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Partner Programming - Gremlins Themes Mind Control, Brainwashing, Personality Modification, Sexy Office GirlPart Three Of Partner ProgrammingJennifer Isn T Quite Sure What To Expect When She Gets To Work A Run In With Dave Seemed Almost Inevitable, But When He S Waiting For Her As She Arrives, He S Oddly Apologetic Perhaps Marty Really Has Managed To Get Through To Him Still, It Would Be Nice If Marty Paid Her A Little Attention, After All, She Knows She S Giving Off Signals Maybe She Should Be Looking For Greener Pastures, If He S Not Really Up To The Job.Note This Is An Adult Tale, Containing Graphic Descriptions Of Sexual Scenes, And A Tale Of A Young Girl S Mind And Personality Being Rewritten To Follow A Sexually Open Set Of RulesApprox 7,250 Words.Excerpt I Tried To Focus On My Work, But My Mind Kept Wandering, Apparently Marty Ignoring Me Had Bothered Me Than I Had Initially Expected I D Been Looking Forward To Talking To Him, And Possibly Even Getting A Chance To Flirt With Him To Be Brushed Off So Casually Was Actually Kind Of Hurtful My Stomach Was Turning Little Knots At The Thought.Looking Down At My Outfit, I Wondered If That Might Have Been Part Of It When I Got Dressed This Morning, I Picked Something That Made Me Feel Strong, And Confident, And Completely In Control Now, However, It Looked To Me Like I Was Dressed Too Butch, Or Too Tough Girl What Guy Would Want To Be With A Girl Who Looked Like She Might Snap At Him Any Moment I Cocked My Head To Look At My Reflection In The Mirror My Hair Was Pulled Back, And It Gave Me A Bit Of A Strong, Fierce Look I Could Easily See Somebody Being Repelled By A Girl Who Looked Like I Did Right Now I Reached Up And Casually Fingered The Band That Was Holding My Hair Back, Before I Pulled My Hair Loose It Cascaded Down Around My Head, And I Used My Hands To Fluff It, Slightly Now My Reflection Looked A Little Feminine, And I Was Glad For It.That Should Help Me Draw Some Attention Now If Only My Shirt Didn T Insist On Highlighting How Muscular My Arms Were.

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