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Asking For a Friend I Was Only Trying To Help A Friend I Swear I Was Legit Asking For A Friend Who Was Finally Ready To Date AgainI Knew What She Wanted In A Man Smart, Funny, Ambitious, Well Read No, The Sports Section Doesn T Count , And Plays A Wicked Game Of BadmintonSo I Did What Any Good Friend Would Do Posted It For Her It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time I D Weed Through The Candidates, And Bring Her My Top PicksBut Then He Responded Is It Wrong To Date The Guy I Screened For My Bestie Not Asking For A Friend

[PDF] ✪ Asking For a Friend  ✬ Lauren Blakely – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 300 pages
  • Asking For a Friend
  • Lauren Blakely
  • English
  • 14 October 2019
  • 9781696461757

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    ARC Provided by the Author Romance, I think, is the hardest of the genres to write and make it believable, fresh, and interesting You would think it would be easy, because it s about emotions and feelings, and people, and no one needs to know exact dimensions of streets in Italy for car chase scenes ButSuspense Murder mysteries Political thrillers They all have the inherent hook to lure in the reader You want to know how they end In Gone Girl, you want to know what happened, and how the heck it happened so you read to the end In The DaVinci Code, you want someone to tell you what in the world is going on and where all of those clues lead So, you read to the end And you do so even if it s a book you aren t totally enjoying because, again, you want to know how it ends Romance, however, you already know There s a rule that the characters will get to the happily ever after, they will work the things out in their lives that are keeping them from being together, and right before you get to The End you will get a declaration of love or a proposal, or an epilogue or 3 that ends the book on the happiest of possible notes.And, that s great, and let s be honest, it s why I read romance But, the fact that the end if a foregone conclusion and the book has to be all about the getting to the ending, makes it hard to write romance in a way that makes it feel like a fresh story while it makes its way to a predetermined ending No, I am not saying other books in other genres are easy to write, just that they come with a different set of challenges to writing them What separates the meh romances from the good and the great ones The easy answer Books like this one Books with depth and real effort to tell a story that is than superficial The characters in this are well read and reference those books they have read, as you would expect of someone who works in publishing It s an easy thing to skip, or to miss, but it s a detail that, as you are reading, makes you forget that you are reading a book and you feel like you are actually living the story There s a fun in reading a book that so completely envelops you that you lose track of time, one that makes you rearrange your day because while there are other things you should be doing, what you want to be doing is continuing to read the book I read this in one afternoon, and I loved everything about it.Linc and Amy are attracted to each other from the first time they meet on his first day of work at her company But, for reasons that feel a lot like real life his past and her focus on her future, specifically they keep the flirting to conversations at work and thinking about the other away from work, while declaring that nothing can happen.But, this is a romance, and you know the love story is going to win in the end, so you also have a pretty good idea that this determination to avoid a romance isn t going to last And, it doesn t I love the way the author handles the little moments, the different mannerisms that are added that not only make them both sexy, but also human these details not only feed the romance part of the story, but they let the characters feel like people with real actions, responses and mannerisms that take them from characters on a page and give them life.I also liked how the resolution of the story was handled as it felt real, and it worked in such a way that it felt like not only was everyone involved happy, it was what would have happened in real life in similar circumstances And, that is another thing I really enjoy about Lauren Blakely books they are real Yes, they are romance and they are about people meeting and falling in love, but they are also about people who live in the world with the rest of us Maybe they have better jobs, or better houses, or clever names for pets, but they are people.I enjoyed ok, I LOVED and recommend this title Note Both Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown were excellent and well worth the read all the way to the end Find all my reviews on our blog

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    This is online dating with a twistor maybe a couple of twists.Amy Summers is a book nerd who loves words and takes her job as a Junior Editor seriously She is working towards a promotion at work and trying to be confident and sell herself She is sassy, verbally expressive, sweet, and smart.Linc Silvers comes strolling in as the new Senior Editor and new office hottie He is also fun, eloquent, intelligent, and easy to get along with So easy that they develop fun banter and repartee And both are kind of crushing but avoiding because they have their own reasons for no workplace romances.Amy decides to help her friend, Peyton find a new man with a local online dating profile The awesome profile she wrote receives a lot of attention, but one stands out And messaging with him becomes quite an interesting and exciting distractionalmost as much fun as office shenanigans with Linc But she is supposed to be shopping for her friend and not thinking of sampling the goods And Linc is also using his own method of trying to distract himself from the allure of office Amy But neither can stop thinking about the other.So it is a bit of a mess with online anonymity, office rules, personal resolutions, and lots of fast flying messages I really adored these two Their banter and chemistry are fantastic They bring the flirt and funspark and sizzleand wit and words They have reasons not to get involved, but also so many things they have in common But Lincoh myhe is everything He is the hot nerd with wonderful wordscharming and chattysexy and sweet And Amy is so funny, quick witted, and entertaining They just light up the pages But they are also mature and actually communicate, which is refreshing.This is a rom com full of heart, soul, smiles, and swoon I enjoyed the dual points of view I really liked her friend, Peyton too and hope we see of her I also really appreciated his new buddy, Baldwin Both of their siblings and friend groups added layers and laughs And it is always fun to see some cameos and little connections from the Lauren Blakely world.

