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You Cant Ruin My Day You Can T Ruin My Day Contains 52 Themes To Help Readers Take Back Their Power And Not Let Other People Or Other Situations Ruin Their Day.Each Of These Themes Has Three Sections They Are Wake Up Call The Main Concept Follow Up Exercise A Practical Way To Explore The Concept Lighten Up Laugh A Light Hearted Look Related To The Concept These Wake Up Calls Are Tools To Keep It In Your Arsenal Of Things To Help You Maneuver Around Roadblocks, Setbacks, Or Upsets, You Might Encounter On Any Given Day.While The Wake Up Calls Are Under Several Different Sections, There Really In No Particular Order In Which You Need To Read Them You Could Follow Them As They Are Written In The Book Or You Could Pick Out One From The Table Of Contents And Start There Or Maybe Open The Book Anywhere And Start From There What You Need To Know Will Find You In The Perfect Order That You Need To Know It.It Doesn T Matter Where You Start What Matters Is That You Start Getting Your Daily Wake Up Booster Shots They Are Here To Remind You Not To Give Your Power Away To Anyone Or Any Circumstance They Are Here To Help You Have A Great Day Everyday They Are Here To Reinforce The Idea That No One Or No Event Can Ruin Your Day.One Other Thing The Word Or Short Phrase Title Of Each Wake Up Call Can Be Used As The Word Or Phrase Of The Day To Help You Remember The Lesson Post It On Your Home Page On Your Computer Put It On A Post It Note Above Your Computer Hang It On Your Refrigerator With A Magnet However You Choose To Remember It, Make It Your Saying For A Period Of Time.For All Of Us, The Annoyances, Setbacks, Disappointments In Life Can All Be Wake Up Calls, Which Remind Me, In Spite Of It All, About How Incredible Life Is And How Perfect Our World Is We Are, After All, The One Who Labels Our Experiences Good Or Bad, Positive Or Negative, Helpful Or Hurtful And Often, What Appears To Be Not Such A Great Thing At The Time Turns Out To Be Either A Blessing In Disguise Down The Road, Or, A Major Teaching Lesson You Can T Ruin My Day Is Designed To Help You Unload The Burdens You May Have Been Carrying Around With You But Not Make That A Burden Itself It Is Therefore Not Only Filled With Wise Words But Also With Inspiring Stories And Anecdotes, Insightful And Motivational Quotations, And Lighthearted And Laugh Producing Material.In Other Words, This Book Is Designed To Help You Put Healthier Happier Habits In Motion For Your Higher Growth.

[ Download ] ➵ You Cant Ruin My Day  Author Allen Klein – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 244 pages
  • You Cant Ruin My Day
  • Allen Klein
  • 13 October 2019
  • 9781632280220

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    For this book to transform your life, you would have to invest time and energy than I am willing to give it However, it is filled with 52 Wake Up calls to help you move past things that annoy, hurt or otherwise ruin your day I will probably be putting a bottle of bubbles in my car, so I can blow them out the window in traffic jams I have also started a list of First World Problems to help me get over petty annoyance that sometimes put a negative slant to an event, and I can now see the everyday blessings and be grateful For example, To...

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    This book is all about staying positive Which is why I read it, because I m negative AF I m so negative Ughterrible The worst.I meanI m trying

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    A great book to change a negative outlook to a positive one It would be a great book to flip through every now and then to keep you on track.

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    Nice little book with easy tips people could use to change their outlook on life It is not complicated and accesible and easy to read I could see it being useful to give to clients struggling with mood issues I read it straight through, rather than a chapt...

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    An amusing yet ironically helpful easy to read book on handling difficult situations in one s life Written with advice and a humorous anecdotal section for every situation depicted If you re looking for a novel, this is not it, BUT, if you are looking for a novel book, this is surely...

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    The premise is the best part of this book you can t control events only your reaction to them Lighten up and find the bright side Many of the chapters are good but some of them are not my cup of tea.

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    Nice to read such a positive book Very uplifting.

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    Meh Weekly meditations.

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