[Epub] The Fairy Fly By Lori R. Lopez – Anguillais.us

The Fairy FlyA Black Widow Queen, A Big Bad Wolf Spider, And A Hit Mantis Are But A Few Of The Obstacles For A Spunky Little Spider Who Must Find His Way Home Through A Strange Land Of Giants In This Witty Fairytale Fantasy For Kids And Adults.Transported Out Of His Element Into A Realm Of Dangers And Foes, Spider Is Aided By The Insects And Arachnids He Befriends, But Only He Can See The Fairy Fly Is She Real Or Imagined This Whimsical Novel About Finding Oneself While Feeling Small In A Big World Takes A Step Back And Several Steps Downward To Peep At Humanity From Below At The Same Time, The Story Is An Allegory Of The Human Condition Life And Death Matters, War And Peace, Our Everyday Struggles On A Tiny Scale Part Humorous, Part Philosophical, At Times Poetic It Celebrates A Love For Animals, Books And Words View The Planet From A Different Angle As You Take A Spiderwalk Through The Door To Adventure.Winner Of The 2014 San Diego Book Awards Best Published YA SciFi Fantasy And 2014 Great Southwest Book Festival Young Adult Category Honorable Mentions From The 2014 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards, 2014 Hollywood Book Festival, 2014 Los Angeles Book Festival And 2014 Green Book Festival.

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    Who knew spiders could be cute, not me I hate d them but how could I NOT fall in love with this little fella, not only is he cute, cuddly, on a quest but he Yodels As Spider emerges from his nest he is thrown in to Life and he starts his quest for Home, with a little help from some astonishing sources danger lurks around each corner with some unexpected grins, the humour is rife bite the dust bunny Lori Lopez has such a beautiful way of describing scenes environments that you can almost feel yourself become scaled down to this world.She has surpassed herself with this story a wonderful world, some beautiful characters, various life lessons along the way, a multitude of fantastic little poems and lullabys and not to mention the fantasy element thrown in for good measure I am so looking forward to gett...

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