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Curses and Deception (Twisted Bloodlines, #3) After The Dramatic Rescue Of Megan, Trey Wakes Up To Find Himself Held Prisoner, Trapped In A Dreary Dungeon With The Beast Inside Of Him Bound Being Away From The Chaos Of His Everyday Life, He Has A Chance To Get His Head On Straight And Figure Out How To Tame The Wolf Or So He Thought His Dungeon Cellmate Has Captured His Attention, And The Beast Inside Is Far From Happy About It With A Battle Of Wills Raging Inside, Trey And His Cellmate Attempt To Escape The Dungeon, But It S Only The First Hurdle With Time Ticking Against Them, They Make Their Way Through The Maze Ahead, Desperate To Escape Will Trey Get To Explore His Feelings Towards Her Or Will The Beast Scare Her Off For Good

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    What I liked While shorter than the second book this book was a lot complicated in the way I felt about it I think it s because I expected the romance since it s clear in the summary and in a way I think I was hoping for it no matter what The setting was very different for this book than in the other two because Trey starts out as a prisoner in the book and he s determined to escape Also, that cover is killer because of that girl, I just love the way she looks What I didn t like Erm, well, I don t remember There was something but granted it was really late and I was tired when I read this I was too invested in the series to stop by this point, I had to know what was going to happen in this book Whatever it was, it clearly didn t stick with me enough to remember, so maybe that s a good thing Overall Review A fun story that I was really invested in so I could find out what was going to ha...

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    Trey has been an intriguing character from the beginning With his special bond with Megan, that only added fuel to the fire, I was excited to learn about him Talia was a great addition to this series, and I loved that she added something new and unique to the shifter world Not only was she an outcast to her own people but having been cursed the way she was only seemed to dampen her spirit, although she was still feisty when need be.There was an obvious attraction between Trey and Talia and I couldn t w...

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    This is a great wonderfully well written novel that centers around the well hated Trey.Hes really one of my favorite characters from the first book in this series.That sweet caring boy next door that tries to help anybody How could anybody hate him He meets Tahlia in the cell next to him and his entire life changes after that.Tahlia is exotic a shifter and a mage all wrapped into one But her curse cause her to be what she conciders hideous I think she sounds quite lovely.I just couldnt put this book down it was so amazing and addictive It just keeps you on the edge of yo...

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    I loved this book, just as much as I loved the first 2 It s gripping from the beginning I enjoyed learning about trey Each of the characters in the bloodlines series are interesting and I can t wait to start the next book to find out about what happens to them I am truly hooked.

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