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House of TrelawneyFrom The Author Of The Improbability Of Love A Dazzling Novel Both Satirical And Moving, About An Eccentric, Dysfunctional Family Of English Aristocrats, And Their Crumbling Stately Home That Reminds Us How The Lives And Hopes Of Women Can Still Be Shaped By The Ties Of Family And Love For Than Seven Hundred Years, The Vast, Rambling Trelawney Castle In Cornwall Turrets, Follies, A Room For Every Day Of The Year, Four Miles Of Corridors And , Acres Was The Magnificent And Grand Three Dimensional Calling Card Of The Earls Of Trelawney By , It Is In A Complete State Of Ruin Due To The Dulled Ambition And The Financial Ineptitude Of The Twenty Four Earls, Two World Wars, The Wall Street Crash, And Inheritance Taxes Still The Heir To All Of It, Kitto, His Wife, Jane, Their Three Children, Their Dog, Kitto S Ancient Parents, And His Aunt Tuffy Scott, An Entomologist Who Studies Fleas, All Manage To Live There And Keep It Going Four Women Dominate The Story Jane Kitto S Sister, Blaze, Who Left Trelawney And Made A Killing In Finance In London, The Wildly Beautiful, Seductive, And Long Ago Banished Anastasia And Her Daughter, Ayesha When Anastasia Sends A Letter Announcing That Her Nineteen Year Old Daughter, Ayesha, Will Be Coming To Stay, The Long Estranged Blaze And Jane Must Band Together To Take Charge Of Their New Visitor And Save The House Of Trelawney But Both Blaze And Jane Are About To Discover That The House Itself Is Really Only A Very Small Part Of What Keeps The Family Together

[Ebook] ↠ House of Trelawney Author Hannah Mary Rothschild – Anguillais.us
  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • House of Trelawney
  • Hannah Mary Rothschild
  • 04 July 2019
  • 9780525654919

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    Hannah Mary Rothschild charts the misfortunes and disintegration of the aristocratic Trelawney family with a 800 year history living in the famous Trelawney Castle, a mishmash of styles, now in a dilapidated state, physically falling down around them The recent Earls of Trelawney have run through their fortune, and the present Earl, Kitto, is married to Jane, who scrimps and saves, is the one keeping the family together, working her fingers to the bones Kitto s elderly parents live a delusional and anachronistic life with their airs and graces, the ghastly Clarissa, in particular, is imperious, with her outdated unpalatable views The Trelawney men are largely useless and ineffective, and the future heir, Kitto s son, Ambrose, an embarrassment, is clearly not going to be any answer to solving the immediate problems that the family need to address Set in the turbulent year of 2008, we follow the dysfunctional family, in particular the women, Jane, Blaze, an investment banker, Tuffy, an eminent academic with her interest in fleas, and the daughter of the dying Anastasia, a friend, Ayesha, arriving from India to create waves within the family It is the estranged Blaze who comes up with a plan to save the ancestral home, whilst Jane manages the practicalities of putting it into action Blaze was the lone and derided voice that saw the sub prime financial crisis coming, ridiculed by her new boss, the brash amoral money making machine that is the American, Sleet Having given up on love, Blaze falls for Wolf, an obstacle ridden relationship, she puts it second to the ties that she feels that bind her irrevocably to the family Tuffy is viewed as the mad woman, although the young Arabella finds her a role model Rothschild writes a satirical, at times humorous, novel about class and the aristocracy, living in penury, with an eccentric cast of characters and family, referred to as myopic Jurassic has beens exercising feudal values and injustices with the banishment of members of the family It is Tuffy who comments wisely that it takes enormous power and self belief to cut the umbilical cord to begin another story, by choosing to walk a new path in life, most practice natal homing It is the women that provide the slap in the face of tradition, undermined and invisible, yet resourceful, resilient, who counter the problems caused by the male Earls The author s portrayal of the decline of the aristocracy is richly detailed, the characters have an authentic feel and an insider knowledge of the aristocracy An entertaining read inhabited by characters that captured my interest, even if I didn t always like them Many thanks to Bloomsbury for an ARC.

