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Trouble She Wants Something Real He Wants Something Now Together They Re Trouble In USA Today Bestselling Author Adriana Locke S Sexy And Funny Twice In A Lifetime Love Story With His Shameless Grin And Let S Play Swagger, Carpenter Penn Etling Leaves Women Wanting In Dogwood Lane What Do They Get Avery Perry Knows A One Night Stand She S Been There She Remembers Every Hot Pulse As If It Were Yesterday But Penn He Doesn T Remember A Thing Now He S Making New Moves, And Avery S Not Falling For Trouble Again Is She How Could The Beautiful Stranger Resist Him Avery Is Going To Be A Challenge For The Bad Boy She S The Kind Of Woman Who Digs Deep Deep Enough To See There S To Penn Than Meets The Eye But First She Has To Give Him A Chance She Has To Say Yes Could She Also Be The Woman To Make Him Change His Playboy Ways When These Two Come Together, It S Hard To Pull Them Apart But With Love And Trust On The Line, Can Avery And Penn Get What They Both Want This Time For Keeps

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    OMFG I FLOOOOOVED Penn so much This guy The cockiness, the swagger, the tattoos, the eight inches.HIS HEART I didn t know I d feel so much for this guy, but he swept me off my damn feet immediately I loved the banter, not only between him and Avery, but the guys too I adore a good bromance, and nobody does it like Adriana I always feel like I want to be a part of the gang The sexual tension between Penn and Avery gave me the biggest case of blue balls I ve had in awhile But let me tell you, when he finally did give her his eight inches, it was SO WORTH the wait If you re looking for a twice in a lifetime love story with a bad boy book boyfriend that will make you want to jump through your kindle and mount him, this book is for you Meet your next book boyfriend PENN He is everything ALSO, I m currently giving away a SIGNED PAPERBACK in my book rec group on facebook, if you d like to join and enter Serena s Must Have Book Boyfriends SerenasMustHaveBookBoyfriends..Trouble by Adriana Locke is LIVE and avail in Kindle Unlimited

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    4 stars This is the book in Adriana Locke s Dogwood Lane series that I ve been waiting for I was intrigued by Penn Etling from the moment I met him He s the fun loving best friend who s never going to settle down That is, until he meets his match in Avery Avery has captivated my attention I don t know what that fucking means, but I m here for it Avery is new to Dogwood Lane, but it s not the first time she s been here It s been 10 years, but she visited her aunt in this small town when she was younger Avery s parents are rich, famous, and a lot to handle She s than happy to get away from them and embrace small town life Penn Etling has lived in Dogwood Lane his whole life, but he s never met a girl like Avery before Or has he Penn is the most lovable character He s a guy you can t help but like even though he s a bit of a player I love that he found the one that dug deeper and brought out another side of him Avery and Penn couldn t be different in so many ways From their background, to their personalities, but they also have a lot in common and they have that spark and connection that draws them closer and closer I loved them together The audio book of Trouble is narrated by Rock Engle and Laurie West Both are fairly new to me narrators and both did an incredible job voicing Penn and Avery I ve listened to this entire series in audio format and it s been a lot of fun to listen to I definitely recommend the audio books Trouble is another fun, romantic, sexy, and sweet small town romance from Adriana Locke I love her sweet small town stories and I hope she puts out from the Dogwood Lane group There are a few characters I would love to see get their own stories.

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    Here comes trouble I ve been waiting to read Penn s story since July, last year I was elated last night when I got an arc of the most anticipated novel of the year sharing the 1 position with Angry God for me I didn t even care it was already 1am and i knew i wasn t going to sleep First of all, where s Grace After Tangle I was sure Penn and Grace were destined to be together Don t get me wrong, Avery is awesome yes, I know people don t use this word any After knowing the whole story, I truly understand why it was Avery, not Grace So don t panic like I did So, Penn Etling and Avery Perry We ve known Penn ever since Tumble was published He was in both previous books in the series and there s absolutely no way anyone could not fall for this guy

