[PDF / Epub] ☆ The Short Life and Happy Times of the Shmoo ✩ Al Capp – Anguillais.us

The Short Life and Happy Times of the ShmooMore Than Fifty Years Ago, America Was Taken By Storm When Al Capp Introduced The Shmoo In His Comic Strip Li L Abner The Adorable Squash Shaped Character Was So Popular It Immediately Spawned The Largest Merchandising Craze In The Nation S History In The Words Of Life Magazine, The Nation Was Shmoo Struck The Short Life And Happy Times Of The Shmoo Collects, For The First Time In One Volume, Capp S Essential Comic Strips About The Shmoo This Is Al Capp And His Incisive Social Criticism At Its Best.

[PDF / Epub] ☆ The Short Life and Happy Times of the Shmoo ✩ Al Capp – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • The Short Life and Happy Times of the Shmoo
  • Al Capp
  • English
  • 10 July 2018
  • 9781585674626

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    When it came to producing comic strip storylines and illustrations that were, ss the good folks of Dogpatch might ve put it, just a mite tetched , Al Capp was no slouch Many of his classic and strips contained jaw dropping elements that would have than done justice to even the most reliably demented cartoonists of today a family new to Dogpatch faces discrimination because they have square eyes an elderly woman Mammy Yokum, actually suddenly faints while visiting a friend, wakes up feeling much better, and leaves not realizing until fifteen years later that she d had a baby, which the neighbor had raised as her own a live and conscious pig is dumped unceremoniously into a stew pot a Russian boxer named Boomchik terrorizes her fellow literally boxers because they re not allowed to hit a lady Abner s and Daisy Mae s infant son, overhearing his mother saying something extraordinarily stupid, spells IDIOT with his alphabet blockssuch is the world of Li l Abner and with his creation of the Shmoo, Al Capp reached the pinnacle of ingenious insanity The title says it all these armless, whiskery, corpulent and extremely cheerful little critters, smuggled...

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    A charming satire on capitalism and the industrial state This book collects Li l Abner comic strips from 1948 and 1959 Both sets feature the shmoo an adorable little bowling pin shaped creature that provides for all human needs A mere hungry look from a human will make a shmoo keel over and die of happiness, whereupon it may be cooked to taste like steak, pork, or chicken Its hide can be used for leather or planks for building, depending on how thick you slice it While alive, a shmoo will produce eggs, butter, fruit, and cake on the merest suggestion, and also make a wonderful pet and entertainer Shmoos also apparently shag like rabbits This presents a problem for America s capitalists nobody needs their products or wages any So they send out assassins to exterminate all shmoos.It s wonderful to see the 1948 and the 1959 series back to back The plot is similar in each case, but the flavor of each is distinctive The ...

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    Back in high school, I was on a weekend bowling league with several friends Occasionally, we d also go bowling during non league times moonlight bowling, and such events One particular friend in fact, the friend who just gave me this book as a birthday gift , used to take great pleasure in trying to get me to drop my ball in the gutter by waiting til I was most of the way through my approach and then letting out a loud Shmoo laugh, a perfect imitation of the Shmoo from the cartoons then airing on Saturday morning that we all loved And you know what IT WORKED EVERY TIME.So reading this collection of Al Capp s two original Shmoo storylines from the Lil Abner comic strips was a great trip down nostalgia lane Or as great as such a trip can be when you can t recall ever having read the original strips And having just turned 50, I guess maybe my memory IS going a little, because I really couldn t recall ever having read these strips before My memory of the Shmoo is limited to the cartoons and to Eric Bauman s perfect imitation of that laugh.So I really enjoyed learning or relearning, if I actually did read these at some prior point and have just forgotten how Abner found the Shmoo, how the Shmoo almost destroyed the world economy by making life perfect for everyone, and ...

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    approaching this collection felt a little like bad science i had a conclusion i was ready to reach, and i just needed to find what i wanted to find the best part is that it was better than i had hoped it would be on top of that, the tone, the inventiveness and harlan ellison s intro have convinced me to take a step back and take a look at lil abner as a whole this feels like one of those mom...

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    A lovely trip down memory lane My dad had a similar book back in the 60s.

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    Great overview of this unique comic creation

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    Great satire of American life.

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    When I was in college, I asked some friends Which would you rather not be biologically required to do, sleep or eat To my surprise, everyone said sleep , which makes me think either they were narrowly professionally ambitious for themselves or hadn t thought the consequences through, as a life not requiring food can largely be a life not requiring work and dedicated to other interests Plus, sleeping is awesome.This book devises a different scenario, where a single animal happily provides a wide variety of different foodstuffs, and the rippling effects of this as economic overlords lose their power It s plenty funny seeing villains get it in the pants, but I didn t find how those social relationships developed further very well thought through and found it rather expedient In fairness, the daily newspaper comic strip can be very limiting in this regard, as even short stories take eons to ...

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    An entertaining collection of L il Abner cartoon strips about the schmoo, the happy little critter that produces milk, eggs, butter and other good stuff for free and if you look at it hungrily, it falls over dead with pleasure at the thought of being eaten They taste like steak, chicken or pork, depending on how you cook them They eat nothing and provide everyone s wants and while adored by the public are hated by business and government because they are destroying the American way of life working hard, being good consumers and paying...

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