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The Haunted Reading The Haunted By Danielle Vega Petrasrobert.eu From Danielle Vega, YA S Answer To Stephen King, Comes A New Paranormal Novel About Dark Family Secrets, Deep Seated Vengeance, And The Horrifying Truth That Evil Often Lurks In The Unlikeliest Of Places.Hendricks Becker O Malley Is New In Town, And She S Bringing Baggage With Her With A Dark And Wild Past, Hendricks Doesn T Think The Small Town Her Parents Moved Her To Has Much To Offer Her In Terms Of Excitement She Plans On Laying Low, But When She S Suddenly Welcomed Into The Popular Crowd At School, Things Don T Go As Expected Hendricks Learns From Her New Friends That The Fixer Upper Her Parents Are So Excited About Is Notorious In Town Local Legend Says It S Haunted Hendricks Doesn T Believe It Until She S Forced To Blood Curdling Screams Erupt From The Basement, Her Little Brother Wakes Up Covered In Scratches, And Something, Or Someone Pushes Her Dad Down The Stairs With Help From The Mysterious Boy Next Door, Hendricks Makes It Her Mission To Take Down The Ghosts If They Don T Take Her First.

!!> Ebook ➮ The Haunted  ➯ Author Danielle Vega – Anguillais.us
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • The Haunted
  • Danielle Vega
  • English
  • 20 April 2017
  • 9780451481467

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    Why are you doing this What do you want We already told you We want one A haunted house.A haunted past.Which one is dangerous Logically it s a 4, but my heart gives it a 5 And honestly, after a little distance from it, it s 4 My heart still unashamedly loves it, but logically, it has to be a 4.Anyway, on to the part of my review where I do than dither over numbers Or at least attempt to do The Haunted is my first Danielle Vega I ve heard mixed reviews over her series The Merciless The torture porn comparisons make me hesitant, but I did enjoy this one, so I don t want to cross it off the TBR just yet We shall see The Haunted is the story of Hendricks Becker O Malley, the new kid in town Her parents are house flippers, and they ve decided to flip a rather notorious fixer upper Oh and live there at the same time A house riddled with rumors of death, ghosts, and horrors Should be a pretty simple flip, right Let s talk the good stuff first great pacing, snappy writing, and realistic teenagers for the most part Yeah, I can think of about ten thousand places I d rather be than that hellhole Wow, a kid who dresses all in black and hates school Original When when I say realistic teenagers, I mean an awareness of teenage stereotypes, that both follow...

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    Disclaimer This book was sent to me by the publisher, Razorbill Penguin Random House, via Goodreads Giveaway for an honest review Opinion Grab your salt and sage, kids.There s a haunting in our midst After a traumatic experience involving her ex boyfriend, Hendricks and her family have just moved from Philadelphia to a small town in New York, in the hopes of starting fresh But with a new school and new friends comes questions about her past, and Hendricks isn t quite ready to share what happened in Philly As she tries to fit into the small town atmosphere, Hendricks learns the history of the house her parents purchased to fix up and flip Steel House is haunted, a little girl was murdered there a few years ago, and rumors say that it was the brother that did it But when Hendricks starts to hear male voices in the house and things start moving on their own, she wonders if the rumors are true That Steel house is haunted, and that it wants revenge You ll know Danielle Vega from her hugely popular series called The Merciless.If you don t well What are you even doing If you have read the series or even if you haven t, I guess , you know that she LOVES to freak her readers the f out with demented scenes brought to life by truly evil, yet charismatic, characters So naturally when I saw THIS little gem, I knew I had to have it I, ...

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    Final buddy read of the year, sis Well, technically, maybe not Maybe 2018 will be a doll and stretch itself out a wee bit so we can squeeze one read Whichever, happy reading and happy closing of buddy reads for 2018.

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    I won a free copy of this book from Bookish First in exchange for an honest review.Okay, so before this turns into a big, long rant, I want to say that the first half of this book was amazing The writing is truly great The pacing is fast and exciting The horror aspect is refreshingly different for the YA genre I was truly enjoying myself and hoped to be writing a review about a 5 star book in the end.However, that s not exactly what ended up happening I m not going to spoil anything for you, because I m not about that lifestyle, but just trust me on this one, the ending is trash You will get mad You may even laugh I don t know Depends on what kind of person you are and how you get your jollies, I suppose The point is, that ending made me lose all respect for this book immediately.Anywho, a minor issue I had with this book was that none of the characters, possibly excluding Eddie omg poor Eddie lol , were likeable Like, at all They were very accurate portrayals of modern teenagers, I ll give you that But as I m sure most of you already know, a lot of modern teenagers kinda suck Even so, I don t think that really took too much away from the story, because the characters sucked, but it was kind of in a fun, campy way, if you know what I mean Kinda like how Mean Girls portrayed teens Like that Now for the big RAN...

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    Will write review later as 2 members of the Litsy Mark Up Postal Book Club haven t read it yet.

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    So honestly, I m constantly surprised by the comparisons between Vega and King I don t really get it, exceptthey both write horror This is a good, clean, YA novel You have a girl who is a bit of an outsider with a past who moves to a small town and this town has secretssecrets that lead back to the house her parents just bought.The sto...

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    This was a really fun haunted house story It was suitably creepy and than a little gory There is some animal death so be aware if you are sensitive to that topic It s of a mention and not graphic or detailed violence to an animal There is a lot of suspense and tension while you wait to see what horrible thing will happen next It made me want to keep listening into the night The characters I liked didn t get the ending I had hoped for b...

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    3.0 StarsAs a huge of The Merciless, I was eager to check out the newest novel by Danielle Vega I didn t expect to love this one as much as The Merciless, because I prefer exorcisms over haunted house Yet, even with tempered expectations, I was still disappointed by this one This is a young adult horror novel that unfortunately suffered from all the tropes of the genre Despite being classified as horror, the majority of this novel read like a contemporary story The main character was worried about making friends and fitting in than the strange occurrences happening in her own home The romance , which included a dreaded love triangle, just felt unnecessary Otherwise, this was a decent novel with a couple of good gory scenes I appreciate that Vega is willing to go there in her stories even though she writes for a younger audience.So if you are looking to read something by this author, I would person...

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    Disclaimer I received this ARC courtesy of a giveaway from Bookish First I am grateful for the opportunity to review an ARC for my readers, but this will not influence my final rating All opinions expressed in this review are my own and based solely on the book Well, um, I wanted a ghostie book And I did get a ghostie book It just wasn t the ghostie book that I wanted It s not the ghostie book we all deserved It was just, um, yeah It wasn t a good one I think the biggest issue with this book was the fact that it pointed out multiple times that people were cliches You are now sitting there going, Um, what s the problem, Mandy Sounds like this book is self aware Isn t that a jam to be had And the answer is YES It is Except, well, it decided to do nothing with the self awareness Everyone literally fit into little pigeonholes with no depth or anything to move on the fact that they were, indeed, a cliche For example the brooding misunderstood bad boy from the wrong side of the small town that only peeks out of his misunderstood black outfit for the new girl He has a tra...

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    It s Danielle Vega, so naturally I love it.This book is about a girl named Hendricks who moves into a house where a young girl was murdered It doesn t take long before spooky shit starts happening creepy disembodied voices, meowing from a cat that she doesn t have, the smell of her abusive ex boyfriend s cologne, and a steak knife through her door.This book has dark family secrets, ghosts, a delicious mystery and Danielle Vega s incredible voice for horror As a fan of the Merciless series, it was a no brainer for me to pick this book up While I have a few things that I wish had been fleshed out , I ll never rate so...

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