Free ↠ Touch Not the Cat By Tracy Fobes –

Touch Not the CatThe Wild Highland Lass Whose Outdated Dress And Clan Tartan Incites Gossip And Speculation Among London Society Carries An Astonishing Secret Catherine McClelland Knows That The Curse Plaguing Her Family Must Set Her Eternally Apart From The World She Dares Not Marry, For If Any Man Were To Learn The Truth Of What She S So Carefully Hidden, The Cost Could Be Her Life Yet She Has Little Choice When Her Father Suddenly Blackmails Nicholas, Duke Of Efington, Into Marriage With Her In A Desperate Attempt To Break The Curse.Against The Backdrop Of The Moonlit Moors, Nicholas And Catherine Are Drawn To Each Other With A Fervent Desire And Yet Nicholas Senses A Mystery Lurking Beneath Her Green Eyed Beauty That Could Tear Them Apart As He Comes Closer To Understanding The Curse, Menacing Forces And Stubborn Beliefs Threaten Both Their Lives Haunted By An Inexorable Legend, They Feel Its Darkness Closing In Like A Cold Highland Mist, A Darkness Only Their Love Can Banish Forever

Free ↠ Touch Not the Cat By Tracy Fobes –
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Touch Not the Cat
  • Tracy Fobes
  • English
  • 22 March 2017
  • 9780671024673

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    Oh my goodness This is the best worst historical paranormal romance ever written It s absurd and ridiculous and repeats phrases such as eyelashes spiked with tears I counted that one four times The best part is that the strapping lad on the front cover looks JUST LIKE Steve Carell.

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    When the hero first lays eyes on the heroine he imagines her to be a break in the routine of his life a spark of adventure She is a stunning creature not only physically but also in her manner of walking and her overall confidence which practically pours from her making every other woman in the room disappear Too bad he makes an ass of himself, pushing too hard and allowing his pride and ego to put a bad opinion of him in her head The heroine hates society life and fears discovery of her curse She doesn t imagine ever seeing the hero again after how he behaved but unbeknownst to her, he made a late night visit to the townhouse before she and her father left London His intention was to apologize for his behavior but he ended up dooming them both See he possesses a birth mark that proves he s a bastard and not only that but the son of the family who can break her curse So, in his dying breathe, the heroine s father proclaims the Earl is to be her husband because he s blackmailed him She is at first...

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    The prologue happens in the 1400 s and the main part of the story in the early 1800 s but overall, the book has a decidedly medieval feel to it Most of the story takes place in the Scottish highlands The descriptions of Scottish life and landscape seemed very authentic I really liked that it was the females that carried the curse this time That was a nice gender twist as it is usually the love of a good woman that relieves the cursed man So a turn about was very welcome Both the protagonists did a slow dance of falling in love so there was lots of head butting and building steam The middle of the book drug a bit bu...

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    I read this book for my book club pick of the month This months theme was smutty book club judges books by their covers While this book does have an awesomely bad first cover it has been recovered it was a great story I loved the by play between the two main characters...

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