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African In America This Is A Book Never Talked About Before, On A Subject That Is Rarely Mentioned In Today S Society When You Think Of Africa What Comes To Mind Lions, Huts, And Probably Starving People Those Images Come From Stories You Have Probably Seen On TV About The Very Extremes Of Africa, But Just Like North America, Every Continent Has Its Own Extreme Bad And Its Extremely Good Area This Book Is Not About The Extremes But Actually About The Middle Ground I Wrote This Story To Give People A Second Look At The Life Of A Person That Was Actually Born And Raised In Africa And How Life Is Like There I Also Bridge The Book To Subject Of How Life Is Like Being An Immigrant From Africa In America This Book Will Show You A World You Might Have Never Seen Before, And Will Open Your Eyes To Just How Amazing Life Is And Why You Should Cherish Every Day You Are On This Planet This Book Should Be Read And Shared So Your Own Understanding Of The World You Live In In The Texts, Using My Knowledge And Experiences I Try To Explain A Lot Of Things That Have Taken Place In Africa And Exactly Why They Happened The Way They Did I Took The Time To Learn A Lot About The History Of, Not Only My Country But, America And A Few Other Relevant Places This Will Change Your Life Have You Ever Wondered About Africa Or Had One Of These Questions 1 Is Africa A Country 2 Is Always Africa Dangerous And Violent Everywhere You Go 3 Are All African Politicians Corrupt 4 Is Africa Filled With Dangerous Animals Like Lions And Zebras Walking Everywhere 5 Is All Of Africa Poor And Suffering From Lack Of Food This Book Is Unlike Anything You Have Ever Read Written By A High School Student Allows This Book To Have A View Of The World That Is Quite Young Written By A Student That Had The Opportunity To Grow Up In Both Cultures And Go To Each Country S School Systems Means That The Book Gets To Have A View Of Both System That No Other Book On The Market Has Lastly Being Written By A Person That S Family Were Royalty And Relatives Ran The Country Means That The Book Has Information That Comes Directly From The Leaders Of The Country, Information That Many Others Will Never Have The Pleasure Of Hearing Of This Book Is Meant To Be Shared There Are So Many Books That Everyone Should Read Once In There Life, This Book Should Be One Of Them The Amount Of Ignorance On The Topic Of Africa Is Unnatural And If People Were To Read This Book, The World Would Be A Slightly Better Place The Media Has Given Africa An Image That Might Seem Definite, But If People Were To Read This Book, Another Image, A Accurate Image, Would Quickly Replace The Old One Scroll Up And Grab A Copy Today The You Know About Your World, The You Will Love It.

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