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    I actually read this book at the end of last year, but waited a bit to get close to the publication date, which is 6th Feb in the UK It s a book I was excited to read because I read The Improbability of Love, author s first book and loved it I probably loved this one even Somehow, Rothschild s books are full of topics I m very interested in, like art, aristocracy, history, economy, a bit of nature sciences So, she s definitely a personal favourite House of Trelawney is a parade of eccentric characters of the aristocratic family, Trelawneys They still live in their crumbling state in Cornwall Kitto, the current Earl is struggling to keep things together Jane, his wife is drowned under the amount of work with kis, in laws and the house The parents reject to connect to the modern world Blaze is the strong sister, quarrelled with the family, is busy making money in financial markets, but very lonely Aunt Tuffy is a renowned entomologist, still doing her research in some part of the state My absolute favourite character There are interesting characters along the story, but I ll let you discover them yourselves The story is written in a very witty, dramatised tone kind of a satire I giggled so many times and I underlined many parts that were funny, intelligent or insightful It s a very rich book that shows a lot of life experience, research and closeness to the subject matters I m not surprised because Rothschild is coming from an aristocratic family and close to finance world as well Her style was very authentic, and at the same time differentiated with the satirical style she chose to write with The description of the financial crises of 2008 was no less than exceptional, integrated in the story very well Being an economist myself, I found it quite thrilling to read about Characters voices were very distinct from each other, and they developed through time and the plot very well Blaze and Jane s story warmed my heart a lot The Dowager Countess, through the end reminded me of Downton s Abby s, and certainly entertained me a lot There were even surprises when we got closer to the finale I thought the last quarter could be a tad shorter Regardless, I enjoyed it a lot, and it ended up being a 5 star read I ll drop here one of my favourite quotes from my favourite character Aunt Tuffy Our ability to tell, create and believe in stories is Homo sapiens most powerful weapon It s how we organise ourselves, how we control each other, how we justify our decisions If we didn t have them, we d be like fleas or rabbits or any other member of the animal kingdom, beings just trying to get through the day Religion is just a story Waitrose tells a better story than Lidl Most things you learn at school are irrelevant, but you ve been assured they re important You buy your car from one company over another because a salesman told you a better tale about its gearbox or revolutions per minute House Of Tralewney will definitely make my top books of 2020 Here s my plea to the author Hannah I wish there were spin off books driven from many characters from this family I d love to read about Blaze, Jane, a prequel with the parents, and especially Aunt Tuffy We need an Aunt Tuffy book full of nature, fleas and craziness

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    A deliciously wicked novel about a dysfunctional aristocratic family and their crumbling mansion The Trelawneys have lived in Trelawney Castle for eight centuries and seen the house grow from a humble home to a stately one with additions made over the ages But now in 2008, after two world wars, the great depression and a series of inept Earls, the family has run out of money to keep any staff or pay for the restorations needed Neither the current Earl, Kitto, his elderly father or his eldest son, Ambrose, have the ability or business acumen to restore the family fortune and it is up to Kitto s wife, Jane to keep the house running, look after his elderly parents and keep their own three children fed and clothed as best as she can When even financial disaster hits, Jane finds herself an ally in Kitto s sister Blaze, a hedge fund manager, and together they come up with a plan to make the house pay for itself However, fate throws them a spanner in the works in the form of the beautiful nineteen year old daughter of a dying friend from the past.This is a witty and entertaining novel about a dying aristocracy, the fight to save decaying historical homes and a family at odds with the modern world As a member of a famous banking family and daughter of a Baron herself, the author writes of this world with an assured authenticity The characters are excellent in all their quirkiness Kitto, almost a caricature of the entitled, bumbling aristocrat, Kitto s mother, the Dowager Countess still living in the past and mad Aunt Tuffy who is not mad but is actually a world renowned entomologist and climate biologist The women of the family are the real treasure here with Blaze, a financial wiz but hopeless at relationships and Jane the put upon wife, the ones who will eventually show the rest of the family the true meaning of home With many thanks to Netgalley and Bloomsbury Publishing for a digital ARC to read.

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    DNF 40%NetGalley was nice enough to accept my request to read House of Trelawney Sadly, I soon discovered that this book wasn t quite what I d envisioned 40% of the way in and the story as such has only just sort of begun In the 100 pages that precede this so called story we are presented with countless scenes showing us how pathetic and silly the Trelawneys all are Most of the men in this novel are a mixture of bumbling and patronising fools The women are subservient or considered weird odd undesirable and cannot stand up for themselves.I m fine with stories focused on dysfunctional family wealthy or not HBO s Succession is one of my favourite shows but these caricatures of the so called aristocracy lacked bite or wit Just because they are made to seem ridiculous doesn t mean that they are funny or clever satirical portraits of certain aristocratic privileged types Worse still is that nothing much happens The story is dull on all fronts The Trelawney s House is only vaguely rendered We have no clear descriptions other than it is run down.The characters, who are predictably whiny and self absorbed, remind me very much of the ones from Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld Exaggerating their quirks and behaviours doesn t really result in satire.Since time is precious and all that, I m doing myself a favour by abandoning this novel.If unfunny satirical and uneventful stories are your thing you might want to check this outRead reviews on my blog View all my reviews on Goodreads

