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The Life That Mattered (Life Duet, #1) Sex Isn T Love Love Isn T Sex And Friendship Is Neither The Son Of A French Olympic Skier And A Malaysian Fashion Designer, Ronin Alexander Has Lived The Life Of A Nomad, Traveling The World To Find His Next Adventure Life Takes A Dramatic Turn When He Meets Evelyn, A Beautiful Scientist Who Owns A Bath Shop In Aspen, Colorado They Defy All The Rules Of Relationships, Falling Hard And Quickly In Love Their World Intertwines With Evelyn S Two Best Friends, The Governor And His Soon To Be Wife The Four Become Close Very CloseWhen Tragedy Strikes, Things From Their Pasts Are Unveiled Unimaginable Truths And The Grim Realization That Life Will Never Be The Same Jewel E Ann Steps Into Another Dimension With This Mind Bending Thriller, A Provocative Story That Pushes Boundaries And Tests The True Meaning Of Love

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    I ve treasured each and every story from Jewel, but this story has reached up and touched the sky for me It should be a hard act to followfor any other author.But jewel will keep raising the sky it seems, like a personal challenge she sets for herself with every novel She s competing with herself story after storyAs always, Her prose is vibrant and lively It billows and rumbles, pregnant with possibilities and jewel is a sailor and explorer Moving from one trope to another, adventurous and curiousWith a pickaxe and pen she goes digging deep into human soul and brain, chronicling her findings, marvelling at the what she discovers hidden between layers of our psychesHad she not been a successful writer, she d have made a brilliant psychologist, I m sureShe keeps folding the story into an origami masterpiece, till we end up with a 4 dimensional POV.There s her side, characters side, readers side and the truth.Her plot, character s reaction, our perspective and the Phenomenon of truth you ll get it when you read it The plot is unbelievable because its uncharted territory for me I ve never read anything like this before But as always I don t doubt, I don t ask, I don t choose pick from the menu.Whatever she feeds me, I Chew and savour.Why she gives a particular twist, I dont question.My trust in her ability is complete and total So when she declares that her next Book touches something intangible and obstruseI say with my thudding heart Bring It On she has made me question the events unfolding in front of my eyes Hinder not the soul s intended path unto light, lest shards of darkness shed upon thee I wonder if all superheroes face the same dilemma Is it all WORTH IT With great power comes great responsibility Either you save the world or save yourself.A beautiful romance set in Picturesque Aspen Her capacity for empathy seeps down on the pages, she s grabbed my heart in her hands and squeezed tight, at some scenes I was Breathless, at some dumbstruck, at some weeping and howling, till the acute pain was too much to handle FlatlinedIt s complex and well rounded, impeccably polished and consummately narrated story jewel has explored the entire spectrum from softly romantic to heartwrenching sadnesswith loads of funny in between Her tone is snappy, dialogues crisp but the feelsOMG THE FEELS, they just render you stupid I felt attacked from all sides, sharp barbs piercing my heart every chapter.There s Evelyn Taylor Science Geek, Evie the Chemist of Saponification, surrounded by perfumes and scents, soaps and scrubs, cleansing the world one soap bar at a timeThe meet cute with Ronin Alexander the Book Nerd skier, happens in a Vancouver bar, where she s the third wheel tugged by her best friends Graham Lila Hot buns Yummy bubble tea Sunny and fifty five degrees in beautiful Vancouver And an Asian Frenchman who liked saving lives Short of Graham giving Lila a dozen orgasms there s no way Lila s day beat mine They re getting married and she s here to keep Lila company.Was it fate..destiny..serendipity who knows, but they end up in Aspen, Colorado together and the connection purifies and distills in the pristine snow resort town I felt like we were a fact the sky was blue, water was wet, the wind blew Ronin and Evelyn just were And then as they come closer, the tiny details of life gets clearer All the truths, tainted and stark seem to crawl into the periphery moving towards the center Every lie is actually a truth in a parallel universe Their love is already set up for some unconquerable invisible challenges It demands tremendous amount of faith and trust against indescernible A sequence of events unfold like a domino effect, one thing leads to the other until Evie is demanding answers..and so was I What happens next dropped my JAW TO THE FLOOR Things get tough all around but the brunt of the collapsing world falls on Evie the hardest, she s wounded the most and looking at the CATASTROPHIC ending.she s going to be curling on the floor to weep until she dieswhy should I be the only one wallowing in misery and grief After all these books, you d think I d be used to Jewel pulling the ground beneath my feet But like a sucker,I fall for it EVERYTIMEI wish I could ve said , revealed some plot secrets but Jewel would get pissed and demote me, so come suffer with me in CryFest, I ll provide wine 5 stars for Unexplainable phenomena and unprovable ideologies BookBistroBlogApproved Follow me on BookBistroBlog gmail.comhttps Twitter.com BookBistrowww.instagram.com BookBistroBloghttps bookbistroblogger.blogspot.com

