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    Lordy, why were these stories published This is buried in the bottom drawer stuff, early examples of competence in the writing for slicks and glossies side of Kurt s career There were two sides to Kurt in the fifties and sixties one was the knockout novelist who wrote prophetic, visionary, hilarious, moving and perfect books of permanence that no one noticed until Slaughterhouse V Then there was the hack who wrote formulaic stories to keep his family in shoes, clothes and Drano And I confess I dislike the hack I don t rate his short stories at all They strip the essence of his Vonnegutness completely, leaving a first rate craftsman and moralist without the satirical bite and crazy exuberance of Cat s Cradle et al These unpublished bottom drawer pieces have good twists and morals, and as Guardian of the Person or Out, Brief Candle show, can be moving but slim pickings The short fo...

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    Since Kurt Vonnegut s death, there have been three volumes of previously unpublished Vonnegut short fiction I didn t bother with them initially, because I don t gravitate to short stories to begin with, and on top of that I figured the posthumously published leftovers probably weren t the cream of the crop.But recently it struck me that we won t be getting any genuinely new Vonnegut material ever not the first time that realization has come to me as if it were a new discovery , so when I saw a hardcover edition of While Mortals Sleep in my local bookstore, I picked it up.While Mortals Sleep is the third and latest of these attempts to scrounge any material out of the Vonnegut name, so it is essentially the leftovers of the leftovers.As David Eggers explains in a foreword that is itself a worthwhile read, the material is drawn from early in Vonnegut s career, before he came to real acclaim though individual stories unfortunately aren t individually dated It is surprisingly blunt nearly every piece wraps up with a neat lesson, often a reproach of unrestrained capitalistic greed, an exaltation of individualism, or a reminder of the value of compassion and companionship.Vonnegut never bothered to disguise his worldview But while his great novels were always moral, they were rarely had a moral like these stories do In that sense, reading through this collection was instructive Before Vonnegut really became the Vonnegut we know, before he could weave his ideals into his ...

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    mix de proze foarte bune cu unele slabe stilul cinic, ironic, amuzant i parodic al lui vonnegut e dublat uneori de un realism simplu, sentimental merit citit.

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    tr l ml ler Uyurken Yazar n o unlukla gen ken kaleme ald ve l m nden sonra yay mlanan hikayelerden olu uyor kitap Bence m kemmel kitap Ni in nk takdir edilecek pratik ve yarat c bir zeka, hikaye karakterlerini k sa s rede okuyucuya aktarabilen ve olay rg s ne ge i yapan bir ustal k ve hepsinden nemlisi bir dert bir samimiyet var neredeyse t m yk lerde Kitab n ns z nde Vonnegut un ahlak l na dair birka kelam edilmi Bu er evede, Vonnegut un toplum hayat insanlar vs hakk nda dert edindiklerini payla masam acaba kitaptan ok da hazzetmeyip, kendisini bir nevi namaz n k l, b r tarafta yanma yavrim diyen Hac dede, bir sa olsa niderdi diyen vaazc Tolstoy olarak g r r m yd m diye d nd m ama cevab m hay r Muhafazakar mode on nk bana kal rsa Vonnegut un bu hikayelerindeki ahlak l k yle ok da tart labilir de il En az ndan olmamal nk adam aman n zina etmeyin, yok efendim plak heykel yapmay n falan demiyor Genel olarak dedi i hatas z kul olmaz, hatamla sev beni, paraya pula tamah etmeyin, insanlar n hissettiklerine nem verin, herkese anlay g sterin, herkesi sa ma sapan davrananlar bile anlamaya al n diyor Muhafazakar mode off E bu kadarc k ortak paydada da bulu al m bir zahmet Humanity 101 Kald ki, yazar, bu bahsettiklerimi naif...

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    Eh I think, as other reviews on this site have stated eloquently than I can, that these stories were in the unpublished pile for a reason Make no mistake each and every one is better than something I could write, but compared to Vonnegut when he s on fire well, they re lacking.I went to pick it up today to finish off the last few stories and found myself staring at...

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    I just loved these stories by Vonnegut I feel like he s talking to me Hey, this is sad and crazy and even pathetic, but it s life and there s nothing much to do about it so don t take it so seriously and smile for a moment Hope lives where humour can be so bright

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    I could continue reading Vonnegut s unpublished works forever and I wish I could There are only a few clunkers in this volume The Epizootic, Guardian of the Person, While Mortals Sleep primarily because they end too abruptly.Jenny is a treasure of a story It is a heartbreaking story of a lonely appliance salesman and his talking, dancing refrigerator Hundred Dollar Kisses recounts the justifiable reason a man would beat his officemate with a telephone the part you talk and listen in Vonnegut noticed long ago the things that trouble us probably even so today Everybody pays attention to pictures of things Nobody pays attention to things themselves I think of that every time I see a proud parent videotaping their kid with an iPad obscuring their and everyone around them s view of the actual event.Ruth is a sad story of a pregnant widow s meeting with her husband s unpleasant mourning mother It has a great surprise to me ending with an important message don t get cocky, kid Vonnegut s description, for me, gets lost in his novels twisty plots These short stories really show us what he s got Ruth threw back the covers, and walked to the window, needing the refreshment of a look at the outdoors There was only a brick wall a few feet away, chinked with snow She tiptoed down the hall, toward the big living room windows that framed the blue Adirondack foothills While Mortals Sleep features some of the grumpy opinions that are the reason why Von...

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    Not stellar, but a decent collection And the artwork was a nice touch Favorites Ruth Out, Brief Candle The Man Without No Kiddleys

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    There are 16 short stories in While Mortals Sleep, and I really loved all of them I m not afraid to climb on top of one of those old trick planes and wave a banner from the sky I NO LONGER THINK KURT VONNEGUT IS JUST OKAY.HE IS WONDERFUL In all wickedness, I had only read Slaughterhouse Five as my Kurt Vonnegut read beforehand He seems to be touted by most everyone, but is especially praised by post students who thought their assigned school reading and nothing else was far out So you can see, I m not bitter I actually was surprised to see how cohesive and magical these short stories were, far from overdoing a single point about this or that And funny without being so aware of itself just charming.Each short story is unique in its content, not necessarily so in its tone, and I definitely had my favorites I loved the story of a widow who picks up a well versed pen pal in Out, Brief Candle , and the rival painters with different styles in The Humbugs I loved and hated the human drama of a pregnant and widowed wife meeting her mother in law for the first time in Ruth , and sort of didn t understand the nonsense of The Man Without No Kiddleys Some with twists and some without, it did remind me a lot of some of Roald Dahl s short story collections for adult readers Which is a high compliment indeed, coming from a reader who is going to forceful...

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