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Don Quijote el último caballero KINDLE Don Quijote El Ltimo Caballero Author Karen Rowan Sioril.co.uk Don Quijote, El Ltimo Caballero Is A Novel For Intermediate And Advanced Beginners It Uses A Vocabulary Of Fewer Than 200 Different Spanish Words To Tell A 1,400 Word Story In The Present Tense And The Same Story Also In The Past Tense It Is Repetitive And Simple And Uses Many Cognates To Make The Story Comprehensible To Adults And Children The Stories Are Intentionally Written To Be Acted Out In A Class, But Also To Serve As Independent Reading In Either The Present Or The Past Tense Don Quijote, El Ltimo Caballero Is An Amusing, Ironic And At The Same Time Tragic Story Don Quijote Is An Ordinary Spaniard With An Extraordinary Imagination Who Believes That He Must Achieve Great Feats To Honor A Lady He Falls In Love With A Waitress That He Considers To Be The Ideal Lady He And His Companion Sancho Panza Have Adventures In Which Don Quijote Is Always Mistaken About What He Finds Along The Way While Sancho Sees What Is Really There The Story Is Based On Miguel De Cervantes The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote Of La Mancha, Published In The 17th Century Many Consider It To Be The Best Book Of Fiction Every Written.

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    This book based on the classic Don Quixote story is organized in two parts, first telling the story in the present tense, and telling it again in the past tense Each of the short chapters is immediately followed by a specialized glossary, not just with single words in alphabetical order, but phrases in order as they come in the chapter I have never had such an easy way to practice Spanish I liked reading a classic piece o...

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    Very short A present tense version and a past tense version are both included each one is only 26 pages including chapter glossaries But a nice introduction to the story and physically it s a well designed book with a large font and good illustrations.

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    This is a very quick read super simple version of Don Quixote but, to be honest, I wasn t a huge fan This could ve been because the story was so short and simple but it just seemed incredibly abbreviated to me For a student it definitely gives them a basic overview of the classic.

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    Designed to be a fairly basic book with simplified vocabulary but I had to look up quite a few words Probably because retelling a story so the author could not write around necessary vocabulary.I wish there wa...

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