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Adequate Yearly ProgressRoxanna Elden S Satire Is A Brilliantly Entertaining And Moving Look At Our Education SystemEach New School Year Brings Familiar Challenges To Brae Hill Valley, A Struggling High School In One The Biggest Cities In Texas But The Teachers Also Face Plenty Of Personal Challenges And This Year, They May Finally Spill Over Into The ClassroomEnglish Teacher Lena Wright, A Spoken Word Poet, Can Never Seem To Truly Connect With Her Students Hernan D Hernandez Is Confident In Front Of His Biology Classes, But Tongue Tied Around The Woman He Most Wants To Impress Down The Hall, Math Teacher Maybelline Galang Focuses On The Numbers As She Struggles To Parent Her Daughter, While Coach Ray Hustles His Troubled Football Team Toward Another Winning Season Recording It All Is Idealistic Second Year History Teacher Kaytee Mahoney, Whose Anonymous Blog Gains New Readers By The Day As It Drifts Ever Further From Her In Class Reality And This Year, A New Superintendent Is Determined To Leave His Own Mark On The School Even If That Means Shutting The Whole Place Down

Download ➵ Adequate Yearly Progress Author Roxanna Elden –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Adequate Yearly Progress
  • Roxanna Elden
  • English
  • 13 March 2019
  • 9781982135027

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    Though the tone of this book is light, what these Texas high school teachers are put through is decidedly bleak I have empathy for teachers in real life and had a lot of empathy for these fictional characters They re being put through the ringer by a business man minor celebrity Nick Wallabee who is trying to turn teaching into a business through charter schools who don t have to follow the standards of public schools and can essentially function as a way for con artists to make money Also, Wallabee and his cronies try to make money by encouraging kids to get their education online, which costs almost nothing for providers and, as usual, you get what you pay for I loved this cast of characters Lena, an English teacher by day and a spoken word poet by night Hernan, the biology teacher who can t seem to get his friendship with Lena to turn into something Kaytee, a white Teach Corps teacher who is forever challenging her vocabulary and thoughts to ensure she s not stereotyping her predominately black and brown students Coach Ray, who didn t make it to the NFL but did make it out of Huntsville, where nearly everyone works for one of the nine prisons there This book won t help districts recruit new teachers, but it s entertaining and well done.Thanks so much to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this novel, which RELEASES FEBRUARY 11, 2020.

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    I am a teacher in a public school and have been for the past sixteen years It is like someone sat in my school, every day, for all these years, and then wrote a documentary.And this is fiction.I can t rave about this book enough I loved it I hated it I laughed out loud and quoted passages to other teacher friends and teared up at passages detailing the struggles of students.Every teacher should read this Everyone curious about the struggles of teaching in public school should read this.Adequate Yearly Progress is set in a public school dealing with the myriad problems they face It is written with rotating perspectives by chapter so you get to see things through the eyes of several teachers and administrators And it treats all the players with respect while still showing the darkly humorous idiocy of many decisions It shows admin struggling under missives of a board office and their series of initiatives that make little sense and shows how teachers try to follow all the rules while still actually educating It shows new hopeful teachers struggling with the cynicism of some colleagues as well as helping students with family issues.It shows everyone preparing for an outside audit and the fear that creates while still trying to actually educate students We see the struggle of maintaining a personal life and balancing work, worry about others, and the vying for funds with charter schools.In short, it is the teaching experience While it s fiction it is also, quite literally, the most accurate portrayal of teaching I have ever read.

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    Hilarious because it s all true.

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    In Adequate Yearly Progress, teachers at Brae Hill High School deal with the changes that come with a new superintendent and a new school year As a teacher, I don t think I ve ever read a realistic portrayal of teaching The teachers created by Roxanna Elden are teachers represented in every public school I was hooked from the start but was hoping for a little in the ending Overall a great read before heading back to the classroom Thank you NetGalley and Rivet Street Books for this ARC Adequate Yearly Progress will be released August 1st, just in time for a new school year.

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    If you are a teacher, you will love this book Or it will make you cry I m not sure, because it was so on target about where we are with education and what teachers go through it was so scary, I didn t know whether to laugh or cry.Brae Hill Valley High School is a struggling inner city school in Texas This story is told from the perspective of the teachers, at the front lines of education, as they attempt to navigate through every new initiative, every new mandate, every new test that is thrown at them by a company that is in the business of improving education I literally snorted writing that because it s so true and so stupid.This could only be written by a fellow teacher Although a work of complete fiction, it s all completely 100% true The pressure, the constant changes in teaching literally day to day , the mandates from above people with no experience in the classroom , the trauma students deal with that teachers have to address before they can even attempt to teach a s all true.

