Free ↠ Scandinavian Comfort Food By Trine Hahnemann –

Scandinavian Comfort Food The Scandinavians Excel At Comfort Family, Friends, A Good Atmosphere, Long Meals, Relaxation, And An Emphasis On The Simple Pleasures They Even Have A Word For This Kind Of Coziness That Comes With Spending Quality Time In Hearth And Home When The Days Are Short Hygge Trine Hahnemann Is The Doyenne Of Scandinavian Cooking, And Loves Nothing Than Spending Time In Her Kitchen Cooking Up Comforting Food In Good Company This Is Her Collection Of Recipes That Will Warm You Up And Teach You To Embrace The Art Of Hygge, No Matter Where You Live.

Free ↠ Scandinavian Comfort Food  By Trine Hahnemann –
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Scandinavian Comfort Food
  • Trine Hahnemann
  • English
  • 15 July 2017
  • 9781849498593

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    I loved this book enough to read it twice It s the most gorgeous book I ve seen in years I d say the Art of Hygge was used when putting this great book together I read it once and then started to slowly go through every rec...

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    4.5 stars I love this cookbook We connect Scandinavian recipes with healthy, fresh and at times seasonal ingredients with all the cozy hygge feels Having Nordic heritage and growing up in Minnesota these recipes truly feel like cozy home The photos are stunning Recipes are simple to follow if you have basic cooking skills You may have to translate a bit if you aren t familiar with European cooking terms ingredients I appreciate that she gives measurement...

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    5 Yummy Comfort Food Stars This cookbook was so beautiful to look at, the pictures where stunning The recipes where easy enough to follow and the food is real comfort food It was nice as I ve never been to Scandinavian country but it was delightful to try foods from there I m really into soups at the moment, nothing better then a bowl of yummy soup on a cold evening I cooked the Mushroom soup which turned out really well I also gave some of the salads ago as w...

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    This cookbook claims it s Scandinavian, but it has a distinct focus on Danish food.I thought the recipes were interesting, some a little odd with ingredients I would have to hunt for because we might not have ready access to them in the S.F Bay Area The wording used was strange in places like to laminate something I guess that could mean to cover something.The photos were excellent ...

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    Absolutely stunning photography in the most cozy, hyggelige settings, both in Hahnemann s home and of the Danish countryside as well All of the recipes look good enough to die for, and are the height of comfort and indulgence, but still easy enough that I wasn t really put off by...

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    Beautiful book with lovely seasonal recipes, gorgeous design and photos This book also really managed to underline the importance of family and friends in the art of hygge.

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    It s a very pretty cookbook, with excellent photos of all the recipes, and has a great feel physically the paper it s printed on is slightly heavier than normal and it has a nice thick cover Many of the recipes are simple, because it s a comfort food cookbook Comfort food in Scandinavia is what it is in the US, meat and potatoes, sandwiches open faced of course , foods your Mom or Grandmom made for you Soups and bread, because that is very Scandinavian I love it because being a Norwegian American, the basics are familiar meatballs, open face sandwiches, meatloaf, soups and breads but the flavors and ingredients are unfamiliar As are some of the ingredients Celeriac celery root and lingonberries may be hard to find in my working class city, but next spring I am looking forward to my rhubarb plant going bananas so I can try Roasted Chicken with Rhubarb and Tarragon I don t think that combo would have occurred to...

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    The author is Danish, but she has such a wonderful philosophy on food and the whole food experience So much of what is in this book is not the norm for me and what I eat, but she makes it sound so practical and delicious So much of the Scandinavian diet is veggies and fish I really love how she explains the point is to every r...

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    Full of really yummy looking recipes, from breakfast, lunch and dinner to preserves, desserts and breads The photographs are beautiful and Hahnemann has a very friendly tone in her descriptions The instructions seem quite clear and the list of ingredients has ingredients that are for the most p...

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    As a Scandinavian looking to become better acquainted with some of those traditional dishes, I was excited to get this book at the library Some of the dishes looked interesting in a good way, and I would probably make them However, I wasn t sure about the backstory element that the writer editor added It wasn t s...

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