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Write Like Your Brain Works Learn How To Write Easily, Creatively, And Effectively By Taking Advantage Of The Way Your Brain Is Hardwired To Use Language You Can Write Thousands Of Words A Day By Using This System And Knowing The Strategies That Will Appeal Most Effectively To Your Readers You Can Learn How To Revise Easily And With Purpose I Ve Done The Research So You Can Have Access To My Knowledge And Thirty Years Of Experience Without Having To Go Through All Of The Work I Did By Using My Writing System, You Can Be Productive And Inventive And Strategic As You Write.

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    If you are looking for ways to write and hopefully better , this book gets right down to it It s nothing I haven t seen in many other places that give writing hints, but it does put them all in one place efficiently than most However, it lacks some of the charm and personal ...

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    It s easy reading and informative at the same time However, I didn t really feel inspired as would have been the hope in a book such as this I thought it would provide interesting information about some of the interesting face...

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    THIS BOOK IS SOOOO HELPFUL I will read it and reread it There is so much information on how to write my short stories Then I will again, start my autobiography Thank you so much Dene Low

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    Some interesting terminology, like embodied simulation, and useful ideas, but overall, very similar advice to many other books and articles about writing.

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    A decent primer on rhetoric.

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    Easy to read and understand A different way to look at how we perceive and think and write

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