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    The Life that Mattered 1st book Releasing February 6th Cover Revealed BLURB Sex isn t love.Love isn t sex.And friendship is neither.The Life Duet, an all new mind bending and romantic duet from Jewel E Ann is coming February 6th, and we have the gorgeous covers The Life that Mattered 1st book Releasing February 6thThe son of a French Olympic skier and a Malaysian fashion designer, Ronin Alexander has lived the life of a nomad, traveling the world to find his next adventure.Life takes a dramatic turn when he meets Evelyn, a beautiful scientist who owns a bath shop in Aspen, Colorado They defy all the rules of relationships, falling hard and quickly in love.Their world intertwines with Evelyn s two best friends, the Governor and his soon to be wife The four become close very close.When tragedy strikes, things from their pasts are unveiled unimaginable truths and the grim realization that life will never be the same.Jewel E Ann steps into another dimension with this mind bending thriller, a provocative story that pushes boundaries and tests the true meaning of love.Add The Life That Mattered to Goodreads Life You StoleReleasing March 12th 2ndbook Add THE LIFE YOU STOLE to Goodreads Notified FIRST when The Life Duet is live Designed by Kerry Ellis, Covered by KerryAbout JewelJewel is a free spirited romance junkie with a quirky sense of humor.With 10 years of flossing lectures under her belt, she took early retirement from her dental hygiene career to stay home with her three awesome boys and manage the family business.After her best friend of nearly 30 years suggested a few books from the Contemporary Romance genre, Jewel was hooked Devouring two and three books a week but still craving , she decided to practice sustainable reading, AKA writing.When she s not donning her cape and saving the planet one tree at a time, she enjoys yoga with friends, good food with family, rock climbing with her kids, watching How I Met Your Mother reruns, and of course heart wrenching, tear jerking, panty scorching novels.Connect with Jewel Facebook Twitter Instagram BookBub up to date with Jewel by joining her mailing list

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    Jewel E Ann is absolutely brilliant I will have my full review and giveaway up on release day Make sure to sign up for my newsletter or follow along on my blog

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    Coming February 2020 This book should come with a warning Do not start reading unless if you have all day to read anddon t put it down until you finish readingHighly Addictive The Life That Mattered releases Feb 6thThe Life You Stole will release March 12thFor a chance at snatching up an eARC of The Life That Mattered, add the book to your Goodreads TBR and comment with a screenshot Add to Goodreadshttp bit.ly 35xYfju Blogger Sign uphttps forms.gle nwyq38GZYaTX6TuZ8 Subscribe to be notified when it is LIVE Join my reader group for eARC g veaways

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    Coming Feb 6th Releasing into KindleUnlimitedWhat I can promise about this duet So many twisted thoughts So much obsession It s sexy Gripping Frightening Completely addictive You will inhale this story It s a page turner on steroids.

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