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Soul Seduction An Eternal SuccubusFor Centuries She Has Visited Men In Their Beds, Arousing Their Bodies To Harvest Nefesh, The Life Energy That The Demon World Depends Upon Any Man Will Do, And She Has Never Visited A Man Twice Until Now A Mortal ManFor Weeks Sean Moran Has Dreamt Of A Beautiful Woman Who Pleasures His Body And Ravishes His Soul Afraid That He Is Losing His Mind, He Follows A Trail Of Mysteries And Magic To An Extraordinary Conclusion One NightIn The Space Between The Worlds, Sean And The Succubus Come Together To Experience Passion In Each Other S Arms But In Their Union A Powerful Secret Is Revealed One That Could Endanger Their Very Souls Forever.

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    4 starsThis is the story of Sean, a normal guy that has been plagued with the amazing sexual dreams of a beautiful woman He can not seem to forget her during the day His dreams feel so real Sean is determined to find out why he is dreaming of her After search for answers, he is not sure what to believe His dream woman is a succubus She is a demon She visits human men in their dreams to harvest nefesh That is her job to collect as much nefesh as she can for her Master in the underworld But she has also been affected by a human She is drawn to him each night by some unseen bond She tells herself this will be the last night She must move on from him.As Sean finds a way to be with his Dream Angel, he hopes that she feels the same way and will come when he summons her Sean only wants one night with her where he can be awake, feel her hair, her skin, her kisses and her touch.Will Sean s dreams become reality for at least 1 night As he prepares and does what is needed to have her here in his world, she feels that string tug and pulls her towards him What is she doing She has no idea but the desire to be with him is than she can resist.As they are able to spend the night in each others arms as a human couple, he reveals a secret about her that will put them both in danger Once they...

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    Soul Seduction by Joy Daniels4.5 out of 5 starsThis novella is sexy, intense, exceptionally well developed, and full of intrigue I am incredibly bummed that this isn t a full length novel I am seriously hoping it is the beginning of a series or at least the prequel to a novel Daniels is an amazing story teller who built an incredible world of demons, succubae, Jewish, Parisian mystics who help men meet their damned dream mates, and a lore deep in lust and intrigue When a man goes on a journey to meet the woman of his dreams he finds the succu...

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    Subject book review Soul Seduction ReviewI received this book from the author and from Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock.This book is a standalone novella that ends in a HEA.This story is extremely short It is the story of a human named Sean He has been having erotic dreams of the same woman He travels to Paris to question an elderly witch type The old woman gives him a spell to attempt to actually meet his dream woman, who is, in fact a sex demon.Sean and Arielle have a lot of graphic sex and realize they are soul mates 90 % of this story are the sex scenes They were not really that hot, either Arielle isn t even that nice to Sean and keeps trying to leave She is able to help Sean when he needs it, fairly easily There was no plot beyond wanting to have sex with...

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