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tl;dr Fifty Foot Homicidal Snowmen, Zombies That Help The Living And Gorillas With Jet Packs Are All Part Of The Strange Cast Of Characters That Fill The Pages Of Tl Dr, A Collection Of The Funniest Poetry, Short Stories, And Essays Of Will Ross, Co Writer Of One Eighteen Migration From Unitarians To Plutocrats, No One Is Spared From The Satire Including The Writer Himself Contains Letters From Gay Camp, An Ode To Jackson Pollock, Women S Shoes In A Man S Closet, How To Become A Writer, And 20 Others.

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    Will Ross might literally be the finest satirist writer to ever be born in any civilization, anywhere, and at anytime in the history of the entire Universe I say that without any bragging whatsoever He is the best Will Ross s writing talent is stupendously awesome He has a very rare talent to completely merge multiple grossly divergent situations into the funniest slices of life, the universe, and wicked humor.Will s writing is so engrossing that I read the entire work in one day I could not put down the stories.It is not a good idea to eat food while reading Will s stories It is not a pretty sight when you are laughing so hard that juice and cookies fly out your nose Learn from my experience, grasshopper.The very least that the universe could do is to move galaxies around to ...

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    TL DR is a collection of some of Ross s funniest short stories and poems From the moment I started reading I couldn t stop laughing This was a very entertaining read and I highly recommend this book.

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    Not quite what I expectedI enjoy satire like many folks, but this book is beyond dry Save for a single poem about Jackson Pollock and a single short story about airline safety, this read wasn t my cup of tea in the least.

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    I am so glad that I persevered after the initial story in this collection A lot of these essays are humorous and the satire is well written I look forward to of the musings of Will Ross.

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    MehDidn t love it, didn t hate it It was pleasant, but even right after finishing it it feels insubstantial If you want a light diversion for an hour, this fits the bill.

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    Hilarious Full story by story review posted on

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