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Dark Star Vivien Leigh Was Perhaps The Most Iconic Actress Of The Twentieth Century As Scarlett O Hara And Blanche Du Bois She Took On Some Of The Most Pivotal Roles In Cinema History Yet She Was Also A Talented Theatre Actress With West End And Broadway Plaudits To Her Name In This Ground Breaking New Biography, Alan Strachan Provides A Completely New Full Life Portrait Of Leigh, Covering Both Her Professional And Personal Life Using Previously Unseen Sources From Her Archive, Recently Acquired By The VA, He Sheds New Light On Her Fractious Relationship With Laurence Olivier, Based On Their Letters And Diaries, As Well As On The Bipolar Disorder Which So Affected Her Later Life And Work Revealing New Aspects Of Her Early Life As Well As Providing Glimpses Behind The Scenes Of The Filming Of Gone With The Wind And A Streetcar Named Desire, This Book Provides The Essential And Comprehensive Life Story Of One Of The Twentieth Century S Greatest Actresses.

!!> PDF ✯ Dark Star  ⚣ Author Alan Strachan – Anguillais.us
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Dark Star
  • Alan Strachan
  • 23 May 2018
  • 9781788312080

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    Thanks to her unforgettable roles in Gone With the Wind and A Streetcar Named Desire, Vivien Leigh is an enduring icon of the twentieth century Nonetheless, her talent and achievements have often been overshadowed by her extraordinary beauty and charm, and her rather turbulent private life She also died quite suddenly, and missed out on the honours afforded to other great English actors This is what the title, Dark Star , refers to and attempts to uncover After Leigh s personal archive was donated to the VA in 2013, Strachan is the first biographer to have full access to these materials, including her diaries from 1930 67 He is also one of the lucky few to have seen her onstage A director himself, he places equal emphasis on her distinguished career in the theatre as to her movies While not glossing over the tribulations of her marriage to Sir Laurence Olivier, and her heartbreaking struggle with manic depression, he also corrects errors...

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    This one was well worth spending my reading time with.

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    I reviewed the book at vivandlarry.com

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    oh, my god it only took me a week or so to read this because it was impossible for me to put this down at any moment anyway, as someone who has been a fan of vivien leigh for a while, i was initially not sure what to expect from this new biography, but am i glad i bought it it is one of the best biographies on vivien i have read so far the other being vivien leigh an intimate portrait it is fresh, it is impeccably researched with new information i had not known of before won t spoil it , it covers vivien leigh s mental illness most thoughtfully and above all it rightfully restores and discusses her incredible talent and achievements, not merely in film but in theatre as well personally, i would one day love to see a book dedicated to her theatrical career some of the albeit few criticisms of this biograph is that sometimes the discussion of olivier overshadows that of vivien, and that i agree with...

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    It is a biography that takes advantage of numerous previously published sources and of the research in the Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier archives It covers both the professional activity and the personal life, the latter with an emphasis on her manic depression and her relationship to Laurence Olivier, extendedly explained.The author tries to give a larger context of her work, analysing aspects that are normally overlooked like technical details of the films and plays, cinematography, costumes, decors, etc.Probably as the author is deeply involved in the theatrical world he produced views and opinions of the old plays like a direct witness For me, it s difficult to assess his comments and the quality of the plays that no one living today has ever had a chance to see But sometimes the story is overcrowded with many names of people and their personal history that are marginal to the main story and make it hard to follow These are also moments when the writing style, otherwise agreeable, gets lost among too many parentheses On the other hand there are many things that are missing, like Vivien s views, on her characters, her favourite roles, her ambivalent attitude towards Scarlett, her defending of Blanche, her understanding of Anna Karenina, her approach to acting, etc, opinions of her co stars, directors, etc.Sometimes the outside view on her career should have given space to the inside one, voiced by the people directly involved, instead of the objectiv...

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    This book Dark Star A Biography of Vivien Leigh was supposed to have a lot of new information with regard to letters between Vivien and Laurence Olivier that had been recently released to the public There were many quotes throughout the book from them, and many different people associated with the two, and a few from Suzanne Holman, who was Leigh s daughter from her first marriage to Leigh Holman However, that said, nothing seemed to me to be any new revelation or information that hadn t been touched on The opinions and quotes from the various people in Vivien s life were probably the most interesting part of the book though One thing I did notice that was different and updated was of an explanation about Bipolar which Vivien Leigh suffered from The book doesn t go into as much detail about her episodes as other books that I have read The author of this book is himself a theater person, so there was a lot of detail about the plays and performances that Leigh, Olivier, and sometimes other actors, performed in, and where That, for me, got to be a little tedious as I am not a theater person, and was largely unfamiliar with many of the plays I have some knowledge of who the famous actors and actresses were from that time period, but again, was unfamiliar wi...

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    Fascinating book Access to the Vivien Leigh Archive means there is new research and addresses some of the rumours and stories that are factually incorrect A multilayered biography of a complex and talent woman.

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    Best biography of Vivien Leigh that I have read.

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    This book was absolutely fascinating I spent a lot time reading it than I had anticipated, but it was just one of those books that I really enjoyed taking my time with and really digesting everything I enjoyed that there was a lot focus on her childhood and early years than other biographies I ve read although it did break my heart to read about how devastatingly lonely a childhood it was she was taken to school at age six and wouldn t see her parents for at least two years and how this affected her for the rest of her life she suffered from a major abandonment issue and didn t do well when alone And the I read about Leigh Holman, the I like him he seemed like the nicest guy and it makes me really happy that he was essentially her best friend throughout her life and had no hard feelings toward her Same with her daughter Suzanne, who, like her father, never had any ill will toward Vivien although she d have been than justified In fact, it was staggering to me to read just how much this woman was loved, and it was because she was a genuinely kind person It absolutely floored me to read that Jill Esmond the first Mrs Laurence Olivier who was left with his child once Vivien came into Olivier s life was in attendance at Vivien s funeral, wanting to wish her godspeed and show there were no hard feelings Strachan does mention that while he...

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