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When Rain FallsA Colorful Look At The Amazing Ways Animals Behave And Interact With Their Environments On A Rainy DayWe Go Inside When The Rain Comes Down, But Where Do Animals Go This New Book For Young Readers Offers A First Glimpse At How Different Animals In Different Habitats Behave During A Thunderstorm.Veteran Children S Book Author Melissa Stewart Takes A Lyrical Look At The Behavior Of Animals In Forests, Fields, Wetlands, And Deserts And Briefly Describes How Each Creature Interacts With Its Rained Soaked Environment Constance Bergum S Soft Watercolor Paintings Colorfully Depict The Animals And Special Features Of Each Habitat.

!!> Reading ➹ When Rain Falls ➱ Author Melissa Stewart – Anguillais.us
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • When Rain Falls
  • Melissa Stewart
  • English
  • 04 August 2019
  • 9781561454389

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    This book is by the same team that wrote and illustrated the superlative Under the Snow This earlier book is superb also It has the same last line as the later book, and it s not my favorite but I can find no fault with the rest of the book s None at all And I m being nitpicky about the last line too because I think many children will delight in it.The watercolors drawings are outstanding beautiful and educational The narrative tells what ...

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    Just like people, animals react to rain in different ways Personally when it rains I want nothing than to curl up under a blanket, open a window and listen to the rain fall as I m enjoying whatever novel I am reading When Rain Falls is a little read that describes ...

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    This is an engaging and well structured nonfiction picture book about how different animals react to rain.

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    I first saw this book a few years ago at the Humboldt State University Natural History Museum I was immediately blown away by the art and the author s simple and engaging way of opening a window into the lives of animals.I wish I had bought it then, so they could have benefited from a little profit, and my kids could have enjoyed it longer I got it from about a month ago, and have been itching to read it to my 6 and 9 year old children I finally did so today an...

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    When Rain Falls is typical of much of Melissa Stewart s writing Both this book and Under the Snow follow the creatures of nature in their habitat and show their hidden world in this case, during a rainy day Beyond enjoying the book s obvious value of being entertaining, the young reader will understand the value of wetlands, fields, forests, and deserts in providing safe harbors for each animal in its ...

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    WHEN RAIN FALLS is a soothing, lyrical journey filled with interesting facts about where animals take shelter when rain falls The text takes us through four different habitats a forest, a field, a wetland, and a desert The journey ends when the rain stops, al...

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    A beautiful, lyrical story about animals both big and small and how they cope with a rainstorm Have you ever wondered how a fragile butterfly survives the pounding rain Tiny ants Wonder no Kids will be fascinated by this glimpse into the natural world and animal behavior Visit the author s website...

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    While this is not a hard core nonfiction picture book, it still is nonfiction with beautiful illustrations For me the deciding factor between picture book and nonfiction was the spadefoot toads who actually come to the surface mate, lay eggs and burrow back into the sand when the r...

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    This book is a wonderful picture book It models beautiful language with great alliteration and strong verbs as well as teaches about what happens in nature when rain falls Educators and families alike will love this book that makes a wonderful read aloud with lovely illustrations.

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    Melissa Stewart came to my school and had our second graders perform this book as a Readers Theatre The performers and the younger kids watching absolutely loved it Don t miss the companion books Under the Snow, and Beneath the Sun.

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