!!> PDF / Epub ☃ Explosion der Lust ✐ Author Karen S. Smith – Anguillais.us

Explosion der Lust Wenn Hochzeiten Unerwartet Erregend Sind Die Attraktive Emma Geht Nur Widerwillig Zu Der Hochzeit Ihrer Cousine Statt Langeweile Erlebt Sie Dort Jedoch Erregende Stunden Der Sinnlichkeit Als Sie Den Sonnengebr Unten Kit Kennen Lernt, Ist Es Lust Auf Den Ersten Blick Niemand Ahnt, Dass Die Beiden Wie Elektrisiert Voneinander Sind Nach Der Feier Muss Emma Berst Rzt Aufbrechen Erst Die N Chste Hochzeit, Zu Der Emma Gehen Muss, Bringt Ein Berraschendes Wiedersehen Kit In Lederkluft.

!!> PDF / Epub ☃ Explosion der Lust  ✐ Author Karen S. Smith – Anguillais.us
  • 283 pages
  • Explosion der Lust
  • Karen S. Smith
  • German
  • 15 January 2018
  • 9783499239649

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    My librarian thought I will like this book I was hesitant after reading the reviews Since she thought of me I said I will try it Now I totally understand why it has bad reviews I m still in the beginning of this book and so far she slept with four different people I m all for a woman fulfilling her needs but one guy she just got his name Yes the first guy seemed hot but we didn t get any details of Hamish I m wondering if she just didn t want to go to sleep so she just had sex with a random guy on the train It s not very realistic no talk of any birth control used This book sex scenes are hot but so far it needs a better story line and drama Finished this book and it just kept going with the sex and lots of hot sex If you looking for hot steamy t...

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    When I m not getting on with a book, I usually make myself persevere for 100 pages, to give it a chance and see if it gets better I got as far as 57 pages into Wedding Games and couldn t read any.I think it s only fair for me to say that I don t usually read erotic romance I read the Fifty Shades trilogy last year and loved it, perhaps I was naive to think I would like this book too.I didn t connect with Emma, the heroine at all as I felt like she had no moral compass Four chapters in and she s had sex with five people and pleasured herself twice There seemed to be very little story at all, just well sex I finally abandoned the book after a scene where she and her best friend end up with a ra...

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    An easy read, with instant connection to the characters and hot scenes from the very first chapter Wedding Games will have you captured right from the start into this sexy, steamy story.This story gets hotter the you read, starting off slow it s definitely sexy, but gets kinkier and raunchier the you read, before ramping up the action to become extremely hot and daring Emma and Kit are a very adventurous couple, pushing each other further and deeper into their darker desires and, as their saying goes, they are not afraid of life You will find that even though the characters everyday lives aren t in the book, everything that happens falls into place in all the right ways This book really hits the spot a wide range of readers who are looking for a bit of action can enjoy it It has some brilliant scenarios, som...

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    This bookwhat to say Firstly can I point out that I am in no way a prude but I found a lot of this book uncomfortable to read The excessive use of the C word left me cringing and as for the characterswell I know alleycats with morals, now before anyone gets on at me about that can I say I do understand its fantasy and fiction but this took it to a whole new level Whilst I appreciate that you need sex in erotic fiction I felt it detracted from what could have been a lovely story, why Because there was too much sex with too many people and it got to the point where it was making me feel ill which takes a lot believe me Yes yes I know it s fiction but not once was contraception mentioned and that I found disturbing than the actually description If you asked me to tell you the best part of this book I would have to say chapter 15 because that was a pleasure to read To be honest I didn t think I would finish this book but I persevered with it, however I wouldn t recomme...

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    Loads and loads of just pure filth, there is nothing else to it I became and bored as the book went on This woman has no morals whatsoever and the circumstances surrounding her sex life were degrading, disgusting and far disturbing than anything Christian Grey has done Anyone who thinks 50 shades sets a bad example clearly hasnt read this The scene concerning the stag party was appalling and there was no way I could imagine this being a fantasy that any decent person would want to be a part of I wouldnt recommend this to anyone.unless it was a lesson in how not to behave The author would then jump into detailed descriptions of the weddings and old buildings in s...

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    I m really sorry but I felt this book was disgusting I try to finish every book I read but I stopped at the services scene where she just willingly partakes in group sex..I couldnt take any It was uncomfortable and sickening to read I felt like Emma was prostituting herself willingly and setting a bad example to women..and giving men a bad impre...

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    They mentioned at the back cover of the book that this is for fans of Sylvia Day and EL James I d say that is insulting both the good authors because this is a SICK book with no respect for Love and Marriage if there is negative star rating i would give a huge 5 stars.

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    This book was sex from page one I think the main character was a terrible slut it was exhausting reading

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    I m not sure it s fair of me to rate the entire book based on my judgement of the very poor decisions of the main character But since pretty much the entire book revolves around said poor choices, what enjoyment could this book provide I m going to cut to the chase here This book went from OK to worse until it ends in a mind blowingly ...

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    Hmmmwhat to say, what to sayI ve never read such a promiscuous, carefree character before and I can t say if that s good or bad I had some issues with the book and there were parts I really dug Some of the things Emma did were so degrading She took being called a dirty cunt or a dirty whore during sex but realized it was degrading at the same time She let everyone SPUNK in her condoms were never mention, although avoiding pregnancy wasright.The sexual situation in this book are CRAZY M F, M F F, F F, M F M, M M, M M F, M M M M M M F it was a gang bang seriously , M F M F and then all the crazy situations that all these encounters happened innuts.The characters were all pretty likable, so that was good...

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