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    I went into this book expecting, per the description, a juicy, immersive book about the dynamics of a team of teachers working against limitations to change the world I was even prepared for it to be a fairly light read focused on the entertainment value of students vs students, students vs teachers, teachers vs principals, etc Instead, this book tries for dynamics but reads like someone conducted one singular interview with one teacher who possibly misunderstood a lot of things about teaching and spent too much time gossiping in the teacher s lounge and then wrote a book about it.The author struggles to create any underlying concepts, themes, voices, or meaning, and instead lazily blurts things out in abrupt and isolated sentences For example, when introducing characters, the author writes Breyonna only stopped if she had something to brag about, or As a spoken word poet, she hated the feeling of wasted words rather than tying those traits into dialogue and descriptions PS, does there have to be a spoken word poet in every teacher book, as a rule In the author s writing there is also a definitive, privileged and under educated tone that suggests that this white author should have never tried to write from the perspective of other cultures I was cringing at times at the overly stereotypical scenes that were obviously included in this book to overtly wave diversity around like a victory flag See Diversity is here I wrote this book correctly I win In hindsight, the character names in the description should have been a clue.While most books with sub par writing can be redeemed with an engaging storyline, in this book the otherwise forgivably average storyline wasn t enough I think because in every book about teachers is an opportunity to teach the reader about the realities of our education system, the challenges teachers endure, and the sacrifices they make personally This book squanders it, making teachers seem whiny, conflicted, judgmental, and hyper focused on their own personal drama What s missing from this book is the incredible unity that persists in teams of teachers from all backgrounds, demographics, and ideologies, even amongst conflict, and the universal truths that allow the unity to exist Very disappointing from an author well qualified to have gained those insights and the ability to speak to them.

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    Hard to believe this book is fiction, because I ve lived through MANY of these chapters, including the starfish presentation If you have endured any of the following situations, you should read this book You are an educator who has felt the intense pressure that standardized tests bring You are an educator who has had to take directives from professionals who actually don t have a clue what they are doing You are questioning whether or not you should stay in education You find yourself on the verge of tears multiple times a week at school and want a book that makes you laugh out loud instead of cry You need to commiserate with other educators, even if they are fictional.

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    I really didn t want this book to end The characters were relatable enough that when I got to the last page I felt I would miss them This is a must read for any public school teacher, or for anyone who would like a glimpse into the life of an urban public school teacher.

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    In Roxanna Elden s Adequate Yearly Progress, the teachers, students, and administrators of Brae Hill Valley High School flail their way through another school year beleaguered by a new superintendent famous for his headline grabbing books and his consultant minion who shows up at all the worst times in classrooms, locker rooms, and the teacher s lounge The heroes of this book are the educators who rebel against this year s new instructional paradigms and the students trying to gain an education in a system that never quite gets around to delivering it Adequate Yearly Progress is a funny, satirical novel skewering many of the things that annoy common sense based teachers one size fits all professional development packages, edu celebs with all the answers, meaningless directives, time consuming paperwork, and clever sounding acronyms that don t really teach or accomplish anything The plot wears a little thin toward the end, but the plot is not the point here I received this book as a going away gift from the English Department I worked with first semester, and I think it s a compliment that they knew I would relate to its humor.

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    Adequate Yearly ProgressThere were times when I taught when I was certain no one else knew what I was going through It is strange that in a profession where you are surrounded by other humans all day long, that I could feel so lonely and isolated Roxanna Elden gets it Maybe because she taught for eleven years That perspective I only get when talking to other teachers, I got here in this book as well.The essential loneliness of the job came through to me So many characters going through individual crises all by themselves, even when surrounded by colleagues Lena Wright, the African American, spoken word artist, English teacher who wants so desperately for her students to see the power of language, touched me Kaytee Mahoney, the young, overly idealistic TeachCorps teacher, caught between the perfection of her goals and the reality of her students, embodies many young teachers I knew Hernan D Hernandez, the laid back science teacher, who was always tongue tied in Lena s presence, was the teacher who pretty much ignored the testing insanity and really taught his students Even characters that in other hands could be seen merely as antagonistic were given depth The assistant principals were pretty much cut outs, but I have worked with so many who fit the two in this book to a T to feel disgruntled there.Told with wit and understanding, rotating to a different teacher in each chapter, this is the story of a school in Texas that has a new superintendent, a man who has never taught but has written a best seller about how to fix education, who turns their school on its ear Insane initiative after initiative being forced down the teachers throats I thought that the continually increasing number of things they were required to write out on their boards throughout the book was a terrific metaphor for all the foolishness teachers are saddled with It was a story about people Each in their own way a dedicated teacher Each in their own way trying to survive another year in the classroom Each in their own way reminding me of so many I have taught with.I highly recommend this book for anyone who teaches, especially middle and high school It was funny and sad at the same time I think you ll like it.I received a free electronic ARC of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Check out all my reviews at

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