!!> PDF / Epub ✈ みづうみ [Mizuumi] ⚣ Author Yasunari Kawabata – Anguillais.us

みづうみ [Mizuumi]Best EPub, Mizuumi By Yasunari Kawabata This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Mizuumi , Essay By Yasunari Kawabata Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

!!> PDF / Epub ✈ みづうみ [Mizuumi] ⚣ Author Yasunari Kawabata – Anguillais.us
  • Hardcover
  • 134 pages
  • みづうみ [Mizuumi]
  • Yasunari Kawabata
  • Dutch
  • 08 May 2018
  • 9789029015660

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    To the singing oars,Jump the watery imp,Moon lit skies wake,Tender palms aglow,Lonely hearts to split,Weeping willows below,Cages with open doors,Fireflies over the lake.On a nearby tree, the screeching became louder with every passing minute I knew it then, it was already past midnight The bats were probably having a little party for once their pairs of lustrous eyes were not being meticulously counted by a silly woman amid the flickering of the street light I did not care about these nocturnal visitors I was fascinated with the valiant fireflies that nestled in monstrous human palms The haiku of great poet Issa ran through my mind Issa says So quickly they jointhe human goblinsfireflies.Tiny insects being chased by humongous strangers, trying to capture their splendor in a glass jar and as they glow in dark, gaze obsessively till they glow no Behind the glass cage, as these fireflies flutter, radiating through their fears, smiles are painted as we take pleasure in their confined beauty Is it then the beauty of our eyes that bestow upon the flies a claustrophobic existence, pleasing What is it that drives human psyche to harbor a blinding compulsion of illicit beauty Does a soul find an empty heart desirable Do murderers find their hands beautiful Does ...

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    I ll Find YouI ve just read three Kawabata works in succession to try and appreciate the merits of this Nobel Prize Winner.Based on one fairly distracted reading, I have to say that this was the weakest of the three novels.I would probably rate it at three stars, possibly 3 , but I ll increase it to four, because of the quality of the prose.Less than Exquisite FantasyThe prose is precise and economical, insofar as it describes external realities It is as graceful and evocative as brush strokes or haiku.The question is what does it evoke The plot deals with two males in difficult personal situations, partly regarding women.We see them from the outside I question whether we see them from the inside You could argue that we see the effect, without necessarily understanding or appreciating the cause.The inner life of the characters is a matter of inference from their externalities This could be an exciting literary achievement if Kawabata pulled it off However, I have to question whether he did.A Lie, Once Told, Never Vanishes, But Chases After UsMy judgement could be harsher because of the nature of the two protagonists an older man who sleeps with two younger women on his domestic payroll, and a younger man who fo...

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    Have you ever had that experience a feeling of profound regret after passing some stranger in the street I ve had it often I think to myself, What a delightful looking person or What a beautiful woman or I ve never seen anyone quite as attractive as that before It happens when I m just strolling around the streets, or sitting next to a stranger in the theatre or walking down the steps from a concert hall But once they ve gone, I know I ll probably never meet them again in my life One can t stop and suddenly speak to a complete stranger, can one Perhaps that s life, but when it happens I could die of sadness I feel somehow drained and empty I want to follow them to the ends of the earth, but I can t The only way to chase a person that way is to kill him I love you, Kawabata The Lake is my seventh Yasunari Kawabata how long has it been A month, if that and the third on my favorites shelf rubber ring for my gotta have The Smiths reference I will not let them run away from me You can take my review with all the salt...

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    In un alternarsi di passato e presente, che si sfiorano, si toccano e a volte si sovrappongono, passiamo dall immobilit del lago dell infanzia, ritrovato a distanza di anni, a uno stagno affollato per una caccia alle lucciole, a una citt del Giappone distrutto dalla guerra, tra le cui rovine, luci e rumori figure femminili si muovono come in un sogno.Ginpei le segue, incapace di resistere, ossessionato dal fascino delle sconosciute che probabilmente non rivedr pi Che creatura seducente, che splendida donna In questo mondo non esiste nessun altra che sia affascinante come lei E poi lei si allontana e io non potr mai pi rivederla D altra parte non lecito chiamare una sconosciuta, rivolgerle la parola dunque questa la vita In simili circostanze mi sento triste sino alla morte, sono colto da vertigini Vorrei inseguirla sino ai con fini del mondo, ma neppure questo possibile L unico modo per farlo sarebbe ucciderla Lo sguardo si perde nei particolari, il candore della pelle, i lobi delle orecchie, un gesto improvviso, il modo di camminare il suo modo di sentirsi libero, risarcito delle delusioni della vita e dell angoscia di un infanzia funestata dalla morte del padre, ritrovato nel lago del suo paese natale A e morte si uniscono nell ossessione di Ginpei, come se la morte fosse l unico modo per fermare il tempo e fissare la bellezza Il solo delicato colore dell...

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    Kawabata, Nobel Edebiyat d l n Japonya ya g t ren ilk yazar olma zelli iyle, Japon edebiyat n n en vitrin isimlerinden birisidir 1968 de d l kazand nda, ilk kez Japon edebiyat na kar d nyada bir merak olu mu , akabinde de yava yava ba ka dillere eviriler ba lam t r Keza Japon Edebiyat ndan T rk eye de, ilk kez bu d nemde kitap evrilmi tir bu da Kawabata n n bir eseridir O zamandan g n m ze de in uan bask s bulunamasa bile Kawabata n n bir ok eseri ne yaz k ki bir tanesi hari hepsi bat dillerinden T rk eye evrildi Bunlar aras nda en az ilgi g reni ise Can Yay nlar n n bast bu eserdir D nyada da Kawabata hayranlar n ikiye b len bir roman oldu unu bildi imden, okumak i in inan lmaz bir istek i erisindeydim Yorucu abalar sonunda esere ula mak m mk n oldu da okuyabildim.Bildi imiz Kawabata dan ok, farkl bir yazar n elinden km gibi eser Mishima dan al k oldu umuz bir edebiy...

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    , , 3.5 5.

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    tak nt l iirsel topik ama ger ek klasik bir Kawabata

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    M i nh v n hay c m t v i ch a th ch, tr i tr l i V i Kawabata l m nh v c i p H l c u chuy n v Gimpei, m t ng i n ng k qu i, b m nh b i v p c a nh ng c g i, ng th i, mang trong ng i m c c m v c i x u m nh l m cho anh ta tr n n k qu i, th m chi b nh ho n, nh ng t n c ng trong an...

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    M t cu n s ch p c trong m t ng y m u nh h m nay Kawabata mi u t v c i p, d c t nh v s m nh tr n ng p n i bu n v l ng ng nh m t h m s ng N i m nh v c i p, v m c c m c a s thi u ho n h o, m nh v qu kh kh ng tr n v n hay s ch i t , nh ...

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    Wow, that was dark None of Kawbata s books that I ve read so far have been what you d call light hearted But it felt to me as if this one plumbed depths of the human spirit that even Kawabata didn t usually descend to in his fiction The technique of this novel plays around with linear narrative, giving us the whole picture of a sad, twisted man s life and psyche in bits and pieces, saving some crucial revelations for the very end while circling around motifs whose meaning is only gradually elucidated I was impressed by the way Kawabata digressed from the main thread the story of a man who is obsessed with following attractive women he sees on the street to several other character stories that intersect with the main story and with each other The end result is somehow fragmented and panoramic at the same time a strange k...

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