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    You do not want to miss Lauren Blakely s latest romantic comedy, Asking for a Friend Linc moved across the country for an amazing career opportunity and for a fresh start, and he is committed to focusing on his new job and avoiding any workplace romances His best laid plans are quickly put to the test when he meets his new coworker, Amy She s vibrant, fun, smart and gorgeous, and he s intensely attracted to her Thankfully kind of , Amy is concentrating on a possible promotion and also avoiding romantic entanglements, so they both make a valiant attempt to resist each other But the pull between them is unrelenting, and they soon wonder whether or not the risk is worth the possible happily ever after Be prepared to swoon as these two likeable, charming characters find love in this fresh, modern story that is overflowing with witty banter and smoking hot chemistry Asking for a Friend is a thoroughly entertaining, wildly romantic and seriously sexy rom com.Rec to appear on Frolic soon.

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    Boyfriend Material is the perfect name for this series because Lauren Blakely s leading men are all that and Linc Silvers, our hero in Asking for a Friend, is a book lover and editor He flew across the country from California to New York for a job promotion and to start fresh after his heart was tattered It is at the publishing company that he first notices fellow wordsmith Amy Summers, younger sister to Josh and Quinn who both found love in Overnight Service and Special Delivery, respectively, in the Always Satisfied series Asking for a Friend can be read as a standalone, as all of Lauren Blakely s books can, but I do love reading about the interconnected characters whom I ve come to know, and learning about the leading characters introduced in previous books.Linc and Amy are a pure delight to read Their witty banter, sensual flirting, love of the written word, dedication to their craft, and basic joyful nature, makes this book so fun to read As a junior editor, Amy is vying for a promotion and wants to focus on her career without any distractions, while Linc is trying to steer clear of an office romance as he s been burnt before Every time the two of these meet it is pure magic and instant electricity They just get each other and are so in sync Their one liners and zingers, body language, chemistry, and ability to read each other s minds, make them a perfect match If only they would give in This book was a slow burn with a twist as they each decide to try on line dating, but in Amy s case, she isn t posting for herself, she s asking for a friend It is during these many conversations over text that they realize it s their soulmate on the other end I don t want to ruin the surprise of how they figure it out, but once they do, the pages burn up Amy is a take charge kinda girl and lets Linc know that she wants him desperately And who is he to argue because he wants her just as badly.Lauren always knows how to steam up the pages and this book is level ten HOT Our sweet little Betty Boop is a vixen and Dax Powers Linc s alter on line ego is all in with many a mouthwatering and O inducing moves himself Not only is he devilishly handsome, suave, smart, and successful, he has the most awesome sense of humor They both do, and I admire that they not only have fun in and out of the bedroom, they don t pull any punches, and are honest with each other about their insecurities and feelings I especially love all of the book and movie references that were interspersed in almost every chapter some real and some fantasy, and their unique hobbies of enjoying badminton and hula hooping They are not pretentious and are genuine and real They are regular people trying to make it in a difficult business and I so enjoyed all of their interactions in the publishing world Amy is so humble and I love how she seeks help from her siblings and peers when needed, how confident she becomes, and how her hard work is rewarded in the end This book was such a wonderful read told in dual point of view I highly recommend it, especially if you re a romantic at heart Talk about multiple O s, this book has multiple E sanother favorite of mine Multiple, multiple heart squishy Epilogues at the end

