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Forever Beth The Truth Of It All The Dignity Of A Woman Is Not Defined By The Clothes On Her Back, Money She May Or May Not Have Or The Success Of Her Man Dignity Is Defined By The Challenges Faced And Conquered, Nobility Of Character And Worthiness For Beth Walker Who Has Endured A Lifetime Of Tumultuous Storms Once Again Finds Herself At A Crossroad When She Thought Her Life Was At The Peak Of All Happiness Blessed With A Healthy Child, Married To A Man Who Loved And Adored Her And Importantly To Be Alive To Experience It All Memories Of Her Past Continue To Haunt Her Daily Living And Intensifies Her Need To Understand Her Past To Have A Future The Truth Of It All, Book Three And Final Installment In The Forever Beth Series Finally Exposes Who Is Really Behind Beth S Abduction And Attempted Murder, The Murders Of Rosie And Rosa Morales And Who Is Ultimately Responsible For The Tragedies Beth Has Endured But Most Importantly The Question Readers Have Had Since Lost And Found 1st Installment In The Forever Beth Series Regarding Kevin S Instant Eagerness To Protect And Watch Over Beth From That First Encounter At The Morales S Murder Scene Is Finally Reveled The Conclusion To A Three Part Romance Mystery Filled Page Turner That Keeps You Guessing To The Very End Forever A Beth The Truth Of It All.

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    Forever Beth the Truth of It All is the last installment of the Forever Beth Series This cannot be read with reading the others and could have been combined with book two in my opinion This is the wrap up of a story that centers around a Domestic Violence Case Worker, the brutal murder of a mother and her six year old daughter and a New York City veteran Detective It tells hen transcends into a tale of the woman that is packed with suspense, danger, love, mystery, growth and one head headed lady.Elizabeth Beth Morris is a Domestic Violence Case Worker from New York that is thrown in an abyss when two of the most important people in her life are murdered These two aided in her climbing out of her own tragedy which was filled with abuse of all kinds, meretriciousness, extreme loss and almost her death Also, they aided in her learning the deep capacity of love and how to give and receive it Because of the murders, she meets Detective Kevin Walker under extremely less desirous circumstances He is very patient, understanding and caring towards her as his life has been hugely impacted by tragedy too Detective Walker gets further involved with her while working to solve when danger lurks around her and her past resurfaces in her present We get to witnessed dangers, struggles, growth and someone who stays getting in her own way We also witness their love growing then fully blossom Now, he is not only doing his job, but is also protecting his w...

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    I received this book free through Goodreads First Reads I started reading this book last night and it is amazing The style in which it is written is magnificent and the book is very poignant to modern day society s do the women in it This is a book I will...

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    The conclusion to this 3 part romance again was a great read Every page was a surprise A series we all can learn from It was delightful

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