!!> PDF ✯ الدولة الأكثر ذكورية : المرأة بين السياسة والدين في السعودية ⚣ Author مضاوي الرشيد – Anguillais.us

الدولة الأكثر ذكورية : المرأة بين السياسة والدين في السعوديةWomen In Saudi Arabia Are Often Described As Either Victims Of Patriarchal Religion And Society Or Successful Survivors Of Discrimination Imposed On Them By Others Madawi Al Rasheed S New Book Goes Beyond These Conventional Tropes To Probe The Historical, Political And Religious Forces That Have, Across The Years, Delayed And Thwarted Their Emancipation The Book Demonstrates How, Under The Patronage Of The State And Its Religious Nationalism, Women Have Become Hostage To Contradictory Political Projects That On The One Hand Demand Female Piety, And On The Other Hand Encourage Modernity Drawing On State Documents, Media Sources And Interviews With Women From Across Saudi Society, The Book Examines The Intersection Between Gender, Religion And Politics To Explain These Contradictions And To Show That, Despite These Restraints, Vibrant Debates On The Question Of Women Are Opening Up As The Struggle For Recognition And Equality Finally Gets Under Way.

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    2011 24 .

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    An essential reading on Saudi women Al Rasheed explains how the exclusion and manipulation of Saudi Women is meant to empower the state and make its dominance visible and fatal On another side, the woman question is used to silence and marginalize political opposition The first two chapters offer an astonishin...

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    Fascinating book dealing with patriarchy in the Saudi context Very much appreciated her attention to different avenues women take to challenging patriarchy and her attempts to show that it is Saudi s status as a religious nationalist state that has led to a particularly bad situation for women there I wish she had focused on explaining why women are often the vessels through which patriarchy is pass...

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    A thorough analysis of the women s question in Saudi Arabia that debunks the stereotypical binary classification of Saudi women A great read for anyone interested in the complexity of the feminine concept in the Arab world in general and Saudi Arabia in particular Highly recommened.

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