    That s okay I m used to women falling for me

    For those of you who don t know what I m talking about, imagine Penn as the fun boy next door , full of mischief, very good looking and with a predisposition to use innuendo as an actual language He made me laugh almost with everything that came out of his mouth.Avery is an artist and a hairdresser She s been living in LA all her life, with her famous mother and having fake, shallow friends, a douche of a boyfriend and a family interested in being in the spotlight than actually being a family So she had enough and moved with her aunt in a small Tennessee town, where I would definitely move too, btw Plus, she refused to engage in another relationship that had an expiration date set from the start She wanted so much and was not willing to compromise Penn and Avery actually met before, ten years ago They shared a night none of them could forget Now, she recognized him immediately, but he didn t He felt the connection, felt like he knew her, but it was the pure unadulterated lust that drew him to her It was hilarious seeing the playboy used to his harem being turned down so many times by Avery Don t imagine the worst about him, please Maybe I should rephrase this or you could simply read his story and decide for yourself You re talking about monogamy, aren t you Penn I m allergic Actually, he s not He has a baggage we all carry, big walls protecting his heart and soul and really believes he s not good enough to have a family and nobody would love him long term They start off as friends, but having that sizzling chemistry and attraction floating around them, you can be sure their relationship will progress at some point Maybe a slower pace than i would have liked, but I actually admired Avery for her strength to resist him I know I couldn t Their witty banter, his innuendoes, the self discovery on both parts and the actual falling in love are what make this story simply amazing and not to be missed.

    You know, most guys that talk that much about their tape measure are trying to distract you from the fact that they can t use it It s just another tool they play with

    I don t have enough words to describe how wonderful this novel is Actually, there hasn t been any from this author that I didn t love Adriana Locke, please never stop writing You make my heart sing with every story you put out there and I would happily have many sleepless nights just enjoying your works Trouble is the third book in the Dogwood Lane series It can be read as a standalone, but trust me, you re missing out big time if you re not picking Tangle and Tumble too It would be an absolute honor to have you as my guest on my blog too Stop by anytime you want

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    I absolutely love the Dogwood Lane series and was seriously intrigued about fun loving Penn Etling who just stole the show in Tumble Tangle However, I had no idea that I would end up putting him on the Locke Men pedestal right next to Fenton Abbott and Lincoln Landry Trouble is the story of Penn and Avery, two people who have such chemistry, they just can t seem to stay away from each other However, Avery knows good and well about Penn s past and doesn t want to get into trouble, again.Penn and Avery were both a breath of fresh air A woman who knows what she wants and needs in life and a man who is NOTHING like what he seems The witty banter, the fun loving give and take, the sexiness and the overall connection that Penn and Avery have brought this small town romance right to the top of my favorites list What a way to start of 2020

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    I am utterly smitten with Dogwood Lane A sucker for these sort of quirky, small town stories my heart is delighted every time I get to go back and visit this charming little town and its colorful cast of delightful characters And then Enter Penn Etling And now my heart doesn t even know what to do with itself It s in a full on swoon And that s despite the fact that I wanted to knock him upside the head a couple times an urge that was satisfied by some equally wonderful secondary characters in this story Y all this is the cutest, sweetest, most banterific thing ever I smiled so hard I laughed out loud And I fell in love with Penn and Avery as they fell in love with each other.I adored Avery too She s the perfect match for Penn and I admired her commitment to herself and the way she was never willing to sacrifice her own dreams or self worth for Penn And yet, she was patient and understanding and strong enough to walk him through uncharted territories I loved the subtle emphasis on how equally they shouldered the load This was just a completely lovely love story.On top of that The secondary character game is still so very strong The banter between Avery and Penn was fantastic, but the banter between Pen and his friends was even better Ms Locke writes these characters with such an authentic voice, I wanted to pull up a chair and join them at the table laughing, making fun, and reveling in their friendships Trouble is another Dogwood Lane hit for me It s that perfect mixture of humor, heart, and heat that keeps me coming back for , and leaves me happy and satisfied in the end If you haven t been introduced to this fantastic series yet, this seems like the perfect time to start Shelly, 5 Stars

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    4.5 Stars Trouble is the third book in the Dogwood Lane series and tells the story of Penny, and I have to say that this book was a pleasant surprise and I really enjoyed it I think it s easily my favorite in the series so far Penn is a cheerful, fun boy who can t be disliked A stud from the small town they live in who is afraid of commitment In his brief appearance in previous books I confess that I didn t put much faith in him, but here, knowing him better, he won my heart.He is a boy with a heart of gold and it was impossible not to smile and fall in love with his journey by falling in love and navigating this world unknown to him Avery is a great protagonist too, and the perfect match for Penn.I loved how she made him fight for her attention, and I loved seeing her little by little deal with her relationship with Penn and the new life she was forming Together they formed a couple that melted my heart and made me smile throughout the book with their sweet, clever and shrewd dialogues.In addition to the novel, I loved reviewing the small town vibe that the author created here I loved seeing the friendship of Penn and Matt and Avery being so well received by the city.Trouble is a lightweight book with no surprises along the way, but it s a beautifully written story with charismatic characters and a captivating story I don t know if we will have stories from this universe, but it is my wish that Matt will also win his happy ending in the near future.I Received an unreleased copy of this book

