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Obsessed Peter Agrees To Help Maggie Find Her Daughter, But He Has No Idea What He S About To Discover Using Unmatched Hacking Skills, He Follows Leads That Bring Questions Than Answers And Finds Himself Growing Involved Than He Intended When It Becomes Clear That Is Going On Than Either Of Them Could Have Ever Known, Peter Will Discover How Much He S Come To Care About Maggie And The Lengths He S Willing To Go For Her

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    It s not often that the main character of a book is a socially awkward computer genius It was such a nice change to all the arrogant alpha males floating around Both Peter and Maggie are truly memorable characters Who would have thought th...

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    Wow You don t always read about the hero and main character being socially awkward This one is Love the characters and the emotional roller coaster of this book.

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    This book was just okay The story kept moving I couldn t relate to a young mom whose daughter was missing who was interested in the computer hacker who was helping her Any mom in that situation is going to be very emotionally vulnerable but the romance was the focus, not the missing child I hard a h...

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    What a surprising read ..This was definitely a very surprising book..did not expect it to be a plot that turned out as it did with a repeat kidnapping, and heroic rescueso good,never would have guessed who done it,also shows that forgiveness is on so many levels,and God never gives up on it..

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    A definite winner I ve been a fan of L.N Cronk for a while now This book did not disappoint Peter and Maggie, Emma, Brandon, and Crystal these characters pull you in unexpectedly at times Told from two different viewpoints th...

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    A fascinating readI enjoyed the interaction of Peter and his brother The story was full of twists and unexpected detours There was spiritual growth I liked the characters and enjoyed the different perspectives but really did not enjoy the first person writing.

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    Amazing I loved Maggie and Peter s story Peter is so unsure of himself in a way most of us have felt at one time or another Seeing him struggle to help Maggie find her missing daughter and deal with developing feelings kept me riveted until the end.

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    GoodIt was a good storyline about two people finding their way while dealing with life and God The characters were sweet in it and it was written well.

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    Read it in a dayI really liked the characters and found the story great from the get go A good mystery with romance mixed in

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    This was a good, interesting, quick read I loved the twist near the end Write suspenseful stories please

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