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Give it Time (Roughstock, #1.5) Loosely Linked To The Roughstock Series CB, Nicknamed Biscuit By His Cowboy Friends, Has To Stay Off The Bulls To Heal Up A Groin Injury That Leaves Him Wondering If He Ll Ever Get To Have Sex Again Sports Medicine Man, Jonesy, Is Than Happy To Help In Both Departments, But He Knows CB Has To Take His Time And Get Better.Biscuit Is As Stubborn As A Cowboy Can Be, And Determined To Play The Bullriding Game He Loves So Much Jonesy Thinks He Has The Perfect Bribe, Though, And He S Willing To Play Dirty To Get CB Back To Health Can The Two Of Them Nurse CB Back To His Best Riding Form Author S Note Another Of The Roughstock Books This One Features An Older Bullrider And The Lead Sports Medicine Tech.

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    I likes me some cowboys I m not sure why, maybe because they are so very different from British people or maybe because there s something so manly about them, that I just can t resist This story is about men who ride the bulls in the rodeo, and you can t get manly than that They ride em, fall off em, get trampled by em and then get sent to the poor sports medicine people to get patched up Cody Biscuit is one of the rough, tough rodeo cowboys who risk their lives for the entertainment of others, plus the thrill of the ride Callum Jonesy is on the other side, patching up the injured cowboys When we first meet Biscuit he s had a fall and damaged his stitches from a groin injury he had a couple of weeks before Jonesy has admired Biscuit from afar and attraction blossoms between them as he s cleaning up Cody s stitches It s difficult for them to act on their attraction because Biscuit s injury is causing temporary impotence which could be permanent if he doesn t stop riding the bulls for a few weeks and rests his groin so Jonesy uses the promise of sex to get Cody to resist the lure of the bulls.One way to describe the wr...

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    Bull rider and Medic not sure his title start flirting when bull rider refuses to stop riding and keep irritating groin injury that could lead to impotence Finally he agrees so that he can have sex eventually with cute medic He s cured, they go on a cruise and boink like bunnies It was okay, it was good, but I felt like there wasn t much background Lots of other characters thrown in that didn t add much except to show that rodeo is freaking dangerous and damaging to your body ...

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    A very entertaining series Lots of sex and sexy cowboys I saw BA Tortuga s youtube video on the Roughstock men and the visuals were a great addition A novella about 2 minor characters.Just good cowboy fun

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