[PDF] Strange Bedfellows By Thomas N. Scortia – Anguillais.us

Strange BedfellowsPush No More By Robert SilverbergGenetic Faux Pas By Harvey L Bilker1st Love, 1st Fear By Geo ZebrowskiWorld Well Lost By Theodore SturgeonDo Androids Dream Of Electric Love By Walt LeibscherDinner At Helen S By Wiliam CarlsonThe Criminal By Joe GoresMechanical Sweetheart By Gerald Arthur AlperFalse Dawn By Chelsea Quinn YarbroI M With You In Rockland By Jack DannDr Birdmouse By Reginald BretnorLooking Glass Sea By Laurence YepWhat About Us Grils By Mel GildenLambeth Blossom By Brian W AldissWidening Circle By Richard McCloudIcebox Blonde By Thomas N ScortiaKhartoum By Anthony BoucherMother By Philip Jose Farmer Daughter Of The Tree By Miriam Allen DeFord

[PDF] Strange Bedfellows By Thomas N. Scortia – Anguillais.us
  • Hardcover
  • 287 pages
  • Strange Bedfellows
  • Thomas N. Scortia
  • English
  • 10 February 2017
  • 9780394481555

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    I suspect this is the worst sf anthology I ve ever had the misfortune to read I mean, just look at that strapline on the cover Can sex survive the space age I m guessing yes it will, it ll survive a whole lot of things, like climate crash, nuclear armageddon, global economic meltdown maybe even the heat death of the universe There are nineteen stories, two are by women Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Miriam Allen deFord the remainder are by a mix of well known names Silverberg, Sturgeon, Aldiss, Farmer , and a few that were unknown to me The stories, on the other hand, are full of the worst of early seventies sensibilities the Silverberg is about a young man who discovers he has mental powers and uses them to stalk women, there s a section titled Toujours Gay ...

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    During winter and summer breaks from seminary I would devour science fiction books collected over the preceding semester, usually knowing nothing of their contents beyond the cover descriptions Short story collections with name authors were, of course, safest They cou...

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    It was amusing to see how many books have had the title Strange Bedfellows This is on the science fiction side of things than erotica My favorite story was Robert Silverberg s Push No More, about a teenage boy s desperate longing for sexual awakening, and what is lost with his innocence.Since this is a collection from the early 70s, its interesting to see what they get wrong about the future, like in Sturgeon s story, where there is interstellar spa...

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