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Hill WomenAfter Rising From Poverty To Earn Two Ivy League Degrees, An Appalachian Lawyer Pays Tribute To The Strong Hill Women Who Raised And Inspired Her, And Whose Values Have The Potential To Rejuvenate A Struggling Region An Uplifting And Eye Opening Memoir For Readers Of Hillbilly Elegy AndEducated Nestled In The Appalachian Mountains, Owsley County Is One Of The Poorest Counties In Both Kentucky And The Country Buildings Are Crumbling And Fields Sit Vacant, As Tobacco Farming And Coal Mining Decline But Strong Women Are Finding Creative Ways To Subsist In Their Hollers In The Hills Cassie Chambers Grew Up In These Hollers And, Through The Women Who Raised Her, She Traces Her Own Path Out Of And Back Into The Kentucky Mountains Chambers S Granny Was A Child Bride Who Rose Before Dawn Every Morning To Raise Seven Children Despite Her Poverty, She Wouldn T Hesitate To Give The Last Bite Of Pie Or Vegetables From Her Garden To A Struggling Neighbor Her Two Daughters Took Very Different Paths Strong Willed Ruth The Hardest Working Tobacco Farmer In The County Stayed On The Family Farm, While Spirited Wilma The Sixth Child Became The First In The Family To Graduate From High School, Then Moved An Hour Away For College Married At Nineteen And Pregnant With Cassie A Few Months Later, Wilma Beat The Odds To Finish School She Raised Her Daughter To Think She Could Move Mountains, Like The Ones That Kept Her Safe But Also Isolated Her From The Larger World Cassie Would Spend Much Of Her Childhood With Granny And Ruth In The Hills Of Owsley County, Both While Wilma Was In College And After With Her Hill Women Values Guiding Her, Cassie Went On To Graduate From Harvard Law But While The Ivy League Gave Her Knowledge And Opportunities, Its Privileged World Felt Far From Her Reality, And She Moved Back Home To Help Her Fellow Rural Kentucky Women By Providing Free Legal Services Appalachian Women Face Issues That Are All Too Common Domestic Violence, The Opioid Crisis, A World That Seems Divided By The Day But They Are Also Community Leaders, Keeping Their Towns Together In The Face Of A System That Continually Fails Them With Nuance And Heart, Chambers Uses These Women S Stories Paired With Her Own Journey To Break Down The Myth Of The Hillbilly And Illuminate A Region Whose Poor Communities, Especially Women, Can Lead It Into The Future

[ PDF / Epub ] ✅ Hill Women Author Cassie Chambers – Anguillais.us
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Hill Women
  • Cassie Chambers
  • 12 October 2018
  • 9781984818911

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    Cassie Chambers is an attorney, an Ivy League graduate of Yale and Harvard Law School and in this memoir pays loving tribute to the strong women who graced her life growing up in Appalachian Hills in Owsley County Kentucky in a place called Cow Creek It s a place steeped in poverty, but filled with people of grit, gumption, creativity, hard working people like her grandmother, her mother and her aunt The poverty is extensive, as she describes the lives of the people here Her family was fortunate than some as share croppers, even though they didn t own the land Grueling hard work was part of her grandmother s every day existence and in spite of the poverty and difficult life, her grandmother still found joy in life and family She describes her Aunt Ruth as the best worker in Owsley County , devoting herself to her mother and father and the farm when her siblings left to get married Her mother, Wilma, the first in the family to graduate from college, is the role model who encouraged Cassie to get an education It is the things she learned from them, the values they instilled in her to which she attributes her life choices and the wherewithal to to achieve what she has This is than a tribute to these amazing women of the hills, though It s an expose of the injustices in many ways that these hill communities endure because of the lack of health care, the lack of outside help that leaves these people without services available to other parts of the country After living a privileged life as she lives in cities where she goes to college and law school, she wants to give back Cassie returns after getting her law degree from Harvard to provide legal aid mostly to women Women who have endured spousal abuse, custody battles, divorce, or are struggling to get social services so they could feed their children are among her clients She shares some of these heartbreaking stories and it s eye opening While it s somewhat repetitive and moved around in time a bit, it s filled with heart and love and a deep respect she has for her family and other hill women I received an advanced copy of this book from Ballantine through NetGalley.

