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The Sheikh Crowns His Virgin (Billionaires at the Altar Book 3) From Innocent In Distress To Convenient PrincessTo Escape Her Overprotective Family, Sweet Natured Zoe Mardas Heads To The Desert Kingdom Of Maraban For An Adventure But She S Kidnapped On Arrival Zoe Is Saved By Mysterious And Devastatingly Handsome Raj The Nation S Exiled Prince The Attraction Between Them Is Instant And Fiery Like The Desert Sun Yet Her Rescue Comes With A Price To Save Them Both From A Political Scandal, Zoe Must Become Raj S Virgin Bride Turn The Page And Step Into The Sheikh S Desert Kingdom

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    The final novel in Lynne Graham s trilogy for 2019 An introverted, beautiful, sweet and petite heroine who s the youngest and the nicest of the three Mardas sisters A sexy, strong, silent type of H, who s kind, understanding and brooding but not overbearing A steamy, slow burn marriage of convenience love story.Zoe and Prince Faraj referred to as Raj in the novel are thrown together in the most shocking circumstances and forced into a marriage of mutual convenience Our heroine had gone to Maraban to marry the H s elderly uncle Hakem a platonic business marriage that was supposed to last for just a few months But King Tahir, the H s father, had other plans he decided that Zoe would make a better daughter in law to his only, estranged son The wily old kind, who had exiled the H the Crown Prince 8 years ago, arranged for Zoe to be kidnapped and spirited away to the desert right where the H would be sent to rescue her This is the heroine, Zoe This is the H, Raj Both MC s have sad backstories The heroine had suffered a traumatic physical not sexual assault at the age of 12, at the hands of a gang of evil, lecherous teenaged boys The boys had planned on a ritual gang rape of the adolescent Zoe, but only after they had beaten her badly Fortunately for the heroine, the police had rescued her before she could be raped Zoe s normal emotional development had been stunted as a result of this attack She spent the intervening years suffering from cycles of PTSD and anxiety attacks, which ...

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    This was really sweet with a perfectly matched couple I missed the typical alpha LG hero though.They start off as major jerks,and were so clueless ,but when they fell for their heroines,they fell hard

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    I really liked it Zoe and Raj are a cute and hot couple I love the marriage of convenience trope so I was excited to read this and I can say Lynne Graham delivered once again Adorable heroine, sexy hero, evil other woman who tries to steal our...

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    I m finding that this month of HP s to be an average read for me so far This was cute and I liked the Hero and heroine But I just wasn t that interested in their story and seemed they were lacking chemistry Could just be me and just not in the right frame of mind.

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    The Sheikh Crowns His Virgin is the story of Zoe and Raj.Honestly, one of the best LG books I ve read.Confident yet innocent heroine, honest and caring hero, hot lovemaking, minimal miscommunications, w...

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    They both were politically correct so there were no angst and it was boring for me.

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    3.5 stars So much better than the previous 2 books Likable characters and a good epilogue.

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    3.5 starsLG has always been an auto read for me, but have to say although I liked the book, I wasn t wowed by it even though both main characters were likable people Raj was a very nice guy too nice in fact honest about everything from the start to Zoe even about his bad affair with a two timer didn t keep things to himself brood over it like most HP heroes do He was also clear he wanted to marry her so his exile would end and he could return to his kingdom as Crown Prince, yet didn t force her into it He leaned toward the beta male than alpha.Zoe was also nice although few times I found it difficult to understand her had to suspend believe because it was HPland Despite her traumatic near rape experience when she was twelve that made her avoid men sex, she agreed to a marriage to a man as old as her grandfather without seeing him or knowing anything about him except that she was told she d be treated as the man s daughter till the short time they were married.Likewise, she was very comfortable with Raj from the start of course attraction played a big part in it It was Raj who worried about them having no option but to share the bed as he d promised her no sex on her request she, on the other hand, would dismiss it lightly saying they were adults, asking him didn t he trust her But then, when sh...

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    Great MOC story, but pretty angst free despite the background of the MCs.

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    4.5 stars Major plot spoilers ahead Read at your own risk I started backwards with this trilogy and decided to read the last book in the series first because out of the three of them this one intrigued me the most with the premise and synopsis on the back cover.And it didn t disappoint with the story starting off with an immediate bang with Zoe having just coming to the country of Maraban for a political marriage with a much older man only she got kidnapped in order to put a kabash on that marriage I was immediately in the action and instantly intrigued as I expected to be with the kidnap plot What I was expecting was the motivations behind the kidnapping were really an intricate plot in order to get Raj, who was the exile prince, back into the country and be the one to marry Zoe himself so that he could be the heir of the kingdom That was very interesting Very diabolical by Raj s father, and was just a nice little twist to the story that I was expecting Of coarse Raj being the good man that he was came back to the country, intending to save Zoe from the kidnapping, having figure out his father was behind it in the first place and knew it wasn t right to submit an innocent woman to those political maneuvers, however he didn t know that his father had set the only thing up so he would return and become his h...

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