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Practical DevOps Key Features Get To Know The Background Of DevOps So You Understand The Collaboration Between Different Aspects Of An IT Organization And A Software Developer Improve Your Organization S Performance To Ensure Smooth Production Of Software And Services Deploy Top Quality Software And Ensure Software Maintenance And Release Management With This Practical Guide Book Description DevOps Is A Practical Field That Focuses On Delivering Business Value As Efficiently As Possible DevOps Encompasses All The Flows From Code Through Testing Environments To Production Environments It Stresses The Cooperation Between Different Roles, And How They Can Work Together Closely, As The Roots Of The Word Imply Development And Operations.After A Quick Refresher To DevOps And Continuous Delivery, We Quickly Move On To Looking At How DevOps Affects Architecture You Ll Create A Sample Enterprise Java Application That You Ll Continue To Work With Through The Remaining Chapters Following This, We Explore Various Code Storage And Build Server Options You Will Then Learn How To Perform Code Testing With A Few Tools And Deploy Your Test Successfully Next, You Will Learn How To Monitor Code For Any Anomalies And Make Sure It S Running Properly Finally, You Will Discover How To Handle Logs And Keep Track Of The Issues That Affect Processes What You Will Learn Appreciate The Merits Of DevOps And Continuous Delivery And See How DevOps Supports The Agile Process Understand How All The Systems Fit Together To Form A Larger Whole Set Up And Familiarize Yourself With All The Tools You Need To Be Efficient With DevOps Design An Application That Is Suitable For Continuous Deployment Systems With Devops In Mind Store And Manage Your Code Effectively Using Different Options Such As Git, Gerrit, And Gitlab Configure A Job To Build A Sample CRUD Application Test The Code Using Automated Regression Testing With Jenkins Selenium Deploy Your Code Using Tools Such As Puppet, Ansible, Palletops, Chef, And Vagrant Monitor The Health Of Your Code With Nagios, Munin, And Graphite Explore The Workings Of Trac A Tool Used For Issue Tracking About The Author Joakim Verona Is A Consultant With A Specialty In Continuous Delivery And DevOps He Has Worked With All Aspects Of Systems Development Since 1994 He Has Actively Contributed As The Lead Implementer Of Complex Multilayered Systems Such As Web Systems, Multimedia Systems, And Mixed Software Hardware Systems His Wide Ranging Technical Interests Led Him To The Emerging Field Of DevOps In 2004, Where He Has Stayed Ever Since.Joakim Completed His Masters In Computer Science At Linkoping Institute Of Technology He Has Also Worked As A Consultant In A Wide Range Of Assignments In Various Industries, Such As Banking And Finance, Telecom, Industrial Engineering, Press And Publishing, And Game Development He Is Also Interested In The Agile Field And Is A Certified Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner, And Java Professional Table Of Contents Introduction To DevOps And Continuous Delivery A View From Orbit How DevOps Affects Architecture Everything Is Code Building The Code Testing The Code Deploying The Code Monitoring The Code Issue Tracking The Internet Of Things And DevOps

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    What is DevOps The word DevOps is a marriage between the development and operation side of a business In simple terms it is the continuous collaboration between developers and the wider IT professional communities, aiming to build, test, and release reliable software rapidly.The author starts with providing the readers an introduction to DevOps in chapters 1 and 2 Everyone is familiar with ITIL and Joakim makes a conscious effort in providing a brief on how ITIL and DevOps fit together The practical approach of using various examples and useful links to other resources engages the reader We are taken through the steps in a DevOps life cycle i.e building testing deploying monitoring from chapters 5 8.In the final chapter we are introduced to the emerging field of the Internet of Things and how it affects DevOps.The book scores 9 10 in terms of content and value for money It is an easy and informative read From my perspective I would conclude that this is a recommen...

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    The author makes the specific components of DevOps understandable and easily accessible both for developers and operations The book is littered with examples and practical solutions to real world problems.The book nicely summarised all the aspects of the field of DevOps It was an ea...

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    The book provides and introduction and short description of DevOps including initial practical steps with some samples and list of tools snd techniques.If you know nothing about DevOps and would like to get an idea how to start with it decent first book to read.If you already know ...

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    A great introduction to a bunch of tools and practices around the DevOps movement It suffers only from the problem of trying to fit what is a fast changing and already large field into a small book Worthwhile the read though

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    Good survey overview of what s involved, but a little bit dated at this point Jan 2018 For example, Grafana and Prometheus aren t included in the monitoring section.

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    Nice book to get an initial overview on DevOps

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