without the ultimate symbol of power, others will come to take advantage The threat of three invading armies suddenly dawns on them They have no real defence they have no solid army All they have is their wits and a group of charismatic rogues to save the day And, if that threat wasn t enough, the shadow of a deeper enemy approaches That s the point, isn t it We have to live on, no matter how hard it gets We ll win in the end The plot turns and alliances twist, factions form and breakdown, whilst questions are raised as to the origins o...

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    Such a thrilling sequel.

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