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True Souls (The Soulmates Series Book 1) Jax She S My Everything, My True Soul My Entire World Was Rocked By Belle So Young, So Dumb, I Didn T Realize Until That Night Three Years Later And She S Finally All Mine Not Just My Girlfriend No So Much Belle I Wasn T Supposed To Fall In Love With My Best Friend S Brother, But When You Meet Your True Love, Nothing Can Stop The Fall That S What Happened With Jax And Me He S The One Who Holds My Soul And Nothing Can Ever Change That Jax God, I Hope She S Right.

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    This was a good introduction to the Soulmates Series and my first exposure to author Michele Gantz I enjoyed the characters and how they realized they were soulmates very early on view spoiler They were each other s first and only Yeah hide spoiler

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    This was my first book by Michelle Gantz and i went into it blind, not knowing what to expect This is a prequel to Entwined Souls and I m not sure what I think about it.It s quite a fast paced short read but I felt it was a bit rushed through and jumpy I would like to have read their back story in depth so would have been happier for a longer book It certainly ca...

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    True Souls is the prequel to Entwined Souls I am happy that I read Entwined Souls first because it helped me get to know Jax and Belle and then get to go back to read their story This was a fast read for me and although I am ...

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    This story is a prequel for the acclaimed Entwined Souls I recommend reading them in order, if possible Prepare for a burning hot read Michelle AKA Belle meets Jax after school from a new friend The instant connection is off the charts The air literally sizzles when they are in the same room.Jax wants to stay away She is young, a friend to his sister The urge to be with her is clawing under his skin He wants to protect her The kis...

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    Really enjoyed this prequel to Entwined Souls Let me get to know Belle and Jax much better than before Can t wait to get to see of them in future books in the series.

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    I was hired to proofread this book The only aspects of the story that I influenced were the spelling and grammar If you feel that my connection to the book makes my review untrustworthy, so be it, but this is my honest review First off, I have to say that I would highly recommend that you start reading the series with this prequel, even though it s the second book published obviously if you ve already started the series you can t do that, but for those of you that are new to it, start with this You see, I spent an obscene amount of time while reading this book reminding myself that the events happened before the ones I already knew about from Entwined Souls It was really disconcerting for me, and detracted from the story a bit because that is an aspect of the story that shouldn t make me work for it Now, the prequel doesn t have...

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    True Souls The Soulmates Series Michele Gantz 5 Hashtags Here we have Jax Belles story, this is a fairly quick read but totally captivating and a great addition to this series Michele has penned a beautiful story that flows seamlessly and will keep your attention throughout This is packed with Jax and Belles intense bond, connection and their super hot chemistry Whilst this book is a bit lovey dovey ...

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