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The Aurora Liza Thorpe Has Been In Love With The Vampire King For Years He Rescued Her From Death At A Young Age And Ever Since She Has Worshiped Him Hearing That He Is Selecting A New Blood Slave, She Decides This Is Her Chance To Have The Man She S Always Wanted Only Her Secrets Are About To Be Exposed And Once They Are She S Sure Lucian Won T Want Her Any Lucian Stanton Has Lived For Over Seven Hundred Years As The Vampire King He S Tired Of The Prejudice And The Pomp That Surrounds The Court He Wants Liza As His Consort, Only She S Human He Knows That The Court Would Never Allow His Choice Of Consort To Stand To Make Matters Worse, Now Some One Wants Him Dead With The Annual Vampire Ball Fast Approaching, He Knows His And Liza S Relationship Will Be Exposed Then His Allies May Become His Enemies.The AuroraThe Queen Of The Slayer S Is The Last Of Her Kind They Call Her The Aurora, Because She Is Their Light But The Darkness Is Killing Slayers And The Aurora Has Had Enough One Of The Most Powerful Slayers Of Her Time, She Knows That If She Can T Defeat The Darkness No One Can The Aurora Needs A Dress, This Year She S Attending A Ball The Secrets That Surround Them May Just End All Of Their Lives.

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    This was a surprise hit for me I normally don t like vampire books This was a wonderful story I loved the characters All of them, especially the hero and heroine I think the author did a great job with the story and no cliffhanger.

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    Loved itFirst let me start off by saying by the description of this book I really wasn t feeling it I bought it because i have a book releasing tomorrow that I want to read and i needed something to read till then I figured since I liked Michelle s biker series I would give this one a try Well let m...

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    I m not a fan of most vampire books but this one kept me drawn to it I enjoyed it very much I ve read the authors other biker series which is quite different from this one Ms.Woods was able to pull it off though I...

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    The concept was interesting, but the story was not well executed There were things happening that had no explanation I felt like I had missed a bunch of back story for this to make complete sense.Not well edited, either.

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