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    Trouble generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 4 Gotta roll with it StarsPenn and Avery were great in this friends to lovers, contemporary romance from Adriana Locke, her third installment of the Dogwood Lane series This book can be read as a standalone within the series as it features two new main characters Told from dual perspectives, Trouble finally gives us Penn s story And he definitely meets his match since Avery gives as good as she gets while simultaneously and completely upending Penn s precariously built world Their dialogue and banter both are witty, hilarious, and fun to read as Adriana Locke navigates the both of them with precision among the chaos, low angst, and lovely storytelling.As with the previous works in the Dogwood Lane series, the setting, storytelling, and characters are full of charm and effortless romance It s quite easy to fall into these books and be transported away in the slow burn love stories by Locke I m entertained while reading them and in Trouble especially I laughed a lot at Penn s quick wit and goofy antics I m so glad for the woman that came into town to shake things up There was something special about this couple and how their story played out And as with the previous two, the friendships and secondary characters of Dogwood Lane play a huge role in the charm of the story.

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    This book is why I love Adriana LockeYou fall in love with the town, the people and her characters I knew Penn s book would be special because Penn doesn t see himself the way others do and I knew I d be rooting for him from page 1 and I was right I absolutely adore the banter between Penn and Avery I love the realness of the friendship between Penn and Matt I can t wait to catch up with Avery and Penn in the next book of this series..there will be another book.won t there.please 5 shooting stars for Trouble

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    Penn was incredibly gorgeous, a terrific person, and a consummate flirt He lived for today, took nothing seriously, and he was absolutely allergic to relationships It s not like he didn t know how to love because he adored his friends family He just couldn t picture and seriously avoided an actual partnership with a woman That sort of arrangement came with expectations and he had no doubt he d fail With his background and inability to see his own greatness, he was his own worst enemy Avery may have been the one woman to shake him up a bit, but not even she was invincible to his self destruction While breaking my poor heart and his , Penn made me laugh, melt and fall in love with him hard Once again, Adriana Locke nailed some sweet small town romance There was so much fun to be found in these pages and trouble was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to Penn Etling He, his friends, and even Avery gave me tons of feels and I found that I couldn t get enough I ll definitely be reading about the Dogwood Lane gang

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    Adriana Locke has done it again I fell in love with her writing a long time ago when I first discovered how amazing she is by reading Swing She has the ability to pull you into her stories from the very beginning Her characters are so realistic, raw, imperfect, make mistakes and most have done things in their past that they aren t proud of Meaning, her characters seem like actual people that you not only would know in real life but people that you would also want to be friends or A LOT with I never can seem to get enough of her writing Like it was said in the movie Field of Dreams If you build it, they will come I feel the same about Adriana s writing If she writes it, I will read it She is an instant, no blurb necessary one click author for me I have been looking forward to reading Penn s story ever since we met him in Tumble Book 1 In the first 2 books he was hinted at being the ultimate playboy with the untouchable heart We learn his truth in Book 3 and I absolutely loved learning his true story I am a huge sucker for a small town, bad boy meeting the girl that eventually causes him to show just how big his heart really is I knew from the very beginning that it would take a no nonsense, independent woman to cause him to see what he was really missing out on in life by not opening his heart Avery was just that She literally fell into his life,was able to see Penn for who he truly was and show him who he was meant to be all along One of the things that I love about Adriana s stories is having characters that are behind the scenes like the hero heroine s siblings, friends, co workers etc and getting just enough of their stories to intrigue you but not so much that it takes your attention off of the main characters of the stories One character in this book that piqued my interest in this book was Matt I do believe that he would be a definite heartthrob He gave me one of my favorite quotes from this book Being in a relationship with someone doesn t mean you promise to get it all right, Penn It means you decided she s worth you trying to get it right times than not I mean.Swoon Penn definitely needed him as his best friend Penn and Avery s story was perfect for me It wasn t rushed or have a lot of useless drama thrown in just to draw out the story I really enjoyed following their story and seeing them literally both grow as individuals throughout this story I will certainly be adding this story to my list of books to read again and again A definite highly recommended book for me

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