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The Map from Here to ThereAcclaimed Author Emery Lord Crafts A Gorgeous Story Of Friendship And Identity, Daring To Ask What Happens After Happily Ever After It S Senior Year, And Paige Hancock Is Finally Living Her Best Life She Has A Fun Summer Job, Great Friends, And A Super Charming Boyfriend Who Totally Gets Her But Senior Year Also Means Big Decisions Weighing The Rest Of Her Life, Paige Feels Her Anxiety Begin To Pervade Every Decision She Makes Everything Is Exactly How She Always Wanted It To Be How Can She Leave It All Behind Next Year In Her Head, She Knows There Is So Much To Experience After High School But In Her Heart, Is It So Terrible To Want Everything To Stay The Same Forever Emery Lord S Award Winning Storytelling Shines With Lovable Characters And Heartfelt Exploration Of Life S Most Important Questions

!!> PDF ⚣ The Map from Here to There ✈ Author Emery Lord – Anguillais.us
  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • The Map from Here to There
  • Emery Lord
  • English
  • 15 October 2019
  • 9781681199382

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    I really hope this book contain A LOT OF MAX.

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    no one is allowed to talk to me for at least a week I m too fragile after finishing this book

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    4.5 stars, and I am still trying to process all of my feelings about this book Relatable, messy, real, wonderful it just resonated with me in ways that I never expected.

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    New Emery Lord novel and new Taylor Swift music announced on the same day We must truly be blessed if these queens are creating masterpieces HERE FOR ALL THINGS EMERY

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    I wouldn t say this book ever really hit that wow factor moment for me, even though so much of it just. worked, and it moved me enough to make me weepy More than once But it s in the aftermath, the quiet, the pause for reflection, that I realize just how much I enjoyed this This really felt like such a great, healthy, realistic, and delightful, portrayal of this time period of one s life, while still being fun and grounded, and tackling very real emotional struggles and worries Everything you want for YA audiences and above.Would recommend.Full review to come on release I received an ARC from Edelweiss and the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review.

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    OMG OMG OMG We are getting a sequel to The Start of Me and You I repeat WE ARE GETTING A SEQUEL THIS I NOT A DRILL

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    representation side f f couple, minor lgbt characterscontent warnings anxiety and panic attacks, car accidents ARC kindly provided by Bloomsbury YA in exchange for an honest review

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    I received a copy of this title via NetGalley It does not impact my review.I noticed that I shelved The Map from Here to There as To Read on Goodreads back in September 2017 I was lucky enough to get an ARC and read this in September 2019 That is a long time to anticipate the book and hype it up I wish I could say it met my very high expectations, but, unfortunately, it did not Don t get me wrong, there were still plenty of enjoyable moments One of the things I loved about The Start of Me and You were the strong friendships and they were still on display here Yes, there was some drama and fights, but they worked through them and were always there for each other There were several funny, bantery moments that I enjoyed, as well I also liked that Paige s parents were a strong presence in the book.There was a lot in this book that didn t work for me, though Paige had a lot of issues to work through in the first book and by the end she was starting to figure it out Instead of her continuing to progress, she had a major relapse back into anxiety and it kind of made all the lessons learned in the first book obsolete I did find the anxiety stuff relatable, but I would have rather seen Paige continue to grow, instead of spending the majority of yet another book as a mess and still not communicating it and then finally growing in the final couple chapters.Some of the problems I had with this book are probably my fault than the books, though I wanted a cute book of Max and Paige being adorable together Yes, I knew there would have to be some strife, but I thought hoped it would be a small part of the plot Instead, we got very few scenes with them together, unless they were fighting Paige treated him so, so unfairly and it drove me crazy He was patient and understanding for awhile, but eventually reached a breaking point where he didn t handle things well There is a new character introduced Paige s co worker at the movie theater that Paige hung out with and talked to like she did Max in the first book He was also there to stir some jealousy and insecurity in Max And once that role was played out, we don t really hear any about him Which annoyed me because even though I didn t like his purpose in the story, he was sweet and funny and I liked him But back to my original point, the story was much about the anxiety about growing up and making hard decisions and dealing with change And this made me feel a little too old for the story As a cynical adult who has never had a job that utilized her college degree, nor is no longer friends with any of the people she was close to in high school and college, these major crises the characters faced felt a little trivial I do remember being in high school and thinking these decisions were life and death, so I get it, but I m just so far past that, that it was kind of hard to take so seriously I also am not a fan of open ended conclusions The biggest focus of the book is where Paige will go to college and the story ends without a definitive answer and that kind of pissed me off.Another thing that bugged me is that Tess and Ryan aren t together I felt it was very heavily implied in the first book that they would get together I thought her whole arc in the story was how she was all closed off due to her abandonment issues with her parents, but Ryan slowly won her over Instead, the author decided to fix the lack of LGBT diversity from the first book by giving Tessa a girlfriend instead Not only did I not even get a hint of this in the first book, but it basically skips over the whole coming out part of the book by referencing how it happened in the summer, conveniently between the end of book one and start of book two Don t misunderstand, I support a diverse cast of characters, but it annoyed me to see Tessa with anyone but Ryan.Overall, The Map from Here to There was just ok for me I enjoyed parts of it, but had a lot of issues with it, as well I liked the first book much , but I think people in the actual target audience age range will appreciate this book much than I did.Overall Rating out of 5 3 Stars

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    I ve thought about this for a few hours, and I m dropping it down to two stars I m super sad to do that This fell victim to the overplayed trope of after high school relationships Sometimes those are done well, sometimes they re boring If I wasn t already invested in these characters from the first book, I honestly wouldn t have cared Paige seemed very whiny and was not good at all at standing up for herself which was supposed to be the entire lesson she learned in the first book She s supposed to be Elizabeth than Jane, but she was Jane through and through Max seemed fine, but he kind of bugged me I feel like drama was made to have drama, and none of it felt actually worth it The ending was kind of just blah, and I m really sad that I expected much I really loved The Start of Me and You, and I loved seeing Paige grow This felt like a prequel to that because she was just as timid, if not , than she was from the very first introduction.

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    I ve had my hands on this arc for what seems like forever and I don t know how it took me so long to get here I really liked Paige She s struggling and anxious and just being a teenager and at times it was hard to be in her head Not for any of those reasons specifically, but also, it was those reasons exactly Everything was heightened and emotional and maybe a little nonsensical Plot wise it was just okay Scenes did feel repetitive and the constant push and pull with Max made me want to rip out my hair And don t get me started on the nearly entire book long implication of a love triangle I will say that Emery knows how to write a group of friends, especially female friends, and as always, she delivers in that aspect.Overall, it was perfectly messy slice of time I wanted answers and sweetness and togetherness There was a quiet settling when I finished and I realized even though I didn t get them, it all worked beautifully.This review isn t even close to what I want to say and I feel like it s sort of perfect for this book There were loads of things I loved and several things I didn t care for And while, I wasn t ever captivated by the story, I did want to know how it all turned out Huge thanks to Bloomsbury for providing the arc free of charge

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