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Love in my Language Love In My Language Is The Sopho Title Of Best Selling, Self Published Author, Alexandra Elle Equipped With 144 Pages Of Self Discovery Alex Shares Some Of Her Deepest And Darkest Moments That Are Intertwined With Faith, Hope And Finding Her Light This Body Of Work Explores The Ins And Out Of Trials And Tribulations, Partnered With Successes And Failures The Pages Of Love In My Language Are Filled With Poetry, Narrative Essays, And Gentle Reminders You Will Get An Authentic Look Into The Life Of The Author, And She Hopes That Readers Take Away Peace After Reading The Pages.

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    I truly enjoyed this book of life notes I think it is a good, quick read for anyone who just needs to know that someone out there has felt similarly to them once upon a time.

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    This book is for anyone who is going through ANYTHING and is feeling down about themselves their situations My heart is full after getting through this so quickly I just wish it was longer.

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    I think I may be bilingual love is my language as wellBeautiful truths put to ink and paper It made my soul feel like she was heard Thank you for sharing.

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    It was a good poetry book What I didn t like was that its only 124 pages long and the rest of it is pages for you to write in I didn t want a journal I wanted a poetry book But for the most part I liked it I prefer her other book Words from a Wandererthan this one Alth...

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    tried to give her second book a shot, even tho i only barely enjoyed her first um it s sweet cute relatable and emotional.but was this supposed to be telling me instead of showing me i don t think i have come across such an author in a long time it felt a bit stale because of this.

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    Amazing book to relate to on a personal level Would highly recommend for anyone to read.

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    Awesome book

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    Understanding how you feelGreat book, relates to life and love in so many ways I was able to connect and feel while was

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    Kinda OK for a quick read A few one liners and short poems are sure to catch the attention.

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