[ Read ] ➭ Vengeance of the Dark (Dispatchers, #1) Author Andrew Lamb – Anguillais.us

Vengeance of the Dark (Dispatchers, #1) Vengeance Is Best Left To Those Who Have Nothing Left To Lose Marcus Townsend Is A Seemingly Ordinary College Student With An Overactive Imagination And A Lack Of Drive All That Changes In One Night When His Parents Are Attacked And Three Brutal Murders Are Committed In London By An Assassin Who Defies The Laws Of Physics The Only Link Between The Victims Is A Strange Red And Black Rose Marcus Must Uncover The Truth Behind The Victims If He Is To Evade Their Fate But He Soon Learns That The Stakes Are Far Greater Than Just His Life.Set In Modern Day London, Dispatchers Puts A Dark New Twist On Astral Projection

[ Read ] ➭ Vengeance of the Dark (Dispatchers, #1)  Author Andrew  Lamb – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • Vengeance of the Dark (Dispatchers, #1)
  • Andrew Lamb
  • English
  • 01 September 2018
  • 9781482699630

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    There were times I was drawn into the book, but there was a lot of times that I made a WTF face The story itself has a bunch of rotating POVs, something that actually didn t work very well as a plot denouement device Every time we met a new character, we got a paragraph of back story which felt out of place I would have rather the story stayed with Marcus, the protagonist that the summary says is the main character, but it took us a few pages to actually meet him Once we did, it was your typical kid finds out parents are paranormal, except it had a nice twist early on in the story I liked the manner in which he got his questions answered, although I won t go into detail for spoiler s sake We also spent a lot of time with Raymond, the police investigator who was trying to piece together three different murders Whereas the primary story was paranormal, the secondary was cop drama It would have been nicely executed, except for the other POVs that seemed to muddy the waters.When we veered off to a villain POV arc or a random section of chapters that explained a fight that had occurred chapters before, that was really when I felt the multi POV did not work I think there was too much story explanation where there was plenty of opp...

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    Dispatchers Vengeance of the Dark is a fantastic read The author has a vast imagination which he translates well to the page It didn t take long to feel completely immersed in the secret world of the Dispatchers which he has created The book, drawing heavily on sci fi elements, has a very distinct crossover appeal I don t think it s possible to pinpoint this book in one genre Yes, the dispatchers are unique but there are also normal characters that would appeal to casual readers Each character feels unique and has their own identify I found myself carin...

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    This book is a very interesting mix of the paranormal and the technical It starts of as a detective story, but soon moves beyond that There is a lot in this book, for although it is about the supernatural, it explores many other subjects as well.The book is rather different from most books on the supernatural The unusually gifted Dispatchers seem to work for the well being of mankind, but they are not flawless, and that creates a unique set of conflicts I certainly enjoyed this book,...

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    This is a novel of fast paced action, involving conflict between the Dispatchers and their enemies.The alternate history behind the present conflict is particularly convincing, but I will not spoil a good read by going into detail about the origins of the Dispatchers The book would appeal to science fiction fantasy fans and there is a strong element of crime fiction, especially towards the beginning The characters, especially Marcus...

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    Dispatchers VengeanceReally great read Totally different storyline, well thought out and very enjoyable.Loved how the story and characters weaved together.

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