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No TomorrowMartin Truscott Had Been A Troubled Child, With An Obsession With Computer Games Now, He Found Himself Driven To Seek The Truth A Debate About Climate Change Had Been Raging In The Press Yet It Seemed Implausible That So Many Scientists Could Be Lying Or Deluded But What If They Were What If The Sceptics Really Were Modernday Galileos When A Documentary Appeared Alleging Just That, Martin Was Incensed Because It Was So Poorly Made The Mainstream Scientists Had Little Difficulty In Picking It Apart Did This Prove Anything No Only That The Maker Of The Documentary Did A Poor Job What If The Nobel Committee Had Blundered Giving Al Gore And The Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change IPCC The 2007 Peace Prize So He Was Determined To Find Out For Himself And Make The Real, Definitive Truth About Climate Change Documentary In This Pursuit, He Found Out Not Only The Truth About Climate Change, But The Truth About Himself

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    I got about halfway through This isn t a novel so much as a long essay on climate change with a thin, dull layer of story sliced up and scattered around within.

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    A bit of a different book, not bad, fast read.

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