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Set Adrift (Immortal Isle, #1) Terric Blythe Is A Hybrid Demon And Wolf Shifter Whose Life Has Largely Been Spent In Anonymous Cities, Moving Among People While Keeping Them At Arm S Length The List Of Those Who Matter To Him Is Short, But When He Cares, He Does Completely He Has Allowed Himself To Love The One Person Who Truly Knows Him.Jordyn Kinsley Is An Achingly Beautiful Vampire, Haunted By Her Past Choices And Chance Brought Her Into A World Filled With Evil, Tragedy, And Loss At Her Lowest Point, She Encountered Terric She Learned To Trust Him, Her Demon With The Heart Of A Wolf.Their Anonymous Life In New York Made It Easy For Jordyn To Isolate Herself Realizing She Needed A Change, Terric Found Their New Home In Provincetown, Massachusetts The Tip Of Cape Cod, Where Paranormal Beings Live Easily Among Humans, Is Filled With Closely Guarded Secrets As Jordyn Begins To Heal And Discover Her Strength, It S Clear She Will One Day Be Ready To Stand On Her Own The Wolf Must Decide If He Will Return To Existing In Solitude Or If He Will Follow Her Lead And Explore What Life Has To Offer Set Adrift Is A Story Of Love And Loss, Of Deeply Abiding Friendship, And Of Sacrifice The Immortal Isle Series Will Grab Ahold Of Your Heart And Have You Falling In Love With The Inhabitants Of This Small Coastal Town.

[EPUB] ✹ Set Adrift (Immortal Isle, #1)  ✼ D.S. Kenn – Anguillais.us
  • ebook
  • Set Adrift (Immortal Isle, #1)
  • D.S. Kenn
  • English
  • 09 March 2018
  • 9780990590194

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    This was the first story in the Immortal Isle Series..I personally fell in love with the demon known as Terric I thought this was a very interesting and very intense story about paranormal beings of all kinds This seemed to be the footprint of things to come and situations to look forward to in the future I was caught in the authors trap from the beginning and continued through til the end This ending has me hoping that the next story is being released PRONTO..I liked the authors point of view to the story telling, I thought the story was very well developed and moved along at a nice pace The scenes between Terric and Jordyn almost melted the wiring in my Kindle, I still think my circuit shorted out Who knows what Terric and Kevin are gonna do What is going to happen to poor Devon Is Terric going to raise him now I don t know DS Kenn Are you going to become the next queen of the cliffhanger I really loved this story I ...

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    Full of action, suspense, and passion, Set Adrift was a story I could not stop reading.The characters each had powerful and distinct personalities, and the story line itself was so passionate and heartfelt that it dre...

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    5 stars Phenomenal debut with relatable characters and a story that pulls you inSet Adrift by D.S Kenn is a phenomenal debut for a series and I can t wait to read from this author about what will happen with the characters There are some dark moments to the story, especially in the beginning, but it is completely fitting with the characters and their development.D.S Kenn did a beautiful job with developing a world of demons and hybrids that is brought to life in a way that captures and holds your attention and leaves you wanting to know about this world and the characters in it.The main characters are Terric, a hybrid, and Jordyn, a vampire I was immediately drawn into the relationship between these two and could easily relate to their emotions and conflicts Even with being paranormal beings or otherworlders as D.S Kenn calls them , I could still understand where they were coming from and why they made the choices they did.Both Terric and Jordyn have their own internal conflicts, but still consider the other person s feelings, and you can see how they grew and changed throughout the course of the story I loved how D.S Kenn set things up to show the internal and external conflicts with the characters, and you understood their choices and behaviors even if you didn t agree with them The relationship between Terric and Jordyn was very interesting, but you could easily see the bond and connection between the two of them the love, support, and ho...

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    Set Adrift is the first published work of author DS Kenn This book starts off with Terric who happens to be a hybrid demon and wolf shifter and his roommate as well as lover Jordyn who is a vampire They move from New York to Provincetown, Massachusetts because there is a unique community in Massachusetts where the paranormal community lives alongside human community both having knowledge and respect for the other half Terric and Jordyn have a special relationship, Terric found her when she had lost everything and everyone that mattered to her and decided help her and take care of her He feels protective of her because of her past and the tragedy that she has gone through He feels that a fresh start in this unique community will be just what she needs And he is right the move helps her, so much so that she moves out and on her own for the first time since they have been together Jordyn hopes that Terric can find happiness himself, just as she is, now that he no longer has to take care of her Terric has to decide if he wants to live in solitude or confront the feelings he feels when he has repeat chance meetings with a person from this new town.I usually have a hard ...

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    Overall Rating 4 Rockin This is the first book in the Immortal Isle series by author D S Kenn and it also her first published work This is about a community of others that live together in harmony with their surrounding habitat and sympathetic humans Jerric and Jordyn share their lives with each other and it is because of his need to save Jordyn that they have moved to Provincetown This is the beginning of their story and the journey that they embarked on together, he to find what gave his life and she to reclaim her life.Jerric is a hybrid demon wolf shifter and Jordyn is a vampire He rescued Jordyn after her mate had gone berserk and killed their child and her parents She had begged for him to end her life, but he had recognized what she could become He had moved them from New York to Provincetown because he was losing her, she was fading away Jerric finds a job and is hired to run the day to day operations of a club that accommodated both others and humans This move and the job will allow him to take care of his Jordyn Will they both find what they are looking for Can the past be healed and these two tortured souls find their HEA Both characters are strong and the storyline is truly unique Hero Terric Blythe 4 starsHeroine Jordyn Kinsley 4 starsPlot 4 starsSteam level 4 starsCliffhanger YesWould I recommend this book Yes This is an incredible paranormal read with a hot sex male, sizz...

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    It s not very often that a book that I read can make me cry and I m not talking about a tear here and there I m talking about a deep down ugly cry that has my nose stuffed and my eyes puffy It was a good thing that I had recently bought a supply of Puffs tissues and had them at hand.Set Adrift, what can I say other than I loved this story and I can t wait for the next one I loved Terric and Jordyn Terric is a demon wolf shifter and Jordyn is a vampire While I found this story very dark Dark being there is alot of pain in this book Jordyn at first needs the pain to cope with her past and Terric is the one that gives her that, but the Jordyn starts to heal a bit the sadder this story became.And then you have Devon I don t know what s going to become of him but I can t...

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    Imagine a world where the town vet just might be an animal too, the man who lives in the lighthouse much older than he seems, and the bartender at your favorite bar is definitely than meets the eye Set Adrift is a fantastic introduction to what is sure to be an equally fantastic series that I can not wait to get ...

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    Absolutely loved this book I was immediately drawn into the world of DS Kenn I couldn t help but fall In love with Terric and Jordy What affected me most was the connection between them The friendship, love, and honesty Their relationship buries itself in your heart and holds on tight DS did an awesome job introducing us to the inhabitants of the ...

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    My biggest complaint is that it ended too soonI didn t want it to end Set Adrift grabs you and pulls you into a world where humans and otherworlders live side by side, a place where you fall in love with every character and their story You will not want to put this book down I m ready for part two

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    I loved all the characters and the setting of this book, and it takes you on one helluva ride Watching Terric become who he s meant to be with Kevin, was a beautiful thing If you love paranormals or otherworlders as D.S Kenn calls them, you will really enjoy this book

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