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    What I adore about Lauren Blakely s books is that she loves setting her stories within the same universe If you ve read her preceding books, you can find references to familiar faces you already know and love, plus there s a good chance the heroine and or hero has previously been introduced in an earlier book I was particularly excited for her latest release, Asking For A Friend, which not only features Josh s sister introduced in Overnight Service , but also kicks off her brand new series, Boyfriend Material.One of my favorite authors saying she s written her favorite heroine ever My interest was officially piqued my interest What is it about Amy Summers that s so amazing Well, for starters, she s a book lover enough said She works as a junior editor at a publishing house and a lover of words, wielding a thesaurus like a weapon to increase her literary knowledge Basically, she s my spirit animal Thesaurus.com is probably one of my most referenced websites, particularly when I m writing book reviews There s only so many times I can say Lauren Blakely s books are scorching hot or deliciously dirty before I have to start searching for alternative descriptors But I digress As if one book loving protagonist wasn t enough, Linc Silvers enters the pictures The new senior editor at her work is a charming, bespectacled Clark Kent lookalike One word sa woon Sparks fly from their first meeting and the two strike up an office flirtation despite their resolve to avoid distractions and focus on their jobs Their attempt to keep things professional plus Amy s effort to find love for her brokenhearted bestie leads to them both signing up for a dating app and unwittingly getting matched to each other Their IRL flirty banter is just as titillating as it is online They re not only quick on their feet, but they both have a way with words, which makes the dialogue so riveting to read As they get to know each other through witty conversations, learning each other s idiosyncrasies with every verbal exchange, their attraction steadily builds There s just one little problem neither knows that the person they re conversing with online is the very same individual they re lusting over at work And thus, the plot thickens Asking For A Friend a book about people who live and breathe books I mean, books are often the main topic of conversation What s not to love The storyline is captivating, the characters are relatable and compelling, and the romance The romance is the best part There s a slow burning, teasing build up, that leads to non stop, indescribably sexy goodness If you think Linc and Amy s rapport is chemistry filled, just wait until you get to the love scenes fans face Everything about Asking For A Friend is sheer perfection from start to finish This is a can t stop because it s so damn good type of book and I completely agree with Lauren Blakely s assessment that Amy is her best heroine to date complimentary copy provided by author for an honest reviewRating 5 Stars

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    Asking for a Friend is the first book in a new series, Boyfriend Material, by the talented Lauren Blakely You can t see me, but I m doing my Lauren has a new series dance Nothing makes me happier than when one of my favorite authors starts something new, but with some characters we ve already briefly met Lauren is the queen of introducing us to characters in such a small way and we instantly want to know their story Asking for a Friend is Amy s story She s Josh s sister from Overnight Service and Quinn s sister from Special Delivery She s smart, funny, talented and beautiful She s an editor up for a promotion and she just met Linc He s new to her office and he s sexy, smart, wears glasses and looks like Clark Kent Yes, please But she needs to focus on getting that promotion, so no romance Linc is new in town and he already loves his new job One perk is the sexy woman he met his first day, but no office romances for him Linc and Amy hit if off right away It s easy, fun and sexy banter But they are colleagues But he s so sweet and smart They can t, can they Well yes they can Eventually.Amy sets up an online profile for her friend No, really And ends up wanting the one man she screened for her friend What are the rules here How does this work The conversations she has with her online guy are so fun They exchange stories, show their intelligence Talk about books, movies and life and they realize they need to meet Even though I knew what was happening, I was still wishing, Please be Linc, Please be Amy It s than a coincidence and could just be fate Amy knows what she wants and she wants Linc She s sure of herself and isn t afraid to ask for what she wants Linc never thought he d fall this hard and fast for a woman But Amy is everything he wants in a woman They connect on such a deeper level that it s just meant to be They are attracted to each other physically but they also connect intellectually and that s perfection Linc is sexy and sweet with a side of dirty I didn t see coming I loved all the book references and got excited when I read one they mentioned Amy and I share a love for Betty Boop too Overall, I loved every conversation they had and I want a Linc of my very own Gah, he likes cake Cake is my church Cake is my religion If I ever start a dating profile again, I d use a picture of Betty Boop proffering a slice of pink cake on a plate, and the caption would say The secret to happiness lies in cake and bookHis blue eyes sparkle, then his smile ignites, and he has dimples Dear God, the man has dimples and loves Agatha Christie I d like to put a saddle on him Giddy up indeed.This is the kind of kiss that goes one direction only And Amy Summers is making it damn clear that this train is the express tonight I ll take a ticket, thank you very much.