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    I really enjoyed this bookit is about hill women from the hollers of Kentucky, and my mom comes from the hollers of West Virginia.The author, Cassie Chambers, was able to rise out of poverty to become a lawyer with two Ivy League Degrees, and became an advocate for the poor in Kentucky.Cassie came from a long line of hard working folks who were very poor and none had gone far at all in school, they had to work the fields of the tobacco farm they lived on Her mother was the only child of her grandparents to graduate high school and attend college, making life better for herself.Casie addresses the problems of living in these areas. why people find it so hard to rise up out of poverty.I was reminded so much of my mom s years in the hills and her relatives there when reading the parts of her book when she talks about her Granny and Papaw and Aunt Ruth, and what living in the holler was like I just loved those parts of the book Thank you to Netgalley and Random House Ballantine

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    3.5 starsOwsley County is one of the poorest counties not only in the state of Kentucky but also the United States.Cassie Chambers spent a lot of her childhood in Owsley with family while her mom finished college and returned throughout her life seeking connection with her roots.Chambers shares family history to allow readers to understand where she began her granny was a child bride who raised seven children isolated in a holler of Kentucky and most of her children gave up on education before high school Her two daughters took very different paths Ruth became the hardest working tobacco farmer in Owsley while Wilma became the first to graduate from high school and then moved an hour away to attend college.Wilma married at nineteen and then had Cassie soon after, taking time off from college to focus on Cassie Against the odds, Wilma returned and completed her degree when Cassie was little.Wilma s determination opened a world to Cassie that would ve otherwise been impossible Cassie understood the importance of education and held on to the values learned from the hardworking women of Appalachia, leading her to the Ivy League where she graduated from Harvard Law.Her roots led her back to Kentucky where she practices law and provides free legal services to rural Kentucky women.Weaving together the past with her own story, Chambers provides a compelling look at the world opened up to her and how her family shaped her goals and values Hill Women focuses on the strong women of Appalachia and the family history is the shining star of this book The discussion of poverty is matter of fact and fairly balanced, acknowledging the different mindsets on government assistance and reflecting on changes over time.Its weakness lies in the fact that politics are left out of the history but appears at the very end to discuss Trump s influence on Appalachia I realize Chambers recently became involved in politics so its fair this would be discussed but I expected she would cover some of the government influence on Appalachia during her Granny and mother s generations also.A strong beginning and middle with a slightly weakened ending, I enjoyed Chambers observations on Appalachia and tribute to strong hill women I still struggle with how to balance many delicate and competing concerns talking about the problems Appalachia faces while highlighting its strengths recognizing the importance of tradition while still supporting innovative change encouraging community driven solutions along with bringing outside resources to the region I wish I had some solid conclusions to share, but, in the end, it s the complexities of Appalachia and the people who live here that needs sharing most I recommend Hill Women to readers who enjoy autobiography memoir and an Appalachian setting.Thanks to Ballantine Books and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review Hill Women Finding Family and a Way Forward in the Appalachian Mountains is scheduled for release on January 7, 2020 Quotes included are from a digital advanced reader s copy and are subject to change upon final publication.For reviews, visit www.rootsandreads.wordpress.com

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    Hill Women is a book chronicling the life of a young girl in Appalachia as she grows up It tells her story and that of her family and friends, specifically the other strong women in her life The description for this book appealed to me immediately, as I spent time many years ago in high school doing volunteer work repairing and rebuilding homes in the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky and West Virginia It was a life changing experience and left me in love with and in awe of the people in the region, so I knew this book would be right up my alley While interesting, I found the very beginning of the book a bit hard to follow, as the timeline jumped around a bit, but once I got into this book, I absolutely could not put it down The author did a fantastic job of describing the poverty and culture of the area in which she grew up, and the many problems they face, as well as the spirit of the people who live there This is a story of perseverance, family connections, bravery, and the drive to better yourself and make a difference in your area I highly recommend this book The description is apt it s perfect for anyone who likes memoirs, and specifically, if you liked Hillbilly Elegy or Educated, you will definitely love this one Many thanks to Cassie Chambers, Ballantine Books, and NetGalley for the advanced digital copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review.

