[ Reading ] ➶ Nikolas and the Pantheon Trials (Nikolas, Night Thief, #1) Author Dallas Graham – Anguillais.us

Nikolas and the Pantheon Trials (Nikolas, Night Thief, #1) Somewhere In The Mix Of Immortals, Gods, Thieves, Giants, Angels, Charioteers, Mythical Beasts, Saints, Dwarves, And Demons, The Boy Thief, Nikolas, Awakens From His Unbelief To Witness The Pantheon Trials A Dangerous, Yearly Competition Of Excellence Between The Gods Of This World And They Are All There The Sun Gods, The Moon Gods, The Healing Gods, And The Trickster Gods, The Gods Creating War And The Gods Calming The Seas But When Nikolas Talent Is Discovered By A Secret Order Of Thieves Among The Gods, He Begins To Make Critical Choices That For Better And For Worse Will Follow Him For The Rest Of His Life Nikolas And The Pantheon Trials Is The First Book In A New Series Nikolas, Night Thief About The Mythical, Secretive Origins Of The Boy Thief That Will Become Known As Santa Claus.

[ Reading ] ➶ Nikolas and the Pantheon Trials (Nikolas, Night Thief, #1)  Author Dallas Graham – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 386 pages
  • Nikolas and the Pantheon Trials (Nikolas, Night Thief, #1)
  • Dallas Graham
  • English
  • 08 January 2018
  • 9781517223779

    10 thoughts on “[ Reading ] ➶ Nikolas and the Pantheon Trials (Nikolas, Night Thief, #1) Author Dallas Graham – Anguillais.us

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    It took me a couple of chapters to really get attached to this book, and there were a few sentences I had to read and reread to understand them That being said, once I started yelling at the characters, I knew I was hooked If you ...

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    If you like Rick Riordan s Percy Jackson, Hero s of Olympus, and Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, then you ll really like this book It includes Odin from Asgard and the Olympians Athena, Poseidon, etc It s a real page turner and is, overall, really, really good.

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    I really enjoyed this book Dallas is an amazing writer and I loved all the creative characters he came up with The Gods references got a bit overwhelming to me at times so many to keep track of but I really liked Nikolas character and this coming of age story Can t wait for the next one

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    I just finished I have two little kids and I have been fighting to not have to put it down to take care of them I think that the brains that went into this story are mind blowing I just kept thinking to myself, Wow H...

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    A very entertaining read I really enjoyed Dallas first book in the Nikolas series The story looks at the life of a young man who learns that he is descended from gods With a mix of deities from Greek and Norse mythology, as well as sev...

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    This book focuses on a young St Nick and his story on how he came to be It shows his journey of how he figures out who he, his father, and the people around him really are Nikolas is a young teenager living in this town and one day these unique women come and he begins to hear about the Pantheon Trials that are going to be held in his town His father has been a secretive man, and that s really all Nikolas knows about him They live in a hidden house in the mountains and one day his dad gets a visitor and that never happens Nikolas begins to learn of magic and the gods and the different realms that live in this world and that leads him on a journey to self discovery Personally, I enjoyed this book and wish there was something that I could have read right after I finished This book has so much mythical elements, like every realm of ruling people such as Adam and Eve all the way to the Greek Gods There are so many leads to follow and such an intricate character plot that once you see it unfold it makes so much sense on how these people can all live together and rule the universe Very intriguing and I don t want to give anything away so read the book if you love science fiction and fiction This book doesn t contain a love story which I appreciate because it s honestly just this one well known character, St Nick also known as Santa Claus, discovering where he came from and it explains so much about him that we know and why he does it Like the reason he does ...

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    Such a fantastic book The characters are so fun and whimsical I definitely want of this series

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    It was surprisingly difficult for me to disassociate my friendship with the author from the story itself I ve never read a work of fiction by someone I personally know The whole time I read it, I was thinking how much my nephew would love it, and I will soon be handing it over to him for a read I loved the split between Nikolas and Thraka It reminds me a bit of Jonathan and David This is an especially poignant theme for teens, since they are at a state where friends influence will largely influence their path to adulthood It s a theme that would really resonate with YA readers There were also some lines in the book I really liked and thought about for a while One was, Your gifts bind you to your fate I thought that an interesting concept Every once in a while you come across someone who is really good at something they don t like at allbut if it s a skill set others know they have, they are likely to be using it whether they like it or not Considering myth...

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    My best friend sent me this book as a present I put it by my bedside to read in the evenings I admit, I got distracted by other things and forgot to pick it up for awhile But I am very happy that I did It s a great adventure of two young boys who find out they are connected to the gods and the immortals I can...

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    This genre is not strictly my cup of tea but enjoyable none the less I think fans of Percy Jackson would really enjoy it I took the liberty of conducting an edit so that Dallas can make some corrections prior to printing a second edition Mostly s...

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