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    5 SMOOCHES I ve made no secret about the fact that Lauren Blakely is one of my favorite authors of all time There are many reasons why she has landed on this personal list of mine, but it all boils down to the simple fact that I always get something than a happily ever after when reading her books Of course, hers are always well written, sexy romances about endearing characters swept up in engaging and fulfilling love stories But Blakely kicks it up a notch with stellar storytelling, richly developed and fully fleshed out characters, and she fills the pages with the kind of details that bring the story to life in the reader s mind Not just vivid descriptions of the background, locations and scenery, either Blakely dives deeper by including all sorts of interesting, fun, quirky bits of trivia, facts and anecdotes that weave together with everything else to form the history of the characters and the couples This next level character and story development is often overlooked, but never by Blakely, and it s one of my favorite things about her books I always take away something than a rewarding and satisfying happily ever after from them Asking For A Friend starts Blakely s new Boyfriend Material series, and now that I ve read the first book, the next two have skyrocketed right to the top of my list of most anticipated books of 2020 A workplace romance with a creative spin, I couldn t help getting caught up in the natural chemistry between Linc and Amy Their delicious banter, so witty and smart, was a fantastic build up to what they would become I loved how they clicked in person, but it was the unguarded, unexpected, unplanned way they connected through very modern day means that really drew me in The author alludes to the hook of the plot in the blurb, and I don t want to go into detail than she offered there, but I will say that I waited with heart racing anticipation for them to connect the dots as their relationship built.Blakely penned a story here that was so easy to get lost in The connection between these characters was sincere and authentic, their attraction to each other visceral, and their longing for each other palpable It had all these big screen, romantic comedy feels as it played out on the page and in my mind This is one of those rare kinds of stories that remind the reader of why they read romance the kind of story that sends them in search of another romance novel I am so excited about this series Asking For A Friend was romantic and sexy, sweet and sassy and everything I hope to feel and experience when I crack open a romance novel A top favorite of the year, Asking For A Friend by Lauren Blakely gets five smooches from me Danielle Palumbo

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    ARC provided courtesy of the Author You know that feeling you get after you read an amazing book The smile that comes across your face, the little sigh you involuntarily make when you try and flip the page just one time anxious for even just one word Asking For a Friend is one of those amazing books and is a fabulous example of why Lauren Blakely is my favorite author yes, I said it , and an auto buy author This is rom com perfection that had me smiling, sighing and swooning throughout Amy and Linc were so much fun to meet and get to know in this book I love that they work in the book industry all of the book references were so much fun to read I enjoyed that they re both smart and driven and passionate I believed in the attraction that these two shared right from the start The banter was sharp and witty I m not kidding when I say my face hurt from smiling after reading this these two just were fun to watch as they flirted and got to know one another Their first kiss is one of my favorite first kisses, and their sexy times were definitely hot There s something about this Author s ability to just draw you in and make you feel like you re a part of the story that you can run into these people on the street I would not object to living in the world that is created in this book I mean, I could be Amy s other bestie, right As always, the writing is top notch The supporting characters here made me do a little happy dance, as we met both new and old friends Again, I truly could just live in this world.Asking For a Friend is a book I ll go back and read again and again I devoured this book in one sitting I just didn t want it to end It s been a week since I ve finished the book and I m still smiling I absolutely loved this book and would highly recommend it This and other reviews featured on our blog, Booked All Night,

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    Who knew surrogate dating for a friend would be so fun Amy is quirky, funny, and a general delight She is full of heart for her friends She knows how to promote them to others This is good practice since she is a junior editor and has to learn how to sell ideas to others Only one problem She can passionately describe the best qualities of others, never of her own qualities And so, in a roundabout way, the idea of creating a profile on a dating app for her friend Peyton springs to mind and she uses it to practice self promotion Easy peasy Right Then Serendipity steps in as Amy practices and complications of the heart take a turn.I have fallen in love with Linc I am a fickle soul He is the latest of the red hot lovers who is kind, loves books, and is a champion at Ping Pong Top that with a Clark Kent look and I swooned You know Amy and Linc are the two parts to make a whole Never two people met that had so much in common One problem though Office romances never work out Don t miss this one Romance is in the air and these two characters need to figure out how to remove the obstacles in their way.I am voluntarily reviewing this book Thanks to the author for sharing a copy with me.

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    Audio Review Another awesome Lauren Blakely book I am so excited about this new series after finishing book 1 I was in love with this book because of all the book love and banter Seriously these characters work in publishing so they both love books and their flirting and banter has a lot of book related stuff and that was my complete downfall This is a sort of You ve Got Mail storyline which made it even better They spend a lot of time chatting and being honest with each other before they even know who each other is so their attraction and their connection felt so real She was probably honest than she would have been since she wasn t trying to catch him for herself which is another thing I loved about it This book felt seriously fun, sexy and sweet all in one perfect package I can t wait for book 2, thankfully it s LB so we won t be waiting very long Amy was such a fun character, she is so witty and inner monologue had me giggling through out the story.I was sold at Jason Clarke and Andi Arndt They are both fantastic narrators and did an amazing job bringing the banter, wit and chemistry out in these characters And Erin Mallon and Zachery Webber were also perfect in this performance, you seriously can t go wrong with this all star cast

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