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    A fascinating read about growing up in the Appalachian hills where hard work, family and extreme poverty are the way of life The author leaves her family and friends to pursue an education only to be drawn back to what she knows and carries in her heart Hill Women takes readers into a part of the U.S where the lives and culture is somewhat unknown and misunderstood.Cassie Chambers found a way to pursue her dreams of education outside Kentucky She attended Yale and Harvard and for awhile, lived a life very different from the one she left However, with her degrees and law experience in hand, she returned to the mountains to do what she could to help better the lives of the low income women who lived there Throughout the book Chambers writes about the women she counsels and fights for in court She also describes the three strong women in her own life and how much they influenced her Aunt Ruth, her Granny and her mother Hill Women is an inspirational memoir about family values, perseverance, and hope, reminding readers of what is possible in life.Thank you to the author, Ballantine Books and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this ARC.

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    Powerful, thought provoking and well written I loved this memoir, love the strength of it all A def must read So glad Booklist sent it to me to review.

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    Despite the promises of the title, this book isn t so much about hill women as it is about one woman, the author To put it gently, she is not overly interesting When she did veer into other people s stories it was still people intimately connected to her mother, grandmother, cousin, aunt We need to get past this idea that everyone needs to write a memoir about their immediate relatives I did learn about the fee based justice system in rural Eastern Kentucky, but beyond that, this book is very average and there s not much to recommend If I were not reading it for review, I would have not bothered to finish it.

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    What an absolutely eye opening memoir Reading allows you to be privy to the lives of many different people and to learn about the lives of Hill Women was exciting and honestly a point a view I had never thought about Which is why I am so happy that Cassie Chambers represented herself and family with all the flaws and beauty of any normal family It was a true pleasure to read.

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    A wonderful profile of strong,determined women.Cassie Chambers the author comes from a small town in the Appalachian mountains.This book blows open the typical poverty stricken story that is written about Appalachia.From being poor to Harvardfollow her on this remarkable journey.Thankyou Netgalley and Random House Publishing for this ARC

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    Hill Women is a part biography, part autobiography, and part sociological look at the lives of a family and extended family in the deep hills of Kentucky Appalachia It is eye opening and fascinating, and the way the author weaves this all together is quite magical Cassie Chambers spent a lot of her youth with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in the hills of Owsley County, among coal miners and tobacco farmers Poverty was common, as was lack of much formal education Cassie s mother, Wilma, escaped this cycle and became the first woman in the family to graduate from college, from Berea College, and it s in Berea that Cassie lived when she wasn t with Granny and Papaw Her parents instilled in her the thirst for knowledge, and through luck, determination, and grit, Cassie graduated from Yale and Harvard Law School The stark, soul searching insights of Ms Chambers into her own perfectionism, of not quite fitting in in the elite, privileged world of the Ivy League, and her conflicts between being one of them or someone educated but always attached to her roots, make her story all the powerful.After she became a lawyer, she was drawn back to the rolling hills of Kentucky, and eventually found a job with Legal Aid, working with women much like her own family It s hard to describe the truly magical nature of this book Writing a memoir is hard enough, but adding the socio political details in the form of data and statistics, not just anecdotes, makes this than a memoir And the stories of her family when she was a child are a virtual biography of her relatives While at times the transition between themes felt a bit awkward, overall this is a wonderful, happy sad hardship gritty story of several generations, with most of the generations staying where they were born Highly recommended I received this book as an ARC from the publisher and NetGalley

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