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    3.5 5This isn t my typical kind of read but there was something so intriguing to me about an aristocratic, dysfunctional family that I decided to take a chance on it I m really glad that I did because I found this one to be witty, quirky and entertaining Sometimes it s nice to step outside my comfort zone a little and that s one of my personal reading goals for the year.This one was really character driven, it focused on the family dynamics and the eccentricities of each family member and they were an odd bunch It was a little over the top, very satirical and even a little theatrical at times, but I liked that aspect especially since the plot itself almost seemed secondary to the cast of characters as well as the House of Trewlaney The house was a character all on its own, there was SO much history, and if I m honest maybe a tiny bit too much for me, but overall I did enjoy this one and the author is a very talented writer.

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    It must be the current political climate, but I am just not bothered about the eccentricities of any aristocratic family and their slow decline and hunt for former glory When I requested the book, I did not take this into consideration Really me, rather than the book but all these type of English novels are just not working for me at present, which is neither the author s fault, nor the books I dnfed around 20%.

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    I was very pleasantly surprised by this book, I do love a dysfunctional and eccentric family The characters were all caricatures they made me laugh, the dialogues were smartly constructed with a hint of sarcasm There were a couple of stereotypes but that didn t bother me at all.It is a slow burner, I wasn t sure at the start but I started to grow closer and closer to the characters and wanted to know It s a lighthearted and fun read, a real little treat.Thank you NetGalley and Bloomsbury Publishing for forwarding me a copy in exchange of an honest review.

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    I loved Hannah Rothschild s The Improbability of Love It was a five star read and naturally I was very excited about her latest novel about an eccentric rich family on the decline However I was quite disappointed The plot was too slow that it took ages to unfold, the characters felt two dimensional at several places and there wasn t enough humour to keep me occupied.Set in the modern times, we follow a dysfunctional family on the decline The decline of the aristocracy is richly detailed and written well but the reader keeps expecting The novel focusses on the women characters one who marries a maharajah, a daughter in search of her father and plans to marry for money, a wife who keeps the crumbling house and family bonds together, career women, scientists but perhaps the execution makes them less interesting than what they could ve been This isn t a bad book Pick it up if you love Rothschild s writing or you have plenty of time to spare Else better give this a miss.Rating 2.5 Much thanks to Bloomsbury for an ARC All opinions are my own.Blog Instagram Twitter Facebook

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    I loved The Improbability of Love so much, that when I saw there are another book by the same author, I jumped at the chance to review it Trelawney castle is old, beautiful and crumbling away The family all love living there, but there is a tradition that once the current earl comes of age, his siblings are banished from the castle with a symbolic gift These siblings have to make their own way in the world The current Earl fancies himself an investment banker and keeps putting first his money and then his wife s money into bad investments His sister, Blaze, on the other hand, is a brilliant investment banker and foretells the coming of the sub prime mortgage crash What makes the book are the characters, they are all quite extreme in their own ways and you are so invested in them that you follow the twists and turns of the story just to see that they come out okay There s quite a lot of head hopping going on normally, I hate this, but in this case, I was never confused as to which person s head I was in Besides, I was so invested in these people that I d probably have put up with it even if it was done badly which it wasn t this psychic distance done well The house itself is character in the book.I genuinely enjoyed this book and raced through it Wonderfully wry and compelling I got a review copy of this book via Netgalley.

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    3.5stars The story of a family who have lived in Trelawney Castle for over 800 years and one steeped in tradition Over time the family heritage has been eroded and sold off, now the current Lord and his family live in a castle falling down around them And the situation is not helped by the current custodian Kitto and his failed investments.I actually found this book took quite a bit of time to set the characters up but once it was done the story rollicked along and wondered at times wether I felt it had an air of black humour It highlights the noose that can be felt by family members who fall in the line of inheritance, regardless if they are the best for the job or not.An enjoyable foray into a world that is vanishingThank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy to read.

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