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Career Break Themes Mind Control, Brainwashing, Sexy SecretaryKelly S A Perfect Example Of How The World Today Fails Some Of Its Best And Brightest Lied To By An Education System That Cares Only About Their Bottom Line, She S At The Start Of Her Life, And Already So Far In Debt She Needs Her Mind Numbing Minimum Wage Job Just To Make Ends Meet.If Only There Was Some Way She Could Just Put It All Behind Her, Take A Break, And Get Out Of Her Own Head, Just For A While.Note This Is An Adult Tale, Containing Graphic Descriptions Of Sexual Interaction, And A Story Of A Burnt Out Call Center Girl Getting A New Start As The Sexiest Secretary She Could Ever Have Hoped To Be.Approx 5200 Words.Excerpt Ok, So What I Need You To Do Is Take This, And Slide It On Your Head He Reached Behind Himself And Grabbed A Metallic Hemisphere, Which He Handed To Her Looks Like A Hair Band, Almost Yup Just Slide It On, And Then Relax She Slid The Metal Band Over Her Forehead, Tucking The Ends Behind Her Ears Before Pushing It Back It Feels A Little Tight In A Bad Way No, It S Good The Pressure Makes My Head Ache A Lot Less That S Part Of The Goal Now, I M Going To Turn It On, And You Might Feel A Slight Tingling Sensation, But I Want You To Know That There S Nothing To Worry About Uh, Sure, Yeah So What Is This, Some Sort Of Brain Massager She Winked At Him, Trying To Relieve The Bit Of Nervousness She D Built Up With A Joke You Could Say That He Reached Behind Himself, And Flipped A Switch, Watching As Kelly Collapsed Into The Chair.

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    Even while this story has THIS IS ADULT BOOK noticesit s not..One girl Which can t find her place in life.She finds such place, even in same company it worked before For a price and not sexual one She just knew she does it right.You can even say that she was new convert to religi...

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