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Whisper LakeIn The Tradition Of 80 S Slasher Films And Old School Horror Comes The New Book From Award Winning Author, James Melzer.Tasked With Cleaning Out His Recently Deceased Grandmother S Cabin, Trevor And His Three Friends Prep For A Week Of Fun And Debauchery In The Woods, But When They Get To The Middle Of Nowhere They Quickly Realize That Nothing Could Have Prepared Them For What They Find At Whisper Lake.It Turns Out Grandma Had A Secret, And It S Waiting For Them In The Woods

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    I love spending my free time surrounded by books, lucky me I had two days of nonstop reading last weekend After finishing four books I had just enough energy to slip this novella into the mix for a nice weekend wrap up Whisper Lake was my first Melzer read but after a taste I m curious to see what else this guy can come up with It was pretty short which I actually liked and the writing was crisp and to the point with just enough humor thrown in to make this realistic versus delivering me a bunch of teenagers ready for the butchers block The story starts of right away, four teens on the verge of adulthood are cruising through the woods on a short trip to their friend s cabin in order to help with clean up for new potential buyers Trevor, Sarah, Amy and Kincaid have all the necessities cleaning supplies and party supplies as well in forms of beer and smokes Serenity is broken when they finally get to the cabin only to discover a gristly scene, their grandmother passed away so they didn t expect any signs of life but the disarray alone with bodies of dismembered animals throw them into a lo...

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    this was an awesome slasher novella It was everything I hoped for The only downside was all of the misspelled words.

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    Absolutely no plot to speak of.

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    Whisper Lake by James Melzer is a story that follows the usual serial slasher formula.First Paragraph Trevor reached out his hand and turned down the stereo in the minivan He cocked an eyebrow at his girlfriend, Sarah, sitting next to him in the passenger seat Wait, are you seriously telling me that women are better drivers than men Seriously PLOTAs with pretty much all slasher stories, a group of teens in this case four drive out to the middle of nowhere, preferably surrounded by forests and non existant cell phone coverage, and find their fun times getting wasted and high are interrupted by a psycho in said forest They scream, they cry, they argue, they die Age old formula that anyone familiar with the genre will recognise and predict The characters, the plot, the psycho All filling out the moulds that countless others have used in the past The characters themselves even lampshade it, stating how cliche the script is, with one of them quipping There s no killer on the loose, idiot Which of course is a death sentence in this genre...

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    A mish mash of horror tropes The isolated location, a group of teenagers bent on partying, a disturbed individual the killer roaming the area.A group of teens arrive at an isolated lakeside cabin to clean it up and ready it for sale The cabin belongs to one of the boys dead grandmother When they arrive, they discover someone has been living in and making a mess of the cabin There s the inevitable fight amongst the teenagers and one of the boys goes stomping out into the darkness Of course, he is the first to die The remaining teens decide to make a break for it, only to realize that their vehicle has been disabled by the killer.One of the girls dies in a terrible conflux of events as she s trying to call for help on her cell phone Her boyfriend, the grandson of the cabin s owner, goes out to confront the murderous madman, only to get himself killed The lone girl left tricks the killer, stabs him in the neck, then sets him on fire She escapes, and presumably summons the authorities...

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    Ok, so I m assuming that the author wrote this as a joke or maybe to win a bet I m really hoping this wasn t meant as a serious writing endeavor The blurb says In the tradition of 80 s slasher films and old school horror Well yes, but not in a good way Not in a way that says Hey, let s all laugh together at the stupid teenagers in the lakeside cabin being killed by a psycho More in a way that says, I want to be clever but I m coming off incompetent Basic plot, teenagers who are into alcohol and pot go to the lake to clean up their grandmother s cabin so it can be sold While there they plan to do everything they shouldn t do and so a madman kills them I don t think I spoiled anyone with that synopsis I m just going to quote a few lines and then I ll let this one go watching her friend Sarah die was enough of a shock to bring her back to reality and say, Hey, I better do something or else I m going to end up lik...

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    Amazing Novella If you enjoy creepy, frightening stories This is a book for you..I love love loved it Not a single complaint until I got to the end..In which first I don t understand the end Second I feel it s lacking information What happened to not going t...

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    Spooky but predicableWhisper Lake is a book about a group of teenagers who go to clean out a pasted away grandmother s cabin They end up finding out that the grandmother had a little secret all her own...

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    A very good short horror story Flowed really nicely and was a quick read Four kids go to clean out acabin that belonged to one of their grandparents so it could be sold When the kids arrive they find something else I thought the author could have detailed better where the man came from but I sti...

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    This was what I figured it would be, but since that s what I was wanting, it worked out well for me I enjoyed the story very Friday the 13th for me I found it to be quite an enjoyable slasher read.

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